Why do people move from Oakland Park these days?

There are many reasons to relocate but there are some usual ones when move from Oakland Park is mentioned. There are some factors that can influence decision making like better jobs, closer or better access to education, and different lifestyle. Quality of life can be influenced by many factors and some of the most important ones is the crime rate and safety. We will go through these important life factors and other determinates that negatively affect life quality in this particular city. We will also additionally analyze these reasons in order to make it easy for you to make a decision about whether to move or not. Stay with us in this review on why do people move from Oakland Park these days!

Below average livability score

Let’s take a look at some statistics first in order to understand the city’s profile easier.

Oakland Park has a population of 44,000 residents (as per the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey). There are about 5,000 people per square mile, that number is quite over the national population density average. The population is mostly White with 59% and Black or African American is a bit more than a quarter with 27%. These numbers make up a compelling portion of the total city’s population. Furthermore, about a quarter of the population is of Hispanic or Latino origin. Also, there are inhabitants that speak German and French as well. The average age is 39 years, making it a fairly young and active city.

Having that said, take a look at some not so popular factors concerning Oakland Park:

  • Crime rates are 81% above the national average
  • The income per capita is 18% below the national average
  • School test scores are 31% under the national average

Having all the above included in our calculation we can underline that the livability rating for Oakland Park is below average. Considering it a fairly small city with only 40,000 residents and with a 1 in 23 chance to become a crime victim, makes this city a poor choice when in search of the safest place to stay. We will further continue to analyze this factor, but for now, let’s take a look at income per capita for a moment.

One more reason to move from Oakland Park

High crime rates usually imply a logical reason for such behavior. Considering that the average income is 16% lower than the national average, we can conclude that such bad behavior is caused by these low numbers. When making a decision to move from Oakland Park bear in mind that the unemployment rate is 65% above average. Furthermore, causing the poverty level to be 23% higher than the national average.

man in white shirt using macbook
It is hard to find a job and that can cause additional stress in your life

Lower than the national average school test scores might be the initial reason for the increase of the crime rate in this area. Otherwise, it might just be poor education quality. Note that there stands only one post-secondary school in Oakland Park.

These factors are some of the most influential ones on our list, we see them as the most important ones when deciding to hire movers and relocate from one city to another. Furthermore, we will investigate the high crime rate factor in this area as the most important reason to make a move from Oakland Park.

Crime rates higher than the national average

The important part. You don’t want a high crime rate in your living area. The high crime rate is a big repellent for any family or business that plans to move into the city. This is a reason for many families to move away from a particular area in search of a safer living environment.

To immediately pinpoint the important note that violent crimes in Oakland Park are 69% higher than the US average. Rape, robbery, and assault rates are all above the FL’s as well as the US’s average violent crime rates. Don’t be too scared by the ratings. Statistics can sometimes be dreadful but they for sure help us in decision making. There are still people who enjoy life in Oakland Port. Knowing that there is another place out there that has a lower crime rate makes you definitely think about the relocation.

Crime scene do not cross signage
Violent crime is the main reason why people move from Oakland Park

Additionally, year over year crime rate in this area has increased by 9%. This slight increase can be an off-putting factor when long-term plans are taken into a consideration.

Many factors can influence your decision if an area is fit for you or not. There is however some standard “must-haves”. The low crime rate or a short distance to work is on most people’s wish lists. It’s easy to move these days, you can check out movers Oakland Park FL has to offer or you can DIY. Anyway, it’s important to make a decision to relocate in the first place so let’s continue with our next question.

Where to move from Oakland Park?

There are multiple questions that might occur when thinking about that next step in life. Questions like: where to move, how far, and is it affordable. The logical option would be to move to the surrounding states or cities nearby. If, however, make a decision to move from east to west of the US you will end up surprised to hear that moving from Florida to California is nothing new for these parts. When people determine to make a big change that that usually includes changes in geographical location as well.

Woman move from Oakland Park by looking at the map
Changing a geographical location is always a good option

Nearby cities with similar costs of living are Franklin Park, or Watergate just to name a few. By the way, all of them have a lover national average cost of living index. Other cities with similar populations are Lompoc CA, Pittsfield MA, El Centro CA, or maybe Danville CA will interest you. As we previously mentioned, there are many reasons why people decide to move from one place to another, sometimes from country to a big city and sometimes it is the opposite. There is no ultimate list of reasons, different lifestyles refer to different individual needs. Every move is an adventure on its own, don’t fear when thinking about distant relocation. Change of geographic location can add dynamic and increase general life quality. Before deciding anything consider doing research on the area and pay particular attention to crime rates!

These were our reasons why people move from Oakland Park. Did you have another reason for moving somewhere else? Let us know in the comment section below.

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