How to successfully organize a last-minute move to any place

In a perfect situation, you would have sufficient time for everything. Nothing would be done in a hurry, and there would be no stress. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. And sometimes it can happen that you need to successfully organize a last-minute move. Moving is a difficult task, for which you need two to three weeks to organize and coordinate properly. We recommend hiring City Movers if you need help during a relocation, whether last minute or normally timed. There are usually two types of rushed moves:

  • The ones where you don’t have a lot of time between finding out that you need to move and moving itself
  • The ones where you procrastinate a bit too much and leave everything for the last few days (it might be a bit more difficult to successfully organize a last-minute move of this kind)

In either case, figuring out how to do it fast and efficiently is a must. These tips might help you successfully organize a last-minute move.

Start with the big decisions

During a last-minute move, every task might seem overwhelming. The first thing you need to do is to decide wheater you will DIY the move of hire professionals like one of the interstate moving companies Florida. Since you don’t have much time to decide, get a few estimates and pick the most reputable out of the options you have.

Woman thinking
Since you don’t have much time, you won’t be able to do as much research

Get rid of unnecessary things

The less you have to pack, the easier packing will be, especially for a move with long distance movers Boca Raton. Easy packing is key during a last-minute move. Think practically, not sentimentally. Moving last minute will give you more motivation to pack lightly. Sort things out into piles like keep, donate, and throw away. Doing this in a haste will not give you much time to second guess your opinion about getting rid of something.

Try finding help to successfully organize a last-minute move

Moving is a laborious task, especially if it has to be done fast. It is totally understandable to turn to your friends and family for some help. Tasks that take a lot of time to do, like packing, will be done much faster if done by more people. Or you could hire professional packing services to make it even easier. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, just make sure to do something nice for the people helping you out, like ordering a meal or inviting them for dinner once you settle in.

Don’t forget to pack a moving essentials bag

During packing, make sure you put aside a bag of essential items and things that you cannot misplace in the whole process. You can easily oversee packing an essentials bag during a last-minute move, so make sure to do it before even starting to pack. This bag should include items like everyday toiletries, change of clothes, important documents, medications, chargers, etc.

Successfully organize a last-minute move by not forgetting to pack an essentials bag
The essentials bag is important during the first few days after relocation

Successfully organize a last-minute move with these tips

Moving is a stressful process no matter how much time you have to do it. When moving in a hurry, your priorities should be to just get your items from the old to the new place as safely as possible. Unpacking will take a bit longer in this case, but for that, you will at least have more time. We wish you good luck!

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