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Are you moving to Coconut Creek soon? Cross country movers Miami will help you have a smooth transition to your new home. Cross country moving, just like any other type of moving, requires careful planning and a lot of dedication. Moreover, you will need reliable, trustworthy movers if you want your move to go without any inconveniences. We’ve all been there – the last-minute preparations, being late, not knowing how you’ll going to make it. Imagine that situation with your whole move hanging by a thread. That’s why you need to create a clear plan and stick with it. To find out how to conduct your move and how to approach the hall a relocation process, go through this Coconut Creek relocation guide!

professional movers
Reliable professional movers are crucial to the succes of a complicated relocation!

Choose Reliable Movers

The first step to having a smooth relocation is finding reliable movers Coconut Creek FL who have the means, equipment, and materials to perform quality relocations. You can start by sending out free quotes to numerous different moving companies. If they send someone who inspects the number of items that you have, then you should take them into consideration. If a moving company gives you an estimate without sending someone over and evaluate the number of your belongings, don’t hire them. They cannot give you a proper estimate without seeing your situation live. They should at least ask you to show them the quantity of the items through the video camera. That way they can give you the proper estimate!

Find a reliable and trustworthy moving company

One of the first tasks on the Coconut Creek relocation guide si to send out free estimates and research numerous moving companies. If you have someone who has moved recently, you should ask them which moving company they have used.  There is no better recommendation than word of mouth. If they did a great job with many people before you and with someone you know in the recent past, there’s no reason they wouldn’t do a good job now.

You should declutter before moving

Decluttering is an integral part of the moving process. Over time, we gather numerous items that we don’t actually need anymore. Some of them we outgrow, some of them we just simply do not like or need anymore. When that happens it’s time to declutter. Moving is an especially convenient event to start your decluttering process. Decluttering will help you lessen the number of items that you have, and also the number of items that you will have to pack.

Don’t procrastinate decluttering, since it will make your bills lower and your packing process shorter!

Moving companies charge a lot for heavy and bulky items and for their transportation. That’s why it’s a good tactic to sell your big electric appliances and big furniture pieces at your current place of residence. That way you will get some funds, you won’t have to pack big bulky items, and you can actually use the money to buy those appliances at your new place. Chances are that they will fit your apartment much better because they will be chosen exactly for its measurements.

Find the proper moving materials

When it comes to moving, there are many details that you have to get right. Get the packing materials that are high-quality. They directly influence the outcome of the move, so make sure that you have the proper equipment and materials when you’re packing your belongings. The Coconut Creek relocation guide wouldn’t be complete without the moving materials list:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Boxes, either plastic or cardboard
  • Specialty boxes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Knife or scissors
  • Glassine
  • A marker

To get your packing materials you can order them online or you can rent them from some moving company. If you choose to rent packing materials you will have less trouble with how to get rid of those materials.

How to pack your belongings

First, you shouldn’t pack anything that you haven’t washed or cleaned before. After that, wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap and glassine. Make sure that you had at least two layers of bubble wrap. After that put them in the boxes that are appropriate for an item type.

Fragile items and items that are very sensitive should go into plastic boxes, while the clothes, the items that are valuable, and items that are not easily damaged should be put into cardboard boxes. The items such as canvases or sculptures should be put into specialty boxes, and all of the boxes should be slightly bigger than the items that they are used for. In order to secure the items further, fill in the rest of the space with packing peanuts. Don’t forget to write ”fragile” on each side of the box. That way the movers will see the label and know that they should treat that box even more carefully. If you don’t have enough time to devote to packing, you can always hire professionals packers to help you!

Coconut Creek relocation guide helps with packing
Coconut Creek relocation guide will help you stay organized during the moving and packing process.

What to do the day before the move

Don’t forget to prepare your moving bag with essentials. You should place everything that you’re going to need during the moving day in it. This includes additional clothes food documents and really anything you might need during the road. You can also pack the moving boxes which you can specifically label to know that they contain items that you are going to need the first couple of days at your new home.

Welcome the movers

The only thing that’s left for you to do at this point in the relocation process, is to welcome the movers. If you are moving during the winter prepare hot beverages for yourself and for the movers, put the cardboard sheets onto the floor to protect it from the water. When moving during the summer, opt to move as early as possible in the day. And most importantly, follow the Coconut Creek relocation guide. If you need help with any part of the moving process don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all of your burning questions regarding the move, the storage options, and our very reasonable prices. You too can have the move of your dreams!

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