How to Keep Your Kids Entertained While Moving to Coconut Grove

Making a decision about your family’s relocation is certainly a big one. If you have taken up this challenge I congratulate you! Coconut Grove is a great choice! Unfortunately, this was only the first step and many more await. Besides the seemingly obvious task of making sure you have hired good Coconut Grove movers, another problem arises. If you have children, you want to keep them occupied and happy during the big move. To help you keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove, consider these options.

To make this easier on you, activities are divided into two big sections:

  1.  Entertain your kids with some at-home activities
  2. Keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Groves with activities Coconut Grove offers

These also depend on whether you have a babysitter/someone to help out with them, or not.

1) At-home activities to keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove

If your children are staying with you during the move, it can be difficult. You already have so much to deal with packing, maneuvering your Florida movers, and organization, so let’s make this less challenging. Here are some activities which would keep your kids entertained during your move to Coconut Grove:

a. Card Games

Something that seems to be crucial when it comes to classic entertainment is most definitely a deck of cards. We all have at least one hiding somewhere around the house. Take advantage of this, as it is one of the most versatile game options. Some card games that would keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove are:

  • Old Maid
  • Crazy Eights
  • Concentration or Memory Games
  • Rummy
  • SlapJack, etc.

These are very well-known kids-appropriate card games. However, even if you are unfamiliar with them you can search for the rules on the internet.

b. Use supplies to keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove

A great thing when it comes to young kiddies is that they don’t really need much to keep them busy. Toddlers most often prefer empty boxes or plastic bottles to the most elaborate and flashy toys. So, use the leftover supplies after packing to entertain your kids during the move to Coconut Grove. Even if they are a bit older, the boxes along with some markers might encourage their creativity.

A girl playing with a plastic toy in a cardboard box representing keeping your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove
Leftover supplies can become the best toys with a bit of imagination

c. Books and movies

For older youngsters, either books or movies/TV shows can work wonders. The moving process can be long even with the best residential movers in Florida. Hence, preparing good books and movies would sort you out for a longer time. Moreover, both of these are independent activities, which is a great solution if you have a single child. Your kid will be entertained, seated, and quiet while moving to Coconut Grove.

d. Ball games

Those who have been blessed with a bunch of hyperactive bundles of energy know how important is physical activity. Instead of channeling their surplus of energy into disrupting you, or the movers, provide them with a ball. Much like in the case of card games, a ball is a classic. Thus, there is a never-ending list of games that would keep the kiddies entertained while moving to Coconut Grove. Even though you, surely, remember some of them from your own childhood, here are some additional ones, just in case:

  • catch and throw (simple and good for the youngest)
  • say and catch (players decide on the category of words, arrange themselves in a circle, toss the ball randomly to the player who must say a word before cathing it)
  • dodge the ball (players avoid being hit by the ball thrown at them)
  • hot potato (pretending the ball is a steaming hot potato that has to pass around quickly)
  • flinch (the “it” player pretends to throw the ball at the random player in a line in from of them, the one who flinches gets a negative point. The one with the most negative points loses).

Of course, all of these are chosen based on the outside surroundings and space, so that the children are safe.

A boy playing with a ball while jumping in a puddle
Ball games are always a great solution to keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove

2) Keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove with Coconut Grove Activities

Whether you are moving long-distance or not, Coconut Grove will be a new site to explore for your kids. If you are lucky to have someone help out with the kids, Coconut Groves has plenty of options:

  • Peacock Park is one of them, offering tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields, and a playground.
  • Kids will truly be delighted if brought to Skyviews Miami. There is a Ferris wheel, gondolas, LED light show, and tons of other rides.
  • You can keep your younger kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove by using Silly Monkeys Playhouse services.
  • In case your kids are a fan of entertainment centers, check out Fun Dimensions, which offers playgrounds or arcade games.
  • Technology lovers should visit the VR Player 1 gaming arcade, as it offers a variety of VR games.

Make Some Time for Them

There is no doubt that the moving process will keep you busy as a bee. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take some time out to check in with the children. A move of any sort, interstate or not, is a big change for them. Them being particularly boisterous or unruly might be a reaction to that very change. If the activities mentioned above do not succeed in keeping the kids entertained while moving, talk to them. Let them be aware and sure of your support and understanding. Show them that you’re in this together, no matter what.

A man and a woman holding hands with a small child in the middle, walking down the street
Show your kids you are there for them

A move is a daunting task on its own, and having children might make it more stressful. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to keep your kids entertained while moving to Coconut Grove. Do not hesitate and try out the suggestions given in this article, making the move easier for you and more fun for them!

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