How to unpack after you move

During a move, packing and unpacking take up the most time of any task. Some people prefer one over the other or dislike both equally. A lot of people rush through unpacking though so that they can start getting acclimatized to their new home. With unpacking, there’s a lot of boxes to go through and then you have to recycle them afterward. This is a guide that will help make the first day of unpacking much easier by breaking down the whole process into different steps.

  • Start with the biggest things

Whether you hired professional Tustin movers or handled your move on your own, you will want to start with the biggest pieces first. It would be helpful if you can get a floor plan of your new home ahead of time so you know where everything will go immediately. If, you weren’t able to get a floor plan ahead of time, make sure you arrive ahead of time to scout out the area so that you can give instructions to the Tustin movers. Focus only on the heaviest and hardest to move items first.

  • Install all the big appliances

Some people bring their old appliances with them while others simply buy new ones. Either way, make sure you check out the manual while trying to plug them in. Each appliances comes with steps to follow before being plugged in. If you don’t have a manual, you can try searching for instructions or even the manuals themselves online.

  • Put up the important pieces

In most cases, people tell their Tustin movers to unpack and assemble their beds first. This is a good move as moving is tiring and you will need your sleep for the next few days. Put in the dining table and your working desk as well, you’ll want to establish a routine as soon as you can to find a comfortable new pace. Establishing a new routine is especially important if you have any kids who find it harder to deal with change.

  • Unpack your essentials

You should have packed a box full of essentials ahead of time. This box should have everything that you will need for the next few days. It has to be clearly labeled to make it easier to find. Lots of families usually have one essentials box per person.  Here are some common items most people typically put in their essentials box:

  1. Toilet paper
  2. Hygiene and bathing necessities (Don’t forget the shower curtain)
  3. Quick meals (Canned, MREs, Jar of pasta, etc.)
  4. Dining essentials (plates, forks, etc.)
  5. Dishwashing essentials
  6. Emergency kit
  7. Toolbox
  8. Garbage bags
  9. Important documents (passports, school records, etc.)

Tell your Tustin movers about the essentials box so that they can pack their load strategically and have this unpacked ahead of others.

  • Set up all the beds and order take out

Once everybody in the family has their beds set up and the dining table is good to go, have your first dinner as a family in your new home and indulge in some take-out. This will be the highlight of your day and will be your reward for making it through the hardest portion of the moving process. This will help everybody calm down and really begin the adjustment period for the next few weeks.

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