5 reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood

After you have been living for some time in Coconut Grove, you have decided that you want to relocate. Congratulations! A new chapter of your life will start soon in a new place. But you just cannot seem to make up your mind about what place it will be. You are thinking about Hollywood, but are not yet completely sure? If you decide on this, we recommend hiring City Movers to help you relocate. But if you need further information to make up your mind, this guide is perfect for you. Here are 5 reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood.

Top reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood

There are a few reasons you might find it suitable to leave for Hollywood. Most of the movers in Hollywood FL will be more than happy to assist you in your relocation.

Neighborhoods are not that far apart

The number of people living in this city is around 150,000, which makes it an average-sized city. Before moving here, using the services of some Coconut Grove movers, you should see if you know someone who already lives here. They can further instruct you about the different neighborhoods available. Make sure to pick one that fits your lifestyle, and you can maybe even end up close to them. If not, don’t worry, as noted before, the city is not that big, so you will have opportunities to see each other. And if you move here without knowing anybody, you will soon start new relationships with people.

Education is good

Whether you are moving to Hollywood with school-aged kids or you want to further your education, you will be more than happy to know about the excellent educational system this city has. All the schools here are part of one of the largest school systems in the USA. There are:

  • 141 elementary schools (young school-aged kids have a wide range of options which might be one of the reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood)
  • 1 k-8
  • 42 middle schools

If public schools are not something you are interested in, there are also private schools available. Make sure to talk to your kids about their wishes before making the decision and hiring residential movers. In this case, their education should be your top priority.

Kids writing in a notebook
Education in Hollywood is excellent with a lot of options to choose from

Living costs

As you might expect, the cost of living in Hollywood is a little bit higher than the national average. But don’t let this scare you off. Consumer goods and housing are the only things considered more expensive than in other places. Rent is somewhere around $1,500 per month, while bills can add be from $100-$3000. We know this seems like a lot, but you can do a bit of research on it. By doing that you will find out a lot of ways to save money, which is the case in every city, not just here.

The job market might be one of the reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood

The main industries that generate income in this city are electronic production, aerospace, tourism, and health care. The unemployment rate in the city was measured at around 7%, and it is still dropping. Even in a situation like this, you should start looking for a job as soon as you decide to relocate. Just make sure to ask these questions before moving for a job. Doing this will prevent you from moving to a new city while being unemployed.

The climate

The climate can be considered as one of the best things about the whole state of Florida. You can go to the beach for a swim for more than half a year. For the other half, you can still go there, but without the swimming part. That is still not so bad, is it? The reason for this is the subtropical climate, with hot a humid summers and mild winters. Another plus is the fact that living in a state like this will do wonders for your well-being. This is mostly due to the fact that the weather here never changes.

If you love the beach, it might be one of the reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood
You can go to the beach for a swim for more than half a year

Reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood – conclusion

Moving to basically anywhere can often prove to be very difficult. Especially the part where you need to decide where to move to. Weighing out the reasons to leave Coconut Grove for Hollywood, in this case. We hope to have helped you with this part at least, and wish you good luck for the rest!

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