Moving your plants long-distance – how to help them survive?

House plants are something many people enjoy keeping inside their home. It is a living organism that requires special care throughout the whole year. However, when it comes to relocation you have to pay close attention to how you move them and how well you protect them. This is especially important when you are moving long distance. Moving your plants long-distance means that you have to worry about their condition while on the road. More importantly, professional moving companies will not always accept relocating your plants. Due to the policy most companies have, you will have to figure out another way to move them. The best solution is to take them with you when moving.

Moving your plants long-distance – How to prepare them for the road

Preparing your plants for the road, especially when you relocate on longer distance should be done with care and caution. Due to their fragile state and their sensitivity to weather and humidity you have to do everything you can to preserve their condition. Because you know your plants the best, you should make sure that they have all the conditions they need during transport. Especially because you will have to move them with you, instead of via a moving company.

  • Make sure the conditions are perfect when moving
  • Plants are fragile – make sure you protect them
  • They are a great interior decoration so try to preserve their natural state
  • Bring a bottle of water with you for the road
a woman wrapping plant pots in soft material for as one of the ways for moving your plants long-distance
Because you know what your plants need best you should make sure they have all the conditions they need to survive this trip

Just because you are moving your plants does not mean that they do not require their daily care. In fact, because you are moving them you should devote more attention to them. Especially on long distances, where conditions may vary.

Prepare your plants before the move

Before the moving day arrives your plants should be ready for the relocation. Namely, you should inspect all of your plants and get rid of anything that might endanger them during the move. So, devote some time of the day to cutting dry leaves and branches, cleaning dust off of them and getting rid of any weeds that might exist. This step will not do much to help you move these plants but it will help your plants have an easier time on the road. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to put them inside your new home. With all these things you did before the move, you will have fewer obligations with unpacking those plants as you arrive.

Re-pot your plants at least a week before the move

Clay pots are very fragile. Especially in the environment where they are with other items or close to other items. That is why we advise you to re-plant your plants into plastic pots. Plastic pots are a cheaper alternative that is perfect for relocation. Due to their low value, you will avoid stress in case they break. In case you move your plants in clay pots the pots might break and damage the plant itself. This will induce high levels of stress to any plant lover. Therefore, you should take the safer route and replant your plants.

a person watering a house plant on the floor after replanting it
Devote time to clean your plants and get rid of any dry leaves, roots and branches before you pack them

You can also use this opportunity to cut down some roots and replace the soil of your plants. Moreover, because long distance movers Boca Raton might not transport your plants you will be the one in charge of them.

Have water by your side when moving your plants long-distance

Water is the most essential thing your plants require. This might be true especially during relocation. Having dry and hot or moist and cold air is not good for them. Because of that, you should water them regularly during transport. Have a bottle of water by your side so you can always provide them with it in case they require it. You should pay close attention to the needs of your plants when you are moving them. Even if you are in a car that has temperature control. Air condition dries out the air pretty quickly which may cause issues to your plants. So if that is the scenario, make sure they have enough water.

Do the research if you want to store them in a storage unit

Often the go-to option for those who have too many items to relocate is storage Boca Raton. In case you do not have a plan about what to do with your plants you can always rent a unit. However, if you do, make sure you do the research. Moving your plants long-distance can impose an issue to their health. Opt for a storage unit that has temperature control and all the conditions your plants need to survive.

a woman writing down on how to protect the condition of a plant
Do the research and write down what each of your plants requires if you want to rent a storage unit

However, we do not advise keeping your plants in the storage unit for a longer period of time. Make sure you place them inside until you finish everything regarding the relocation. After you do, go to the unit and get your plants.

Use sturdy boxes to pack your plants

Packing your plants in a proper way will be the best way to make sure they are safe. Namely, obtain boxes that are sturdy so they can support the weight of our plants. Moreover, decide if you want to place one plant in each box or several. If you place several when moving your plants long-distance, try to make them stable. This means that you should give them no room to move around. If you have extra space in the box fill it with paper, packing peanuts or whatever you find. The purpose of this is that it makes sure your plants do not move and they do not damage each other during transport.

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