3 Tips for Minimizing Hassle When Moving in Kendall

Moving from one location to another can be incredibly difficult, stressful, and can come with a lot of unplanned spending. There are so many things to consider and so many ways for it to go wrong that it’s enough to put anybody’s stress levels through the roof.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Simply by keeping a few essential tips in mind, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and make your move go by with as little problems as possible. So should you find yourself looking for professional Kendall moving companies, remember to…

3 – Don’t Cheap Out on Movers

If you are hiring movers, get professional Kendall movers. Don’t be enticed or fooled into looking for bargains when you are moving. The cheap movers are cheap for a reason. They could be potential scam movers, plain inexperienced and sloppy, or could be really into fitting in the additional fees.  Some scam movers may even refuse to give you your stuff if you don’t pay their bill.

Any money you save at first will be totally outweighed by the possible stress the move can cause and the risk of your things getting damaged is also raised. Save yourself a lot of trouble and get reliable  Kendall movers. They may cost more, but they will do a better job.

2 – Do it Early

The earlier you spend time planning your move, the more freedom you have in the matter. You can use your time to look at different Kendall moving companies and compare each one. Professional moving companies usually do in-house estimates before they give you their quotes.

Personally pack all your most valuable possessions first and make checklists of everything. The less you rush, the easier the process will be. Doing things early also means you can do it at your pace. People who cram moving usually try to fit in everything in a short amount of time. This is a quick way to overwhelm yourself and this can lead to mistakes like damaged valuables and lost items.

1 – Get the right size truck

Before you rent a moving truck, you need to make sure you get one that is the right size. If you get a truck that’s too small, this means you’ll need to do multiple trips. Too big a truck and you’ll be paying for space you won’t be using.

Here is a quick guide to give you a general idea of the size of the truck you’ll need.

Studio unit                              10’ Truck

1-2 bedrooms                         14’ Truck

2-3 bedrooms                         17’ Truck

3-4 bedrooms                         24’ Truck

4+ bedrooms                          26’ Truck

For a clearer idea of what size truck you’ll need, go to your rental agency and show them a list of the biggest items you have. Certain items may also need special moving tools in order to move them properly.

Moving on your own, no matter how much you prepare will always be difficult. But by following these tips, you can minimize that difficulty though and make it through the whole ordeal with minimal problems as well as save yourself some cash when you’re out there looking for Kendall movers.

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