Keeping your storage unit free from mold

You should consider keeping your storage unit free from mold if you wish to have a successful relocation. If your storage is dirty, your items might get ruined or severely damaged. For this reason, you should make sure that everything is clean and ready for your items. Storage units are not easy to maintain, but this is a must, especially if you are keen on your items. However, there is one thing you should know – mold does not come in one day. It takes time to develop the moldy storage units each and every one of us despises. Nevertheless, our moving company has created the perfect guide to help you prevent this. After all, having nice storage guarantees that your relocation will go as smoothly as possible.

Important things about keeping your storage unit free from mold

When keeping your storage units free from mold, you will need to consider a few things. This is one of the ways to get ready for a long-distance relocation – make sure that everything is going according to plan. Here is what you should do:

  • Clean your storage unit regularly. The less you take care of your storage, the higher the chance that it might get moldy. This is something you would want to avoid at any cost. So, you should make sure that you clean your storage units regularly. Once a month should be enough to prevent any mold from entering and, more importantly, preserving. There are some tips and tricks when this is concerned, but more about this a bit later. For now, focus on getting some of the best storage units Boca Raton offers and you should be fine.
  • Inspect every detail. It is not often the case, but sometimes you might think that your storage is clean enough while it is not. One of the best long-term storage tips is to clean your storage thoroughly before you use it. Moreover, you should inspect every nook and cranny of it as well. Even the smallest of details or deviations can change your entire storing process. For this reason, it is really important to keep everything in perfect condition. The more you care about it, the better it is overall.
Storage units
Your storage units need good cleaning before you put anything inside

What else do you need to consider?

You will also need to consider the maintenance of your storage. However, cleaning your storage units is not the only way you can maintain them. There is much more to this than it meets the eye at first. Here are some of the key things you will need to consider:

  • The corners of your storage units. The highest chances of mold occurring in your storage units will be in the corners. By nature, they will be the dampest and most moist of all the places in your storage units. The design of the corners does not allow a lot of light, and the first signs of trouble in your storage units can happen exactly there. To make matters worse, your storage boxes will probably be made out of wood. Wood has natural moisture inside, no matter how well the boxes are made. This, along with the position in the corners can make moldy areas appear. Even if you find the best Miami movers, they will warn you about the same thing. Thus, keep this on your mind at all times.

This is really important:

  • Your corners will be covered. Chances are that each of your four floor corners will be covered with a large moving box. This is usually to make more space for the middle parts of the storage. However, this would also mean that you will have to move all the boxes to get to the ones that are in the corner. So, think about this as well. Mold spreads really quickly and, in some cases, it can even penetrate the wooden boxes you keep your belongings in. If not anything else, it will make your items reek of mold and this is something you would want to avoid at all costs. This is one of the things you need to have sorted out before you place your items inside storage.
Boxes inside a storage
Your boxes can catch mold quickly inside a moist or humid storage

Other tips and tricks for keeping your storage unit free from mold

There are some other tips and tricks you might like to learn more about. For example, your storage units are not impervious to certain conditions. Each of your storage units will have a certain temperature and a certain degree of humidity. The most common temperature inside a storage unit should be 75F, everything above could potentially damage your items. Moreover, the humidity levels can vary from low to high and you should avoid storage units with high levels of humidity. This will bring nothing good and your boxes will suffer as a consequence. One of the ways of keeping your storage free from any kind of mold is to avoid moist storage units.

Additional information

When maintaining a storage unit is concerned, you will also need to make sure that the items you place inside are not going to change the storage unit at all. For example, you might store some hazardous materials and it might affect your storage. The same goes for anything that has moisture in it. Mold loves moisture and you will definitely need to avoid this if you want to preserve your items.

A worker inside a storage
You can always get some help with maintaining your storage units is concerned

You can always hire someone to keep a good eye on your storage units. No matter if you are from London, Paris, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, or Washington DC – you can always hire someone to maintain your storage for you. This might be the best option, especially if you are far away from your storage units.

Keeping your storage unit free from mold – conclusion

In the end, keeping your storage unit free from mold is really important. Mold can, generally, damage or ruin most of your belongings. This goes especially for your fragile clothing and items that can soak up the mold. In any case, we are certain that now you can manage to keep your storage units mold-free.

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