How to prepare for your office relocation to Tampa

A part of growing your business is moving around. Maybe your current location doesn’t have the capacity for the size of your team anymore. So, the time has come to prepare for your office relocation to Tampa. What should be your main goals during the relocation? Well, ideally you would want to minimize downtime and general disruption of work. Regardless of where exactly you’re moving, you will need to plan, prepare and communicate during the process. Not only with your chosen office movers, but with your employees and colleagues. Even though moving is generally challenging, we at City Movers have decided to share some tips to help you keep everything as smooth-sailing as possible.

Set a timeline

First off, before you even hire moving services in Tampa, you need to set a timeline. We recommend structuring your timeline from the date of the move and then backward. You will, of course, need to consult your moving company concerning the exact date, but we would still recommend setting an approximate date of moving. Be sure to take a note of the events that need to fit into your moving timeline, as well as your current lease. If you have the option, waiting for the lease to expire before moving is the best way to go about it.

People at the office
Maybe your current location doesn’t have the capacity for the size of your team anymore.

You will need to inform the person in charge of the property where your current office is about the upcoming moving date. This way they can search for new renters while you progress your moving process. Additionally, what you must do is inform your employees of the relocation well in advance. And not only inform them but keep them in the loop as things start slowly progressing.

Assign tasks for everyone during the move

This step is optional, but involving your staff in the moving process as early as possible is crucial. You can even form a relocation team that will help make the relocation easier on everyone else in the office. They would also help you in planning and organizing the process. If you assign some smaller tasks to your employees, they will feel like they are contributing to the relocation. And we all like to feel useful!

You can even consult your employees about what they would enjoy in the new office. And if some of their requests seem doable, be sure to reward your workers by taking their suggestions into consideration. If you opt for assembling a moving team, be sure that they oversee the move-related tasks assigned to each member. There are more than enough tasks that need to be taken care of, and all of you must put in the effort to follow the timeline. Keep all tasks in a spreadsheet and update them often.

A group of people sitting in an office lounge
Your chosen moving team will help you out immensely during the relocation if you wish to form it.

Visit the new location

Another amazing way to prepare for your office relocation to Tampa is to visit the new office. First off, you’ll notice if the new office space needs a fresh coat of paint. A lot of people who rent office spaces tend to not take care of details such as these unless you ask. So, ask for whatever you want! Next, go around the office and check out the walls and floor. If your renter is up for it, you can even remove or add walls as needed. Think of the items you have and where they need to go approximately to see if everything fits. You can even consult your local movers in Tampa when it comes to positioning the furniture. 

Make sure that the new office has enough room. Downsizing is something we wouldn’t recommend for thriving businesses that will continue getting bigger. If your business is able to, you should rent a much bigger space than the previous one. Maybe your employees deserve a nice lounge for all their hard work!

Create an inventory list and purge the office!

Before the move, you will need to get rid of all the items that no longer serve you and your office. You can always donate these items, or gift them to someone who needs them. You might want to remove all broken or damaged desks, chairs, or shelves. Also, instead of relocating copious amounts of office documents, take the time to see which are still relevant, and which can be discarded. We would recommend that you find a charity that’s searching for these exact items and donate them.

Now that your office space is cleared, you can create an inventory of everything you own. Each employee can make a small inventory of their cubicle, while you and the moving team work to jot down all the other items.

A woman writing an inventory list
Assembling the perfect inventory list will make sure that all of your items arrive at your new location. It will also help out the movers while making sure all of your items will be transported.

Hire help

Hiring good commercial movers Tampa is key! You can assign an employee with the task of finding 4-5 ideal moving companies for you to review. Otherwise, search for recommendations from your friends who’ve relocated their businesses before. To choose among the moving companies, we would recommend you ask for their moving quotes. This will give you some insight into the range of prices for a relocation such as this. Packing services are also an option to remove the heavy load of work from your and your employee’s shoulders. Professional packers will easily take care of any fragile or extremely heavy items.

Now that you know everything you need to know to prepare for your office relocation to Tampa, it’s time to start organizing everything. Good luck and remember, be smart about it!

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