Guide to packing for a corporate move

In many cases, packing the corporate office is more demanding than picking a household. When packing the corporate office, you have to delegate many jobs. Automatically, you will have less control over the process. But, in case of a failure, you will be responsible. So, when packing for a corporate move, you have to take care of logistics, employees’ morale, etc. Moreover, a corporate move requires much detailed planning. So, besides trying to run your daily tasks, you have to find some time to deal with planning issues. In such a situation, mistakes can occur easily. Hiring City Movers can be of great help to you. Besides, you can follow the guides and tips. They will help you to complete packing tasks successfully.

People standing in front of the whiteboard and discussing how to delegate jobs of packing for a corporate move.
Delegating jobs, to include employees in packing for a corporate move.

Contact the professional moving company on time

Check a few reliable moving companies and make sure they do the corporate moves. Also, make sure to contact them on time. It can easily happen that they are fully booked. So, the earlier you call, the better chances you have to hire them. Besides transport, the professional moving companies have reliable packing materials. And they can help you with packing difficult pieces of furniture. In case you don’t have skilled professionals to disassemble the office furniture, they will send the crew.

Also, if possible, plan the corporate move out of peak season. First, the movie will be cheaper. Second, the moving company will have more time for you. And they will have enough manpower to spare and send to help you. And, when they are not in rush, they will pack your things more carefully.

Make a moving plan for your corporate move

Being in business, you know how important is to make strategic plans. The same is with moving. Make the moving plan months in advance. Then, divide it into long and short-term tasks. After that, delegate the tasks to people and set a deadline for every task. The goal of such a plan is to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Also, consider which jobs can be done remotely. So, during the packing time, some people can work from home.

Make an inventory list for each office

Before you start any decluttering or packing, make the inventory list. If you have several corporate offices, make a separate plan for each of them. This list you can use as a checklist when you start with packing. Also, give a copy to employees in every office. Before they start to declutter, ask them to consult with you. And to sign any item that falls into surplus items. This will give you a clear picture of the possessions you have to pack. And a clear picture of further activities. That will also help top moving companies in Miami to make more accurate costs assessment. The properly made inventory list will enable them to make better calculations.

A man in office is collecting stationary from the table and putting it into a cardboard box.
An employee is packing his office for a corporate move.

How to delegate tasks to employees when packing for a corporate move?

Since this is a corporate move, all employees should be included. The easiest is to assign every employee to take care of their things. They know what documents are obsolete. So they can start with moving them away. Or shredding them. Also, they know which other things in there can be sold, donated, or hauled as waste. This way, they will decrease the weight, thus making the savings in the moving budget. And, they will feel included, which is good for their morale.

When packing for a corporate move, leave electronics to professionals

Every corporate office has a lot of electronic devices. If your business has an IT team, assign the packing task to them. They should prepare computers, telephones, fax machines, switchboards, etc., for safe packing. The rule is that most of the electronic devices must be disconnected at least 24 hours prior to packing. Also, all cables have to be removed from them. Your IT team will know the best how to complete this task properly and safely. And how to complete packing. So, on the other end of the route, they will easily find parts and reconnect them. In case you don’t have your own IT team, talk to commercial movers Florida. They will provide the experts’ crew to complete this job.

Small gift boxes on the table.
Thank your employees for the packing efforts.

What about packing corporate furniture for the move

Your IT team will know how to pack the electronic devices. The rest of the employees will easily complete the packing of documentation and small pieces. But, what about properly packing your furniture. For such a task, hiring professional packers is the best solution. They know exactly how to handle any piece of furniture. Some of your office furniture can be disassembled. And packing the pieces demands skills. Also, you need to know how to properly wrap them. And how to put them in the moving box, without causing damage. The professional movers will do it with ease. And your furniture will be safe. Besides, some of your furniture can’t be disassembled. It has to be transported as it is. So, the professional movers will:

  • Disassemble the office furniture
  • Take care that every piece is properly wrapped before packing
  • Pack the belonging furniture pieces together
  • Pack the screws and bolts of the furniture in the same moving box
  • Properly label the moving boxes

Give a day off to your employees on a moving day

Thank your employees for the packing efforts. Give all of them a day off, including those who were working from home during the packing period. That way, you will show them how much do you appreciate their work. You can also make them happy with small gifts. That will increase their elan. That will help decrease their stress levels caused by packing turmoil. And will increase their productivity once you settle down in the new premises.

Thanks to good planning you successfully completed the packing job

For safe relocation, packing is very important. So, when you oversee packing for a corporate move, the responsibility is very high. And the organization is very demanding. You will have to endure high stress levels. You have to organize numerous things. Already this demands a lot of time and energy. It is wise also to think about insurance coverage. With moving, anything can unexpectedly go wrong. So, make sure to follow the office moving packing tips. So, plan, delegate, and supervise. And hire a reliable moving company. They will pack the corporate office properly. And on time.

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