Where to store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale

You might have found a good moving company and just moved into a house in Fort Lauderdale, or you’ve maybe decided to refresh the home you’ve been living in already. Regardless, renovating your home is a thrilling endeavor, for sure. You must have spent a lot of time planning, picking, and choosing so as to create your perfect abode. Nevertheless, before the actual renovation starts, you’ll have to move quite a few things out of the way. This is the less interesting and more difficult, yet necessary part of the process.  So, let us talk about where you can store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale. But fear not, for we are here to come to your aid!

The magic of storage units

Before you consider anything else, we urge you to consider renting a storage unit. This is definitely the easiest way to move all of your belongings away. You’ll know that your things will be safe and sound during the entire process of remodeling. Moreover, you’ll be able to take any amount of time that you want or need to finish. We all know that no matter how much in detail we plan, things can get delayed. A lot of it will depend on workers, maybe the weather, or the materials you’ve decided on. All of those things, you, unfortunately, cannot control. This is why storage units feel like a godsend. You can store your possessions while renovating your home in Fort Lauderdale, without any fear. Everything will be packed professionally, with care, and will be waiting for you whenever your home’s ready.

A man carrying cardboard boxes stacked one on top of another, with a lot of boxes behind him as well representing where to store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale
If you hire professional help, you’ll know your possessions will be packed in the best way possible

 An extra room to store your possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale

Without movers in Fort Lauderdale this process can be harder, but still doable. Finding an extra room is probably what first comes to mind when in need to move stuff around the house. Whatever you choose, make sure the space is waterproof, not too dusty, and secure enough. This way you’ll know none of your belongings will be damaged. Find either:

  • an extra room inside the house (empty or half-empty room to store your possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale)
  • basement or attic (as these are generally used for storage, they might be the best solution)
  • garage (find at least a corner you won’t need for a while or a place where your stuff will not get in the way of your vehicles)
  • office (if you do have an office in your house, you can use it to store smaller things. This is typically not a room inside of which people move a lot, so things won’t hinder you)

Ask someone for a favor

Many people lack extra space in their homes. In fact, that might be one of the reasons why they’re remodeling. In case you are not as lucky to have a spare room on your hands, you’ll have to ask for help. Ask a friend or a family member who you know has a spacious home. Sometimes, a good solution is to ask a few of them. Say one room doesn’t quite cut it. Maybe a room here, and a basement space there can combine resulting in enough storage space. This is also one of the most cost-effective ways of storing possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t be shy to ask in for a favor. Chances are they’ll land you a hand with packing as well. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

A group of three people sitting in the back of a van with boxes behind them, talking
Having loved ones around to help you will not only make things easier but also much more fun

Use the opportunity to purge

We are all guilty of having useless things lying around. Or just postponing buying a new sofa, or a table. That’s okay, sometimes it’s hard to get rid of things. Also, it’s can be a lot of work as well. Nevertheless, renovation is the time when belongings are moved, in general. Why not use this time to dispose of things you need to. You can always make it easier on yourself, and hire a moving company in Miami, to do it. Once you move your furniture, you’ll see if everything works properly. You’ll surely find and rediscover stuff you’ve misplaced, or forgotten you had. Be strict with yourself, and your family members. It might be a great idea to make a list. Store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale, but only the ones you absolutely need. Sometimes saying “good riddance” is the way to go!

Additional advice when storing possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale

Storing possessions when renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale and moving them away requires plenty of packing. Not fun, but inevitable. To make this as effortless and smooth as possible, plan and organize in advance. There’s a ton of packing advice online, but here are some basics. Firstly, lists are a plus when doing this packing as well. Get all the material like cardboard boxes, bags, wrapping paper, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. Count the boxes, designate them according to each room, or part of a room, and label everything. You’ll be thankful for it, once you get to the “unpacking part” of this party.

Additionally, since remodeling can take a while, you might be forced to pack things you use, even on a daily basis. So, be well aware, when packing, that you might need these things soon and pack accordingly. You can place the crucial stuff on the top or up-front, and the less crucial behind or at the bottom.

A man labeling a cardboard box "kitchen" while sitting on the floor
Planning ahead of time can help you store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale most effectively

To sum up, you do have some options. Renting a storage unit, storing things around the house, purging, or asking in for favors all should do the job. Going with any should help you store possessions while renovating a home in Fort Lauderdale. Irrespective of what you decide to choose, a ton of work awaits you. Thankfully, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work. And what’s more important, enjoy them every day with your family. So it’s more than worth it! And if you listen to our advice, it shouldn’t be too hard either.

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