Tips to protect your floors while moving

When moving, you will, logically, aim to move items as efficiently as possible. The efficiency is measured by the speed of the process and its overall safety. This brings us to the conclusion that the faster you move your items outside of your home without damaging anything, the more efficient you are. Of course, the most efficient way to relocate would be to hire City Movers. One of the main reasons for that is because the moving company works with proper equipment for the job. This will make your move safer. To further assist with that, today we discuss ways in which you can protect your floors while moving. Ruining the floor while moving out can induce high levels of stress and much more. Hence, you have to keep an eye on it while moving.

Reasons why you should protect your floors while moving

Why do floors need so much protection if you are moving out of the home? Well, there are several reasons for that.

  • If renting, damaging the floors will require you to pay for them as you move out
  • If selling your home, it will affect the overall selling price of the home
  • Any potential damage to the floor might increase chances for an accident to occur
  • Certain floor types are pretty expensive and need to be taken care of well
Well maintained floor in a house.
Aside from stressing you out, any floor damage can increase the risk for injuries and financial tolls

There are plenty of reasons why you should protect your floor. Furthermore, even if there was only one, it would be enough for you to take care of this while moving. On one side, damaging it can induce high stress. On the other hand, it will most likely create financial tolls. So, if you are lacking experience, consider hiring residential movers Miami to help you do it.

The best way to protect your floors while moving is to hire movers to help you relocate

You do not want to carry and handle all of the expensive, fragile, and bulky appliances, furniture, and other items yourself, do you? Even if you did call for help, handling these items requires experience and knowledge. Lucky for you, Miami movers have both the knowledge and the experience. More importantly, relying on professional movers to help you move means that the company will use proper equipment if needed. Moreover, this means that hiring a moving company will significantly reduce the chances of accidents.

So, if you want to have a quick relocation process and ensure you do not damage anything while moving, you should rely on professional movers. Furthermore, moving companies usually send moving crews of several people on the job. This means that you will have several people helping you move the items out safely.

Taking things slow

You do not have to rush the process of moving. Especially if you have enough time or professional movers by your side to help you. More importantly, you should never rush any process that involves handling heavy or fragile objects. As an added bonus, this will help you protect your floors while moving.

Movers lifitng a sofa to protect your floors while moving you.
Tackle one issue at a time, do not rush the process and you will have a higher chance of doing it properly

It is important that every individual working on this does everything they can to not damage the floor. This means that each person there should be careful how they handle certain items, whether they can do it themselves, and so on. Finally, you cannot damage your floor if you use caution, patience and take things slow. Furthermore, it is much more important that you safely transport the item to the moving truck than it is to do it as fast as you can.

Protect your floors while moving by placing soft items on top of them

If you think that you cannot carry the entire furniture piece in one go, and you need to place it down on the floor, think before you act. Sure, no one is expecting that you carry it by yourself. However, even if working with someone, make sure that you cover the floors so that you do not damage them by accident. This can usually be done with various soft, cushioning materials you have in your home. From, believe it or not, doormats to rugs and furniture sliders, use whatever you have to protect your floors. Additionally, you can also layer the floor with cardboard, to provide protection to it while you work. This means your packing supplies can double as floor protection if you end up with too many cardboard boxes, for example.

Proper use of equipment will always protect the floors the most

It is one thing to have equipment for the move, but the other to use it properly. This, again, is one of the main reasons we think that hiring professional movers will benefit you in this project. Not only will professional movers arrive with experience, but they will also come in an adequate number and carry adequate equipment that they are not afraid to use.

Man pushing a moving dolly.
Dollies, for instance, are great for moving smaller appliances or pieces of furniture

Of course, if you have some of this equipment at home that can help you move items around your house much easier, feel free to use it. Ultimately, anything is better than trying to move a large item by yourself, step-by-step, while scratching the floor with each push. If you want to save money when moving, start by not creating expenses larger than they already are.

Finally, if dragging, do not do it without any floor protection

Just dragging your furniture around will never help you protect your floors while moving. However, dragging or pushing is often the go-to method when moving heavy objects. Although not the most ideal method, dragging or pushing can be very useful if only two or fewer people work on the project. However, you should never do this on the floor itself. Instead, you can use different pads, add-on wheels, or furniture sliders to protect your floors while moving your furniture. For instance, if you are moving a piano, place a pad underneath each piano leg and start pushing. Ensure that the piano legs always stay on the pads. It is going to be a lot of work, but it will keep your floors safe.

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