Questions you must ask your local movers before booking them

When people have to move, many questions might bother them. First of all, most people do not have any relocation experience. That can make the whole situation even more overwhelming. One of the most important tasks for every person planning a relocation is to find a reputable moving company. There are different things you need to go through with your future movers. For such a complex procedure you need to know every step of the way. Nowadays, there are so many different Florida moving companies on the market. Knowing this, sometimes it is not easy to choose the one that will suit you. But bear in mind that a successful move is possible with good organization and the right questions. In addition, it is important to keep constant communication with your movers. In this article, read what to ask your local movers before booking them.

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Do some serious research on your movers

Where to start first with your movers

As we mentioned before, there are many moving companies to choose from. Your first task would be to sit and check several companies and their offers. For example, make a list of ten moving companies that operate in Weston, Florida. Then start by contacting each one of them and asking questions related to your move and their services. In addition, write down each answer so you can later decide easier which one to choose. We suggest that you ask them first how long your local movers Weston FL have been in business. This way you will find out how much experience they have in moving. Following you may ask what kind of services they offer. You need to know if they can offer full service including packing and transporting. Also, ask them if they have some available time slots for the date you plan to move.

Ask your local movers about the prices before booking them

Another very important question to ask your movers is how much they charge for their services. It is crucial to set up how much you will pay for the moving services in advance.

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It is important to ask your local movers before booking them how much they charge

All moving companies in Lake Worth should have similar prices, yet these can differ. In addition, be aware of the hidden costs as well. The fact regarding additional charges is that reliable moving companies Lake Worth FL should provide a precise moving quote. You definitely need to agree with your movers on the final price that you will pay for the relocation. It can be very awkward if for example, a moving company asks you to pay for some additional costs such as fuel for the moving truck or parking lot. That is why you need to determine all these things before the moving day comes.

Are your movers brokers, carriers, or both?

You don’t know how much you don’t know especially when moving. Another important thing to ask your local movers before booking them is which category of the company they belong to.

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Find out what types of movers you can book

Moving companies can be brokers, carriers, or hybrids. In West Palm Beach, there are all three types of movers. Brokers outsource movers they have partnerships with. They present your move so companies can bid it and they can find the lowest possible price for your move. Moving companies West Palm Beach are carriers if they handle their moving services with their own staff. Finally, broker-carrier hybrids usually handle moving with their own staff. However, when it comes to transporting some heavy and expensive items, such as a car, they outsource specialty services. Before you book movers, it is important to find out who will operate with your items and how much special services cost.

Can the company do everything you need regarding the move?

Moving companies are not all the same and not all of them offer the same kind of service. It is important to never assume that a moving company can do a particular task. For example, you have a piano to move and your movers do not have the means to handle this. Therefore, ask your movers everything that seems important to you. In case you don’t know what else is important, let your movers give you some information. For example, ask if the moving company guarantees delivery dates. Also, ask if you will get any kind of compensation in case they are late. In addition, check if they provide tracking of your furniture so you can organize your relocation accordingly. There are some other things you need to find out about your movers:

  • packing and custom crating
  • disassembling and reassembling
  • transportation of large special items

Ask your local movers before booking them if they offer any kind of security

You need to determine if your movers offer any kind of coverage. That is like insurance in case something happens to your items. All moving companies should provide basic liability coverage free of charge. Also, what you need to know is whether your movers have a license through FMCSA. Every reliable moving company should list two numbers at the bottom of its home page: its MC # and its U.S. DOT #. In addition, ask if the company checks the background of their employees. You need to know who will come into your home and deal with your items. This additional employee check will give you a clear image of the people and their previous working history regarding damages, losses, and potential thefts.

There are really many questions that you should ask your local movers before booking them. For example, how they plan to process your move, how much they charge for packing, would there be any additional costs. Also, if you book more services at the same time, is there any chance to get a discount. In addition, you need to find out what payment methods your movers accept and if there is maybe an option to pay in installments. Check their license numbers and the insurance they offer. Finally, keep open communication with your movers so you can have a clear image of what your cooperation would look like.

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