How to prepare your music instruments for relocation to Lighthouse Point, Fl?

Moving any fragile items means you need to be very careful. However, relocating musical instruments is an art form. Because of their odd shape and sizes, you cannot just put them inside a box and ship them. There is a big chance that if you do not take care of them properly and secure them for the trip you will end up with a broken instrument. And this item is not something that you can easily replace. It so much a part of any musician’s life that it goes beyond being just an item. It is a valued friend, and it deserves the best treatment. Movers Lighthouse Point FL have a few tips on how to prepare your music instruments for relocation. These few steps will make sure that your instrument arrives safely at your new destination.

To properly move your instruments you need to set up a schedule

The life of a musician is always being on the move. Also with concerts, there is no chance for delays, because it means you can not play. So the first thing you need to do is set up a schedule and stick to it. It might sound impossible if you have to move a large instrument. But with the help of piano movers Miami, you will be able to perform on time. Firstly you need to inform them of the date of the move and the exact location where everything needs to be delivered. That way, they will have time to make a plan for the move. From gathering all the packing materials to the necessary equipment to transport it. Additionally, you need to check what is the weather going to be on the day. If it rains, you will have to reschedule.

person writing in a weekly planer
To get the musical instruments ready for the move, make a plan and follow it

Gather quality packing material to prepare your music instruments for relocation

The one thing you need to prepare your music instruments for relocation is quality packing materials. You should not get cheap or second-hand materials. For one, they are not sturdy enough to protect your instruments during transport. As most probably, they will bump around, and they can get damaged. However, to save money, you can rent quality materials from movers Oakland Park FL. The best ones are the plastic boxes. They can withstand a lot of pressure if anything is put on them. Also, you will be able to use them multiple times. It is especially important if you decide to do your own packing. Likewise, you will need some padding that will keep the instrument from moving around. They will sufficiently cushion them so they do not get scratched or dented.

The best way to pack your string instruments for relocation to Lighthouse Point, Fl

The tricky part about string instruments like violin, guitar, and cello is the strings. Because if they are too tight, something might bump into them, and they might snap. Therefore to professionally pack these instruments yourself, you need to relax all the strings. Next, get a roll of bubble wrap. Make sure to carefully wrap the instrument with it. It has air pockets that will keep it from moving around. Once you are done, place them inside their case. If possible, do not use a regular plastic box. Their package has the right shape and is made of hard material, which is perfect for transport. Also, for extra protection, fill all the extra space with crumpled paper. That way, there is no space for the item to bump around.

a guitare
To prepare your music instruments for relocation check that all the strings are loose

Preparing brass instruments for the move

The best way to transport brass instruments is in pieces – the same way movers FL do. So make sure to pull them apart and wrap each piece separately. Every part of the brass instrument is sensitive and vital so use several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that once you finish, everything is tightly taped with duct tape. It will keep them from unwrapping. Place the instrument in its case and fill it with crumble paper. Or, if you do not have the case, a box will suffice. However, ensure that the parts can not collide during transport and get damaged. You can also use packing peanuts as they are the best material for keeping the instrument from moving around.

Getting drums ready for transportation to Lighthouse Point

Drums might look like a durable instrument that can take a lot however, this is not the case. They need as much protection during transport as any other instrument. Therefore the first thing you should do is pull them apart. Gather all the boxes for packing, but do not go for the ones that are too big. One or two inches of space is just enough to put stuffing inside. Secondly, once you removed the rims, insert one inside the other. Legs and spurs you should wrap with bubble wrap. And all the small parts, put into a plastic bag, so you do not lose them. Always put a layer of crumbed paper between the parts.

man playing on drums
Pull apart the drum set and wrap all the smaller parts with bubble wrap

If you appropriately prepare your music instruments for relocation they will last longer

Takin care of the instrument is a number one priority of any musician. Therefore it is best to properly prepare your music instruments for relocation. Otherwise, they might get damaged. So firstly, make a schedule. If you need to be on time for a concert in Lighthouse Point, you need to inform the movers, so there are no delays. Secondly, gather all the packing supplies and make sure they are of the highest quality. They will keep your instrument safe during transport, so plastic ones will work great. Lastly, always pull apart everything possible before you pack the instrument and wrap it with bubble wrap. Following these steps will ensure your instrument arrives on time and is ready for the concert.

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