How to Organize a Storage Unit Like a Pro

When relocating, a lot of people need a storage unit. There are numerous reasons for this, and the most common is that people often are not ready to get rid of some belongings or they moved to a smaller home. Whatever the reason is – you can find really good Boca Raton storage facilities that can offer you a great service. And if you are scared how you will organize your storage unit- do not worry. We have some great tips and tricks on how to organize a storage unit like a pro. Your storage unit will be organized, your belongings safe -and you will be worry-free.

What is the first step to do to organize a storage unit like a pro?

Well, you probably know this from your relocation. You should create a list of inventory. This is very important because you need to know what you have stored. It is very easy to forget what you have stored. And in order to avoid that, you should always keep your list up to date. If you want to organize a storage unit like a pro and keep it organized- this is the key. You will have the list that is always up to date and you will be able to grab any item that you might need. Otherwise, you might end up with a storage unit that you are paying, and you do not know what is inside.

inventory list to organize a storage unit like a pro
With an inventory list, your storage unit will be well organized

This is especially important if you plan to use the storage unit long-term. If you plan to use the storage unit for a long period of time, you should create the list and make sure to choose the right size storage unit. It is better to have a little bit of spare space then to have everything just stuffed inside.

How to know what type of storage unit you need?

One of the very important things when it comes to storage units is to know what you need. If you plan to store and move some specialty items or some fine art you should really consider getting the climate-controlled storage unit. In a climate-controlled storage unit, your precious belongings will be safe, and you won’t have to worry. Also, as we mentioned it is very important to decide what size of the storage unit you need. A lot of people choose a smaller unit to save some money, but if you plan to rent a storage unit for a long period of time it is better to take a little bit bigger. That is a secret that you should know if you want to organize a storage unit like a pro.

What you should use to store your items?

A lot of people are confused when it comes to this question. Usually, people use regular moving boxes. But, we have a great tip for you! A much better move is to use clear eco-friendly bins. Simply a clear eco bin will allow you to see what is inside without opening or digging through it. And when you are relocating and in a hurry in general – that can be very helpful. Also, if you need any of the boxes from the storage unit – you will be able to grab it and even re-use it. It is definitely worth to give a couple of bucks more and have clear plastic bins.

recycle sign
You should use eco-friendly clear bins that you can re-use and recycle

Labeling will help you to organize a storage unit like a pro

We can not stress enough about how labeling is important. Same as when it comes to moving – labeling is one of the most important things. Also, this little thing will help you to organize a storage unit without any problems. It is best to use a permanent marker or printed labels. It is very important to make sure that the letters won’t fade away with time. If you need help with preparing the boxes for storage, keep in mind that you always can hire professional packers that will be able to do everything fast and safe.

How to store furniture and organize a storage unit like a pro?

If you are moving to another state or a really long-distance you will probably need a storage unit for your furniture. It would be great to find cross country movers Florida that can offer you moving services with storage service. That way – you won’t have to look for a storage company additionally and you will be able to negotiate a discount. And, when it comes to storing furniture you need to be extra careful.

room with funriture
Storing your furniture properly is very important!

The best thing to do to save space and your furniture is to disassemble it if it is possible. And a great thing that you can do to organize a storage unit like a pro is to store very piece vertically. That way you will be able to save space and to keep your furniture intact.

Large heavy items go on the bottom and in the back

When you start packing your storage unit you should start with heavy items. You should always place them on the bottom and towards the back of the storage unit. Before you start getting belongings into the storage unit, make sure to go through your inventory list that we mentioned. As you know it is quite similar to the packing checklist, so once you have loaded an item into a storage unit make sure to cross it off your list.

Items that you use often go in front

This is a pretty good trick when it comes to organizing storage units like a pro. People are often overwhelmed when they start loading the storage unit, and then they end up with the items they need often somewhere in the back. But, if you plan to make often trips to the storage unit you should make sure that items such as seasonal wardrobe, some items that you will need once you settle in – are placed in the front. That way you will have easy access to them, and if you labeled them properly everything will go smoothly every time you visit your storage unit.

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