How to pack your essentials bag?

When you are moving, you entrust almost all of your possessions to the experienced hands of your moving crew. They are the ones who, should they prove reliable and professional as advertised, will take care of your items with the utmost care and deliver them to your new home. They might even provide you with some additional services which would make the whole ordeal a lot easier and straightforward, leaving you almost completely carefree and without duties in the arrangement… key phrase being almost. Why? Because while you might opt to leave everything to your movers, you will still be stuck with a small number of items that you absolutely should take with yourself, by yourself. Those are the items that are absolutely essential. But how to pack your essentials bag? What to put inside it? Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing right here!

Pack your essentials bag on time

When you are trying to pack the essentials bag for the arrival of the cross country movers Miami you should be starting at least two days earlier. Packing the essentials bag is a lot more work than it might seem at first. While it is not much compared to the growling packing of all the items of your house, you still need to start early.

a man holding a phone - Pack your essentials bag
Packing on time is crucial!

That’s why the best strategy is to highlight the essential items in your inventory during the planning phase. Then simply go down the checklist the day before the move!


There is a lot of documentation that will have to be packed when you are moving with the help of piano movers Miami. After all, there is a lot of documentation that is essential to your everyday life. Therefore you simply cannot risk losing it or damaging it. Unfortunately, the paper-based reality of documentation generally means that you are exposing them to a certain risk when you are moving them, especially if you leave the process of their relocation to the movers. This is not because they are somehow unattentive pro unprofessional. Simply, there are a lot of things to move, and should a box of documents get crumbled or squashed, it will get damaged. Therefore, it is best that you pack the essentials bag with your documents included. Here are some of the personal documents that you should try to keep with yourself for the duration of the move.

a stack of documentation
What documents will you be packing?
  • ID – Your id or social security card is something that you should most definitely include when you pack your essentials bag.
  • Driver’s license – Even if you are not actually driving to the location of the move, it is still very much advisable that you carry your driver’s license with you.
  • Bill information, leases, certificates – Aditional documents to be guarded closely should be certificates, various information about paid bills and utilities, leases, etc. Everything you might need to use as proof further down the line for anything you ever paid for or achieved.

Additional documentation

Furthermore, you should make sure that you keep the documentation that you will receive from movers on your person as well! These documents include:

  • Bill of lading – This is the list of the items moved that will be provided by the local movers Boca Raton. You are to keep these until the end of the movie.
  • Moving insurance data – Make sure that you keep insurance close by. Well, that is if you have insurance in the first place.
  • Inventory – While the bill of lading is something you get from and give to your movers, you should also make an inventory list of the items that are being relocated. That way, you will know exactly what you are moving to. Furthermore, you will also then know exactly in what state you are moving it to!

Medication should be on the list of things when you pack your essentials bag

It should come as no surprise that packing medication and personal hygiene products is essential for a, well, essentials bag. No matter how long the trip you think is going to take or the necessity of the medication. All meds should go into your bag.


various pills and a termostat
Check how to pack medication before doing it.

They are not very well adjusted for traveling in a box in a tumbling truck. Packing them with yourself is a much more efficient solution. After all, medication generally doesn’t take that much space and is easy to carry. However, make sure you properly mark the medication before moving so you don’t accidentally mix some up.

Electronic devices

You are probably already going to do this anyway, but let us not leave it unmentioned anyway. You should definitely pack your phone, notepads, laptops, and the rest of the electronic equipment that you can. That way you will have access to your communicational devices while also keeping them safe. Be sure, however, to also pack a charger for the said items. That way longer journeys will not prove a bore.

When you pack your essentials bag, don’t forget the food and water

Although Florida movers can move you far and wide, if you plan to move together with that truck or fly to your destination, you will definitely need to make sure you are not thirsty or hungry while you are doing it. That is why you should pack food and water in excess amounts. You never really know when you might need it, and having more is better than coming up short!

In summary

As you see, knowing how to pack your essentials bag is pretty essential to a successful move. Furthermore, there are, we suspect, a lot more things you need to pack into your essentials bag than you have probably expected. That is not, of course, due to lack of trust in the movers. But simply due to the absolute essential character of the items in question. That being said, the list is not final. You should use our article in conjunction with your own observations and conditions, excluding some mentions while also adding others to the list that we failed to mention. Therefore, we hope that we have been of service. Best of luck with your relocation!

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