Should you move your family business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022?

Owning a business is something very important. And especially if it is a family business we are talking about. Over the years the tradition has been passed from one person to another in one family. And of course, you want to keep it that way. But sometimes some changes come into our lives. And sometimes we need to move from one place to another. The question is what happens if we need to move and we have a family business to run? Well, we relocate it with us, of course. So think about if you should move your family business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022. Don’t rush with your decision, because there is enough time for you to be certain about what you want and what is the best. But once you decide you will need to reach out to a moving company Fort Lauderdale FL. So get ready.

Person holding a caluclator.
Before you decide if you should move your family business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022, do some calculations first.

Firstly you need to think about the cons if you want to move your family business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022

As you already know perfectly well, running a family business is not an easy thing. For sure, it mostly depends on what kind of business it is. But all in all, it probably isn’t easy all the time. With that being said, you are aware that most of the time your family business is running thanks to your usual customers. So, probably the biggest disadvantage of moving your family business anywhere would be fewer customers. But as we all know, one thing is leading to another, so it means that with fewer customers your business won’t be successful as it was before. And sometimes it can happen that you won’t be able to recover it at all. Which is definitely not something you’re looking for.

Also, another disadvantage is the costs. There is no such thing as cheap relocation, especially when it comes to business moving. Not only you will have to pay for your new place where you want to run your business but you will also need to separate a nice amount for your office movers Fort Lauderdale can provide you with. And yes, if you wondered if this is really necessary, it definitely is. You shouldn’t even think about moving the office and other parts of your company on your own.

But don’t worry that much – there is also a positive side of this decision

You probably know already that every decision in our lives has two parts. The one is the black one and the other one is white. This means that there are both advantages and disadvantages of each action. And it is the same when we talk about moving our business. Before you hop to a conclusion and say no, you need to reconsider it again. There are also very good parts of it and soon enough you will understand them. After you do, you can peacefully look for your long-distance movers while you are still on time.

The biggest advantage of relocating your family business is for sure a better location. If you find a new location that is in a good position, it definitely means your business will start expanding even more than before. Also, this is your chance to get new employers and to get maybe better stuff than you had before. Even though you will be spending a lot of money, you can change your company and add more new and innovative features. At the same time, you maybe want to think about downsizing, because it can come out as a benefit as well. Your taxes will be much lower and all other costs as well. And don’t worry about it, even though you downsize your profit will still raise.

Person making a plan.
Now, see all the benefits and downsides of this process, so you can start with serious planning.

Before you are certain that you want to move your family business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022 you should learn more about the place first

When we talk about Fort Lauderdale, we talk about a city that is located in Florida in Broward County. And the number of inhabitants in the city is 180,124. Living here, many residents described the area feel like as urban. And there is a tiny line between renters and owners. But the majority are owners of their homes. Also, you might want to know that the median home value is $334,000, while the median rent is only $1293. Many people described Fort Lauderdale as the best city to retire in America, and also as one of the most diverse cities. And for sure, one of the healthiest cities in America to live in and do business. Some of the best neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale are:

  • Rio Vista
  • Birch Park
  • River Isles
  • Downtown
  • Sailboat Bend

Since we are talking about running a family business here, you might want to know that crime and safety are not the best rated in this city. When it comes to theft it is, unfortunately, higher in Fort Lauderdale than on a national result. The same goes for burglary and motor vehicle theft. So you should definitely consider this and find the safest place. And definitely get yourself proper safety equipment. The majority of the people here are aged from 25 to 34 years old, which is perfect when it comes to business. And you might want to know that the median household income in Fort Lauderdale amounts to $59,450.

Now that you know everything you need to, you just have to prepare for a relocation

So, it is needless to say that you will need a proper moving company for this process. Once you get them you can either take packing services from them or do the packing on your own. It is quite important to pack properly because dealing with business equipment or company essentials should be done more carefully than when relocating home. You probably have very expensive equipment, machines, or any other electronic devices. So you really need to take good care of them. That is why the best solution is to take packing services provided by your movers, and you can deal with packing some smaller things such as essentials on the desks, bookshelves, and so on.

Daughter and father looking at the phone.
Talk with your family about this change, it is their business as well.

When you arrive at Fort Lauderdale, make sure your new place has a good security

As you learned, Fort Lauderdale is not the best when it comes to crime and safety. Most likely it is because thousands of tourists visit this place annually. So, the best way to prevent any accidents, thefts, or something similar from happening, is to make your company secure. You can buy safety cameras get a security guard and make sure your locks are secured enough. Just be positive about this, and try not to think anything bad will happen. Focus on expanding your business rather than protecting your building. These things won’t happen necessarily. You will see that you definitely should move your business to Fort Lauderdale in 2022. This city has and will have a lot of business perspectives.

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