5 things to do right before you move in

Well, let’s face it, there are a lot of things to do right before you move in, not only 5. But some are much more important than others and need your immediate attention. If you postpone doing them, it can cause some problems. Do not ruin your first few days in your home by avoiding responsibilities. Do them with style and move-in prepared and ready to settle.

Your documents need to be settled

In both your old home and the new one, your utilities need to be settled. By this, we mean cancelling with your old utility provider on time.  Do this before arranging with the best moving companies in Florida. You do not need to pay something you do not use. When you cancel and pay your bills, you will get your deposit back. This money must not be spent on random stuff! Save this money to settle the deposit with your new utility provider. Set the date for you moving in. The last thing you would need is a dark room when unpacking boxes after a long day of moving.

a person settling documents as one of the first things to do right before you move in
Settling your documents is one of the things to do right before you move in

Apart from utilities, there are a ton of papers to deal with. Medical records of all family members are waiting for you as well. If you can, visit your new neighborhood and see where you can transfer your medical records. It would be a smart idea to transfer them yourselves. The medical record for your furry, 4legged members also needs transferring. When you are on your foot looking for a hospital for yourself, check for the vet as well. And do not forget to do a checkup for your pets before you move.

Secure your new home

Security should be your highest priority when it comes to things to do before you move in. Along with contacting interstate moving companies Florida. There is not a chance in the world you can guess when the locks have been changed. Nor how many people may have a key to your home. The priority here is to change all the locks on doors leading outside. The doors inside do not need locks at all. But if you prefer, you can do it after you move.

a key in a keyhole
Update the security of your new home once you move in

To sleep even better at night you also need to set up a new security system. It would be great to visit your new home when you up and about the hospital and the vet. Look online about well-rated security companies in your new area. This is one of the most important things to do right before you move in.

Some security companies have the alarms that set even when you are inside your house. Not to scare you or anything, but taking extra steps to protect your family is a must. Look up online about tips to help you relocate, you can’t ever know enough about this.

Cleaning is also on our list of things to do right before you move in

The task of cleaning your new home can be one hell of a job. For this, you can hire professional cleaners and schedule them for when it works for you. By doing this you will lift a ton off of your chest. If you prefer to do it alone or with some help of friends be ready to work your but off. Cleaning is amongst the most important things to do right before you move in and for that, you’ll need:

  1. Protective gloves
  2. Cleaning brushes and sponges
  3. Cloths
  4. Brooms and a vacuum
  5. Buckets and mops
  6. Cleansers for different surfaces

This is one of the things to do right before you move in. If you are done cleaning weeks before you move, dust will pile up and you will have to do it again. So if doing this before moving in isn’t an option because of lack of time, hire pros.

Check for leaks

This is the step done before the cleaning and that is checking for leaks. In an ideal situation, an inspector would ensure you everything is fine and that is that. But since we do not live in an ideal world, checking for leaks is your destiny. Some of you may not know how to do that themselves, so let us help you. Check your meter fist and take a picture of it. Wait for a couple of hours and make sure no one is using the water. In the meantime, you can walk around your new neighborhood, check the schools, hospitals, the vet and other important institutions. After a couple of hours passed to check the meter again. The number should be the same if no one youed the water and there are no leaks. If it is not, then, unfortunately, you have leaks.

Meeting the neighbors can be one of the useful things to do right before you move in

This may not sound like a super important task, but it may be. Having good relations with neighbors is always a good thing. Apart from the help, you can get it is always nice to meet new people and start new friendships. They can inform you about possible problems former owners had with the house. If there were any leaks, gas problems, security problems, etc. Also, they can give you information about loads of other stuff you need. For example the doctor’s office, a good vet for your pup, a good school for you kid, a fine restaurant to dine in.

People cheering
Meeting your new neighbors is one of the things to do right before you move in

Make a few snacks while you let the water meter do its thing and say hello to your first door neighbors. Announce you are moving in very soon and maybe you can meet and have a drink, get to know each other. This is one of the things to do right before you move in because this is no time to be lonely. You may have moved from far away and have no one but your family. Having a cup of coffee with a nice old lady nearby can save the day for you.

The list of things to do right before you move in is long. But there are some of the most important ones for you and your family. Have a safe move and we wish you all the luck in the world.

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