Pros and cons of living in a small city in Florida

Having a home in Florida is a dream come true for almost everyone. And if you ask any resident of this Sunshine State you will hear that everything is awesome. But once you dig deeper, everything is not so perfect. Especially once you get out of the center of the State. There are some pros and cons of living in a small city in Florida. And here we are going to list every single one of them. But just remember. No matter where you move to Florida, and whichever city you choose for your new home, City Movers are here to help you with the relocation. Contact them and get ready for a lifetime journey to one of the best states in the USA.

Pros of living in a small city in Florida

We will start with good things about living here. Numerous things in Florida will make you fall in love with this magical place. And if you want to keep your minds positive and search for good stuff around here, check these pros before you hire local movers Sunrise FL has. 

Perfect warm weather

Living in a place where you can always count on sunny days must be pretty awesome. Especially during the winter, when the temperature n the north of the USA gets cold. Florida keeps their residents warm even during the winter. This is very convenient for small towns because you will have so much to d when you have some days off. This is a perfect chance to enjoy some time outside even during the winter holidays. Small cities in Florida are very well connected and you will be able to experience some of the best activities and festivals in your small community. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to commute much easier between the cities. For example, if you decide to hire movers Palm Beach County has to relocate there, you will be le to visit some of the greatest winter festivals that are happening outside. 

sunny day in Florida
One of the pros of living in a small city in Florida is the sunny weather

You will be able to choose the beach where you want to take your first swim

Even though some small cities in Florida have no access to the sea, do not let this bother you. The connection between small cities and the ones that have an access to the coast is very well organized. You will have to spend too many hours waiting for a bus to take you to the beach. There, no matter which part of Florida you choose to be your new home and no matter how far it might seem from the sea, once you relocate and explore the transportation, you will be peaceful. The best thing about not being too close to the city is that the city is still near the water but does not have a lot of tourists. So if you do not like a place that is too crowded and you like your neighborhood to be quiet, choose the local movers Lake Worth has and find your new home there. 

Pros of living in a small city in Florida are the nature

Every single place in Florida has some part did it that makes it breathtaking. Some of the places have great activities out in the open, the other has great trails and views that you can sit and watch every day for the rest of your life. One of the small cities, for example, the Pembroke Pines is voted to be the most wanted place for retired people. They enjoy nature ad the activities you can do in nature. It is the most wanted place because it is quiet and has so much to offer. Not just big cities are suitable for you. The small cities, such as this one, have everything you will need, plus the outstanding nature. So think about moving here with local movers Pembroke Pines has and start living your best days. 

As a resident of Florida, no matter in which small city you live in, there are tons of discounts

There are numerous discounts for residents of Florida, starting with tickets for the attractions that are all over Florida. Some of the most valuable discounts you can get are for a Disney theme park. You will be able to get some nice prices for your family members. This is just one of the great things if you are living in a small city in Florida with kids. The neighborhood is lovely, especially Coral Springs. Plus, to get this discount you will not have to travel long to the Disney theme park. If you want your kids to have some of the best chances to grow up in a sensitive and productive environment and be able to give them nice trips to this magic land, make sure you hire local moving companies Coral Springs FL has, and get to our new home with some of the best professional you will ever find. 

pros of living in a small city in Florida is the sunny weather
Find as many activities as you can to have fun in Florida

There is no state income tax!

The biggest pro of living in a small city in Florida is that you will not have to pay income taxes. The taxes are paid by the tourists, which there are plenty of in Florida. It is not like you do not have to pay for anything. But it is nice knowing that you can save some money on these income taxes. So if your salary is not big enough or you are struggling to save some money that goes to paying taxes in your current city, moving here will be a blast. Therefore, there is no reason not to contact the moving company immediately and set up your moving day.

Vitamin D!

If you have been living in a small city in Florida during the Pandemic, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people on earth. You got so man vitamin D from the sun that your skin and your health can thank you for it. The best thing about being in this warm place is that even during the winters you could enjoy some sun on your skin. And the more sun we absorb, the happier we are. Therefore, o matter where you live in Florida, you are living in a happy place. So, if you have still not decided to move here, this fact will be helpful. Do not waste any ore of these sunny days and call movers Delray Beach has to help you move here. 

disney theme park
You can commute from one place to another easily

Cons of living in a small city in Florida

Since you have read the great things about moving and living in Florida, you should also be aware of the bad sides of living here. Just keep in your mind that there is no place on earth that is perfect. And if you can oversee some negative stuff and maybe deal with them you will be able to enjoy living in a small city in Florida.

The number one enemy is heat and humidity

No matter how great it is to live in a place that is sunny all year round, it has its cons. The reason people do not like to move and live in small cities in Florida is that there is a lot of humidity in the air. This is the biggest con, especially for small cities that have no access to the ocean. No breeze will cool your day just for a moment.

Nature disasters

The main topic is still the weather. As much as nice it can be to live in a place where you can go and swim throughout the year, there are some bad sides to it. For example, there are tons of hurricanes and terrifying thunderstorms. Here are some rain seasons that might happen. And then they happen, it feels like the whole rain in the world has collapsed on your small town in Florida. When it came to hurricanes, the only good thing about them is that the technology is great now and you will have an alarm in advance, in case that the one is coming. This is not something that will affect the cities that have an access to the coast, but there are some cases where people in small cities that are far away from the coast have felted the disaster that nature here has produced.

nature in Florida
Nature disasters are very common in Florida

One of the cons of living in a small city in Florida is high insurance taxes

Even though the income taxes do not exist here, the insurance taxes are pretty high. This affects most people in small cities in Florida because there are no big companies where you can find your job at. If you are looking for a big salary, the big companies are located in the bigger cities. Therefore, the commute to the big city, even though it is not too expensive, can take some time. If you want to have insurance and you want to protect your kid in this way, keep in your mind that the taxes for this are high.

However, if you have some savings and you still like to move to some small city in Florida, you do not have to waste too much money on the relocation. Check for the current specials and see how can you save money for the relocation.

Another higher thing is the local taxes

Not everyone will tell you that the local taxes are pretty high. Most of the residents here have a real headache when it comes to the registration of their vehicles. Prepare yourself for this because you might be pretty shocked when you see the prices.

Small cities are not so small anymore

During the last few years, many people have chosen their new homes to be Florida. The population here is exploding, especially in the last few years. So if you have been thinking about moving to a small place that you have heard of, think again and do some research about it. It might not be small anymore. The advantages of not living in a big city are that you get to have your peace, and you get to live in a small neighborhood with people you know. However, with expansions of the residents and the number of people moving here, small cities in Florida are losing their biggest pro: losing the peace and having too many people in the small community.

One of the cons of living in a small city in Florida is the crime rate

There are places in Florida that have low crime rates. But along with the number of residents that is raising the number of crimes is raising also. Be careful how you choose your next location. Especially if you are moving with kids. You want them to be raised and to live in a safe place. Where you can let them be outside as much as they want, without worrying for their safety.

car on the street
Small cities are becoming overcrowded

Get a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons of living in a small city in Florida. Keep in mind that some of these things are different in a different town. But some overall things are the same for every single place in Florida. Make sure that your choice is based o your need and your abilities. Do not give more than you have. Living in a small city in Florida can be a blast and the time of your life. But only if you are satisfied with your choice and your decision.

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