Should You Retire in South Point?

Is your retirement drawing closer but you are still unsure where you would like to spend this next portion of your life? Think about it – this is the time for you to relax, sit back and take a well-deserved break. A great place for such leisurely activities would surely be peaceful and quiet. It would certainly help if it had nice weather and great beaches, right? Well, let me present with the neighborhood of South Point! The reasons to retire in South Point are many, so let’s go through some of them.

South Point’s great weather and beaches

For most people, Miami is a place synonymous with nice weather and lovely beaches, and they are not wrong! Moving to Miami would mean giving yourself a chance to enjoy and take advantage of its white sandy, extensive beaches. And South Pointe Park Pier is a perfect example of a tranquil gorgeous one. If you choose to retire in South Point, it would be just around the corner, waiting for you to drop by. Besides the beaches, Miami prides itself on its amazing weather, its lack of winter, and cold. Retirement in South Point would spoil you with its wintery temperatures that do not go below 65°F.

An older woman is riding a bicycle in a park next to the sea, representing activities one can enjoy if one retires in South Point
Stay active and healthy in South Point’s parks

Activity Options for Retirees in South Point

South Beach offers a variety of options when it comes to leisure and entertainment. And what makes it even more wonderful is that you don’t even have to own a car to take up any of them. It is said to be the neighborhood rated second on its walkability in Miami Beach. Aside from that, in South Point you will find:

  • approximately 135 restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.
  • numerous senior centers  (socialization and recreation)
  • plenty of nature trails 
  • free entrance to cultural events for South Point retirees (with the Golden Ticket program)
  • wide range of sports activities in the Active Older Adults Program (over the age of 54)

Why Is South Point So Special?

What else can we say about South Point?

  • the crime rates are very low, especially in comparison to other parts of Miami
  • below national average property taxes
  • low utility costs
  • great public transportation (more than 95 routes)

When it comes to Florida, there are, indeed, a few other options that are recommendable for seniors, if you are interested.

Moving to South Point made easier

Finally, if you do decide to retire in the lovely neighborhood of South Point, you will be in need of some professional help with your relocation. Luckily, there are some great South Point movers at your service. Inform yourself here, and go through the moving process stress-free.

The rim of a cardboard box with a key on a string, a mug and a cloth peeking out from it
Choose a reliable moving company and relocate with ease

After all that has been said, it is understandable why many choose to retire in South Point. It is quite easy to be swayed by beautiful beaches, great weather, and lots of options for leisure and entertainment. And the fact that there also are great moving companies that can make your transition effortless only helps. Do not overthink it – give South Point a chance!

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