Pre-Move Measuring Checklist

To execute a successful move, you have to do a lot of planning. But sometimes, one of the most important steps is often missed. And that is to make a pre-move measuring checklist. Unfortunately, plenty of people forget to do this and end up having problems that can delay the move. Not to mention, damage some of the items. Because even the best movers Miami can not help you if the sofa can not fit your new home. So the best course of action is to take the necessary measurements. They will help moving companies to prepare and organize the relocation. So what are some of the things that you should measure? Here is a detailed checklist that will guarantee a stress-free move.

The first thing on a pre-move measuring checklist is the large furniture

If you have large furniture at home, the first thing moving companies advise is to disassemble them. It will be easier for cross country movers Miami to carry and load them into a moving truck. But unfortunately, items like mattresses, sofas, and other large furniture you can not pull apart. Therefore take their measurements. Make sure to write them all down on one piece of paper. So you do not lose any. Give it to the relocation company before the appointed date. That way, they will have time to prepare. They will bring all the necessary equipment they need to safely transport everything. And there is no possibility of accidents happening. Otherwise, some items might get scratched or dented during the move.

a large sofa
A good pre-move measuring checklist has written down the sizes of all the large furniture

Before the move measure bulky appliances and instrument

Some items are more fragile than others. And they have intricate parts that make them impossible to pull apart. Because if you try, you can cause damage that can not be fixed. So you will end up with a bunch of useless appliances, and you will have to buy new ones. The same goes for instruments. Like a piano, for example. It is an object that has to be transported in one piece. Therefore before movers come and professionally pack your belongings, you should make a pre-move measuring checklist of all the large appliances. That way, the moving team will come prepared. They might bring pallets to help secure them. Also, in the case of the piano, if it is a large concert one, then the only way to move it might be through the window. They will need this information so that they can safely transport it.

Prior to relocation write down measurements of all the doors and corridors

Everything that has to leave your home has to pass through doors, corridors, and staircases. That is why it is always prudent to disassemble all the large furniture. But sometimes that is impossible to do, and those items might get stuck. And you can spend hours trying to maneuver them through spaces that are simply too small. Therefore once you start planning your long-distance move, take all the measurements. It will greatly help the moving company to have them beforehand. It will make their job easier if they know immediately that a piece of furniture will not, for example, fit into the elevator. So they will come with more people so they can have more help to carry it down the stairs.

a living room with fireplace and open main door
Before the relocation measure the dimensions of all the doors

Calculate the size of your new home before the move

Your new home will not be the same size as your old one. Especially if you are downsizing and moving into an apartment from a house. Therefore you should take detailed measures of all the rooms, corridors, and doors. Because most of your furniture will have large dimensions, it will be impossible for it to fit into your new home. However, if you miss this step, you might end up in a cramped place. And you will not be able to comfortably move. Not to mention that it will be impossible for you to live in it. But if you know this in advance, you can put into storage some of your belongings. That way, you will be able to use them when you move to a larger home.

To finish the relocation checklist evaluate the size of the moving truck

If you decide to relocate everything yourself, it is of the utmost importance that you choose the big enough moving truck. Otherwise, not everything you own can fit inside. And you might end up driving back and forth multiple times. It will only raise the price of your move because you will spend a lot on gas. Therefore when you visit the truck renting company, bring the measuring tape. Check the size of the doors and the interior. Try to calculate, as close as possible the amount of stuff that you have and compare it to the size of the van. Choosing the right one will save you a lot of money and time.

a woman standing in front of the moving truck with a measuring tape
Check the size of the moving truck you wish to rent

To have a problem-free relocation always make a pre-move measuring checklist

Relocation might look simple, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done in advance. Like creating a pre-move measuring checklist. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this step is essential. Because without it, a lot of things can go wrong. For example, not everything you own can fit into your new home. But thankfully, the City of Miami has a lot of affordable storage units. Also, if the moving crew comes unprepared, they will not have the necessary equipment to transport your large appliances. Or they just can not fit through the doors. And they will end up stuck and cause delays. Therefore always measure everything and give the moving company the checklist. It will guarantee that you have a quick and stress-free move.

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