How to deal with clutter when moving office

Moving your office can mean a couple of different things. Either you decided to expand your business, or you simply found a better customer base. In both scenarios, this is a good thing, and you can easily benefit from it. Depending on how big your office is, you will have a certain amount of furniture and equipment to deal with. And once packing and moving begin, clutter is a pretty common thing. If you don’t pay attention to it on time, it can easily become an issue that will take both your time and money. To avoid that, you should know how to deal with clutter when moving office or how to avoid making it in general! Take a look at everything you should know!

Moving your office: the preparation

Your business matters a lot, no matter what field you cover with it. And since you have a team of people working for you, and clients who rely on your services, you must stay professional during relocation. Some people claim that moving is a pretty stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. By following certain steps and with the help of movers, you can avoid making mistakes and complete your relocation on time. Moving companies in Florida have more than enough experience with office relocations, so you know that you will get the right type of assistance. Probably the most important thing is to start on time. The more space and time you have, the easier it will be to deal with things. 

spacious and neat office
Your office should be spacious and neat so that everyone there can enjoy working

It all begins with informing your team about the relocation and assigning them different tasks. Some of them will be in charge of inventory and equipment and will play a significant role in avoiding clutter. Listen to their suggestions as the chances are huge that they will come up with some useful solutions when the time comes. 

What is considered to be office clutter?

Everything that lies down in an untidy way, is considered to be clutter. It could be in your home, office, or any other area filled with items. The easiest way to make it is to simply start moving things around. Before you know it, items will be scattered around without any order. And while you may think that clutter can be removed instantly, the reality is much different than that. You will become stressed pretty soon and the moment you lose patience, clutter will start expanding. You will find it much easier to avoid making it, than removing it and that should be your main goal.

If we speak about office clutter, you should know that it is a very common thing. Your business can’t wait, and both you and your team will be in a hurry to make things done as soon as possible. Corporate relocation companies Florida can deal with your inventory, but the preparation is up to you. After all, if you or someone you know recently moved, you will know that clutter can form anywhere and anytime. 

How to deal with clutter when moving office

When you realize that your office is full of things, boxes, and junk, the time has come for finding a solution. The answer lies in acting quickly as removing clutter can also result in making it all over again. Have a team of people ready to deal with it as soon as possible and possibly before the movers arrive. Once everything is over, you will be able to proceed to other tasks regarding your office relocation.

man sitting in his office
Even if your office is big, you can easily avoid clutter as long as you are careful

Remove things you no longer need

Moving your office doesn’t mean you need to take everything with you. Organizing your items properly can turn out to be an excellent solution for sorting out things you no longer need. In general, these items are too old or expired but due to a lot of work and lack of time they stayed around. We could be talking about trash, old documents, and equipment that is just taking up all that precious space. Go through everything and decide what things you must get rid of and what you wish to keep. Find a nice space for both categories and ask someone to remove them when the time comes. 

Some of your employees will do a wonderful job at this. They are mostly people who work with you the longest and are sure what the company needs and what not. You can supervise the entire process so that there are no mistakes. When moving, most offices will get rid of things like:

  • Old furniture
  • Documents and papers
  • Boxes and paper folders
  • Samples and different materials
  • Old equipment

Identify the areas with the most clutter

No matter how big or small your office is, there is certainly an area where things are messy. Your main task is to clean up that part as soon as possible. There, you will probably come across old things that shouldn’t be there. Don’t be surprised if you see those that you thought were lost forever. Those that must deal with clutter when moving office, will most likely uncover old boxes filled with smaller items or papers. Try to categorize everything and throw away things that your office doesn’t need anymore. Your chosen moving company Miami FL will take over boxes that are for moving, so make sure to remove the rest before the movers arrive.

clutter in office
Office clutter will not only spoil the working atmosphere but can also result in losing important things

The nightmare of office cables

Probably the biggest clutter will also appear in the areas where cables are. If you and your team don’t use cable holders for your equipment, get ready for some untangling. This may take a while, so ask your employees to help you out. When you finally relocate your office, don’t repeat the same mistake. Get yourself tools that can hold cables properly or set them so that they don’t go over each other. If you have a team that is working for your I.T. sector, let them take care of this part. Your equipment and internet should be set up as soon as you arrive in the new office as only professionals should be in charge of it!

When you deal with clutter when moving office, you must know what priorities are

This process can have a couple of purposes but each one of them leads to the same thing. Your office should be spacious, and comfortable, and provide a good working atmosphere. With clutter all around that is not really possible and it can affect the quality of your services. Make a list of priorities and let your employees join. When you finally reach the decision, follow the list and set your office according to it. If you decide to relocate to another city, there will be no time to do it last minute. Your long distance movers Florida will start loading their trucks quickly and you can easily confuse yourself.

man holding a box
Check out those hidden areas as they could be filled with clutter or completely free for placing useful things

Take your inventory to storage

In case you find yourself stuck in clutter storage is always an option. Simply pack everything in boxes and store it for as long as you want. If you have that much time on your hands, you can declutter box by box. This will take some time, but if you find it suitable, then you certainly will benefit from it. Storage units Boca Raton are perfect for this situation as their employees will know exactly what to do. They will make sure your inventory is safe and that you or your employees can come and pick it up anytime you want. 

When taking out the clutter use big moving boxes

What’s interesting about clutter is that is usually made of smaller items or papers. Once you separate everything you will realize that everything can perfectly fit in a moving box. If clitter in your office is mainly paper, you should get yourself bigger boxes. Using paper folders and markers for labeling your entire collection will be neat. And you will be surprised how many things can actually fit in these boxes. Be careful when it comes to other items. If they have an irregular shape, you should probably stay with smaller boxes for easier packing and handling.

Ways of preventing clutter when moving office

Those who wish to move their office to another state must deal with clutter on time. Once state to state movers Florida arrive, your relocation will officially begin. And even if you will be excited about everything going on, you must be careful when you arrive at the new location. That will be the moment when you shouldn’t make the same mistake and create clutter right away. If you take some of your time to remember a couple of hacks, your new office will be a wonderful place to work at!

Find a suitable place for everything

When you start setting up your new office, make sure you do it slowly and after you take some good rest. The main reason for that is that you need energy and a clear head to avoid making the same mistake. Decorate the area the way you see fit and place everything where it belongs. your employees can take care of their areas and you should check their progress and final result. If your new office is in a big city like Miami, Florida you can even go for a little office shopping. Get yourself some new items that will refresh the space and give it a new look. 

Those who are moving to Boca Raton can do the same thing. Your team will be grateful for getting a new working space, that still managed to keep all the good things. If you placed some of your items in storage, that will be a good time to get them out.

people having a meeting
Your team can set up their working space according to their needs and position

Use all additional areas in your office

Even if your office is small, there could be some hidden and special areas in there. Instead of just filling them up or leaving them empty, you can be really smart about it. In there you can leave things you rarely use but still need so that you always know where to find them. A lot of corporate buildings in Florida have hallways with additional rooms that you can use either for your staff or inventory. In case of need, they will be within your reach, and you can put them back once you are done. This is a perfect method to deal with clutter when moving an office and making it look nice once you finish.

Other things to know about dealing with clutter when moving office

This may seem too simple especially if your office is huge or consists of multiple rooms. However, the process remains the same and can be equally applied to all kinds of spaces. Usually, it all begins with a deep cleaning and that process itself can save you from hours of decluttering your office. Bigger offices may have more inventory, but they also have more space, and you should use that opportunity. Find a spare room that you will empty completely and use for storing boxes. From there, you can take them to storage, a new office, or simply throw them away.

two people shaking hands before they deal with clutter when moving office
After you deal with clutter when moving office, you and your team should try not to make the same mistake again

Focus on skyrocketing your business and stay away from clutter

Clutter should never be in the way of your business’s success. Even though it can make you feel insecure or anxious, you can deal with it quickly. More importantly, you will know how to never encounter it again. Let your team help you deal with clutter when moving office, and all of you will be ready for local movers Florida and their arrival. Once you find yourself in that new space you chose, feel free to adapt it to your needs and the purpose of your business. With a neat space and good atmosphere, you will be getting new clients like never before!




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