Packing the nursery- tips and tricks

Moving is already hard, and when the time comes to move with a child, that can be even tougher. As a parent, you only want what is best for your child and we can all agree on that. Taking extra care when packing the nursery is crucial, but also not that hard and definitely manageable. Let us help you move with your child as quickly and as painless as possible.

Packing the nursery starts from non-essentials

This goes for packing in general. When moving, you would want to pack some unused or rarely used items first, such as off-season clothes. The last items you pack are your everyday things right before you call moving companies Palm Beach County. By doing it this way you are making it easier on yourself to function normally during the moving process. Packing room by room and starting from non-essentials are the core of the whole moving process. When packing a nursery, start with these items:

  1. Of season clothes
  2. Books and toys (not the favorite ones)
  3. Mirrors, pictures, decoration
  4. Rugs
girl showing her books you will pack first before Packing the nursery
When packing the nursery always begin with the books

Declutter before packing the non-essentials

Decluttering can take place in the earlier part of the process, weeks before packing. The only important thing to note then is not to clutter it anymore once you’re done. Same as packing room by room, this rule is for the entirety of the house. Everything needs to be decluttered before packing even the nursery. If you need some extra space moving and storage Boca Raton may come in hand.  There sure is some baby in your neighborhood or amongst your friends who would love some of your stuff. Give some as a gift, you don’t have to throw it away. Baby clothes are worn for small amounts of time and then outgrown. So they are rarely damaged and can serve it to someone else maybe.

Decluttering will make your moving cheaper and save up on packing time and supplies. Sure, it will take some time to do the cleaning and throwing out, but it is worth it. Cleaning out your home is necessary every once in a while. And especially before moving out. Take a close look at the toys your child no longer plays with. Take them to a shelter of some sort of an orphanage to cheer up some kids.

Protect children’s stuff from germs

In that part of growing up, children are often sick and prone to infections. You probably already know that and that it is just how it is. There are some extra steps you can take when picking the nursery to protect your kid. Instead of packing in used cardboard boxes, buy new plastic ones. Even if you buy just a few for the nursery. They are multipurpose, are available and protect everything inside. An extra step here would be to wrap clothes and items in plastic wrap before placing them in the container.

a teddy bear
Make sure to properly clean and pack your children’s toys

Wash the containers before using them and layer them with plastic wrap. After you are done packing that particular box, layer another part of plastic wrap on top, then close and seal it. Plastic wrap should also be used when packing the crib or the bed. Handle the linen the same as the clothes. And do not worry about the mattress. They make special cases for transporting them.

Label everything

Even though plastic containers for packing can be sheer, you still need to label them. Every box you are done packing you should immediately label. Stack them on top of one another starting from the least probable to use. Screws and other small parts of your disassembled crib should be kept in one of the boxes you will open first. Wrap them in a bag used for freezer packing.

This rule goes a long way. Your entire packed home should be labeled as the last box. If you want to survive the unpacking without having a breakdown. Ask the movers to place the boxes in the part of the house they are labeled to be. This will make everything much, much easier for you and your family.

Your routine must stay the same

This is why you are starting with the least important things. Routing is the key for a lot of us, and we would be lost without it. Well, for a kid it is crucial. They can sense the slightest change and be super upset about it. This is why it is important to maintain your routine as long as possible. Consistency gives them a sense of being secure and that is not something to take away from a child.

a small boy
Try to maintain your child’s daily routine

Feeding and napping are the hardest to keep up with when moving, but also the most whole moving part of your routine. Try to take it in shifts with your partner for the best results possible.

Packing the nursery – the essentials

Your baby, the same as you, should have an essential box with them. When it comes to packing the nursery, this comes last. Some of the items are mandatory, others depend on the needs of your child. Hygiene equipment, food, clothes, diapers, and favorite toy and blanket are a must. A smart thing to pack is also a first aid kit and some meds just in case. After you are done moving, reuse the boxes in a smart and adorable way. It does not have to be a waste. Save the planet and recycle it! It is a good habit to have and to teach your children. Reusing stuff may seem like a small thing, but if a lot of us are doing it, it’s a movement! If a child is growing up learning that, a lot of great things can happen.

You may be on your toes while packing the nursery. Keep calm, there is not so much to worry about. Everything is manageable and we are pretty sure that you got this. Team up with your partner and nail thing packing thing! Your new home must not wait too long!

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