Tipping your movers – should you do it?

Tipping is one of those things that we do not really think about until it’s “too late” and it’s time to tip. However, when you are planning your moving process, you are thinking about a thousand smaller things. Therefore, this too might have easily crossed your mind. How much should you tip your movers? Is there an appropriate amount – or is tipping your movers even allowed? Well, your best movers Miami are here to help answer these questions. Find out all that you needed to know about tipping in this article.

Do you have to tip your movers?

This is a natural question to ask. And there is one answer – no, you do not “have to” tip. So, do not feel obliged to do so. However, you might want to include a tip for your Boca movers if they showed high-quality service or professional attitude. The question you might then ask is why should you even consider tipping your movers when you are paying them for the service. Allow us to answer this with a question. Are you tipping your waiters, cabbies, plumbers, etc? You are paying for their service, but also leaving a tip.

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Why do you tip your waiters?

This is because tipping is a way to show that you are grateful for good service in the service industry. While it is not an obligation, you can show your movers that they did a great job by leaving a small tip. So, when considering whether or not to tip, ask yourself how happy you were with your moving company and their moving services.

How much should you spend on tipping your movers?

If you do want to leave a tip, the next question might be how much to give them. If you were moving on a budget, you might not have much to splurge on. Here, you will not do it based on the percentage of the total moving costs. Instead, you will do it on just how satisfied you were with the movers’ performance.

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Consider your budget before tipping.

If the movers did an amazing job, then you should consider giving them a generous tip. Also, think about the difficulties during the move. Were there any narrow corridors, heavy items, flights of stairs, etc. that make the process tough? If yes, then you might want to leave a good tip. If the movers did an average job, then you will give a standard tip, while you shoud not be tipping your movers for a poor job. This will also depend on the moving services you used. The standard for local moves is $4-5 per hour. For long-distance moves, this goes to $40 per day (or stays at around $5 per hour if they managed to do it within the day). Again, these are suggestions – keep in mind that the American Moving and Storage Association does not expect you to tip their companies.

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