Relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton

Many events in your life can be stressful, but relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton may just as well be on the top of your list. Because moving valuable objects isn’t easy. Of course, there are things to making the whole process a lot easier, such as hiring your local movers Boca Raton. With this, we’ll share a few useful tips in this article as well. Let’s start!

Relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton – where to start?

As we said, relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton can be overwhelming. So many things need to be packed, cleaned, transported… And then there’s unpacking, unloading, and opening your business again. Hey, you might even need to put some items into Boca Raton storage facilities! Storage is really helpful in the process of moving – especially climate-controlled units that keep your items safe from moisture and dirt. But the thing that makes gallery relocation extra stressful for sure is the packaging of fragile items. Paintings, souvenirs, glasses, plates, and so on, can very easily break during relocation.

gallery - Relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton
Relocating your art gallery to Boca Raton can be overwhelming.

Start with some professional moving supplies

City Movers can help you out if you are trying to find the best way to protect your items. We can give you boxes, protective crates but also help you with some advice. Just remember, take more boxes than you think. When you fill the box with things and additionally glue it in the hope that it will last, you only create problems for the one who will help you with the relocation. It is better to have excess boxes in the end, than to overdo them.

Also, do not count on those boxes that you used during the previous move. Cardboard easily absorbs moisture and old boxes from the basement are just a risk. It’s much smarter to simply hire professional packing services. The relocating team will know how to pack any fragile or valuable items. Plus, you won’t have to think about all the packing.

Things to keep in mind

When you move our gallery to Boca Raton remember not to buy boxes of the same size. Make sure they are different, from the size of the shoebox to the size of the table. It will be much easier to fit in a van, truck, or car if they are different than if they are all the same. Fill shallow boxes with heavier items and leave larger ones for lighter items. If you put heavier and lighter items in one box, keep the heavier ones at the bottom. In any case, you can always advise with your movers on what to do.

When you move our gallery to Boca Raton remember not to buy boxes of the same size.

You can never be too careful

If you have things of strange shapes, such as vases, bowls, etc. – pack them in a special box or a crate. Put a blanket on the bottom of the box, then an object that you will carefully wrap in some soft material, and put a pillow on top. After closing the box, write “fragile” on all sides… Especially if someone is helping you move. They don’t know in which box your fragile items are stored, so it’s good to point that out. Or better yet, leave space on each box to write down exactly what is in it – this will make unpacking easier for you.

Don’t put many objects close to each other

When packing an art gallery, it is necessary to fill the box with styrofoam or similar material that will prevent the object from colliding. It is enough to wrap each item twice with wrapping paper to avoid shaking during transport. It’s even better if you still have the original packaging of some things. In this way, you can be sure that they are packed exactly as they should be. Of course, get bubble-wrap or other material that prevents objects from breaking. Place pieces between plates, cups, picture frames, and anything that could potentially be damaged.

Use appropriate packaging material

To pack smaller pictures and frames, you can use a medium-sized mobile box that is clean and solid at the bottom. Pack with used boxes whenever you can, not only to save money but also not to add waste to the environment. Just remember, if you decide to pack used boxes, make sure they are clean and dry and that the box will hold.

cardboard boxes
To pack smaller pictures and frames, you can use a medium-sized mobile box that is clean and solid at the bottom.

In case you are relocating larger pieces of art

If you are moving large pieces of art, it is best to pack each piece in a special box such as a crate that is slightly larger than the frame you are packing. You can get special boxes from your moving company. In any case, you can always ask your mover for advice on how to pack sensitive items. If you cannot find the special boxes, separate the used boxes and take it out. You will need a box that is larger than the picture and frame. You will also need brown wrapping paper or bedding, bubble wrap, or other soft material to wrap and protect the frame.

Last thing to keep in mind

Whether you are in charge of relocating your art gallery in Boca Raton, or you have hired a moving company, you can never be 100% sure that everything will go smoothly. It usually doesn’t. Accidents happen, and you have to come to terms with them. But you can certainly try to reduce them by following the tips in this text. Good luck!

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