How to find the best moving rates

Moving can be quite expensive and demanding. Finding a perfect new house for you might be very challenging, mentally and financially. For this reason, it is always for better if you can get help to organize your move. Therefore, you should hire a good moving company. However, since you probably do not want to spend too much money, then you should find the best moving rates, and here is how you can achieve this. 

Finding the best moving rates isn’t the easiest task

You have to keep in mind that a search for a reliable moving company that has the best moving rates might last longer than you expected even for the local moving. For this reason, you should start on time, a couple of months in advance would be perfect. If you plan to move during the summer months, you might have minor problems finding good movers.

a moving truck on the road
Find a good moving company for you

Summer is the busiest season for the movers since many people want to use their time off to move. Many moving companies that you should hire will be completely booked during summer. So, make sure you get the movers you want. In addition to this, moving rates are higher due to demand. If you want to find the best moving rates, then do not wait for the last minute to find movers. 

Moving companies 

In order to find the best moving rates, you have to hire a good moving company. If you are moving long distance, then be sure to find movers who satisfy the following conditions. 

  • They have many years of experience in this field 
  • People leave good reviews on their site 
  • You can find moving service that will fit your budget 
  • They have the best moving rates 
  • Movers are willing to explain everything about the moving 
  • They are professionals with well-trained staff 
  • Movers have the best equipment and packing supplies for your relocation 

If you see that your moving company has all the requirements, then you can hire them. You will not have to worry about your items since you know that you left them in the hands of professionals. 

How to find a good mover with the best moving rates 

It is difficult to find a good moving company since you have so many options. Just googling a moving company near you is not enough. In addition to this, you have to have several candidates in mind in order to find the best one. Since now you know the characteristics of reliable movers, you should focus on moving reviews for now.

people trying to find the best moving rates
Conduct small research to find a reliable moving company

Today, people are quick to point out bad service and they will leave an angry comment about it. Since the moving company will be responsible for your items and they will get money for it, make sure to read through all the comments. Furthermore, if you know that someone from your family and friends recently moved, then you can ask for recommendations.  

Contact movers  

The next step would be to personally give those few potential candidates a call. This way, you can ask for price estimation and home survey in advance. You can also inquire about the additional services they offer, for example, if they have packing services as well. In addition to all of this, you can also pose a difficult question, for example, about the loss or damage of your personal items, moving insurance, delays, and so on. Be sure to get answers to all of these questions in order to know what to expect. After you conducted a series of calls and interviews, it is time to compare moving companies. Only then you can be sure you will get a moving company with the best moving rates. 

Price estimation and home survey 

Every mover who wants to attract customers will offer a home survey and price estimation. This way, you should give them a call to schedule a visit. They will send someone from the company who will measure and calculate everything before making the final calculation. All the movers will give you the approximate moving cost. Not only will you be able to see the price range, so you can also start to prepare your moving budget. As it was already mentioned, moving can be quite expensive. For this reason, start saving money on time.  

Check again mover’s reputation 

It might sound unnecessary, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Once you finish comparing all the moving companies, you need to pick only one. After you decide on a particular one, try to find additional information about them. This is especially important if you want to rent a storage unit from them. You need to see what people say about the unit’s conditions and the company’s policy regarding late rent payments. Unless you want to find your items on auction, make sure you are familiar with their policies.  

Price reduction and special offers 

During the winter, many companies offer special discounts since it is the least busy season for them. You can use this to your advantage and save money in the process. In addition to this, many moving companies will offer a price reduction in order to attract more potential customers. For this reason, do not be shy and ask them nicely if you can get a price reduction. Maybe they can give you if you add their packing service to your order. You cannot know unless you ask. In addition to this, before you sign anything, read carefully and check if everything is the way you two agreed.  

a woman holding a large moving boxes
Check what else movers are offering

So, how will you find the best moving rates?

As you can see, there are many things you should remember to do if you want to find the best moving rates. There are many moving companies to choose from. For this reason, you should be careful not to hire fraudulent movers. In addition to this, the most expensive movers do not equal the best. 

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