Leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach – how to prepare?

Driving while leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach will take you about 13 minutes via N Dixie Hwy, or via I-95 N. It is a very short distance. Regardless of that, you have to make the same preparations as for the long-distance relocation. You have to prepare a good moving plan. Furthermore, you have to decide will you make this move yourself, with help of friends and family. Or you think it is better to hire a Florida moving company. They can do the whole move much faster. They have an experienced moving staff. And also, your possessions will be insured.  However, even when hiring professionals, you will have to do some preparations. You will have to sort your possessions and complete decluttering. And packing if you have agreed so with your movers.

An ocean water with a houses, palms and lighthouse, and a yacht, you see when leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach.
Driving while leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach, will take you about 13 minutes.

Since the distance between Deerfield Beach and Highland Beach is short, should you DIY?

Usually, people are considering DIY relocation for such a short distance. They believe that they can achieve significant savings by doing so. They collect the old cardboard boxes and engage family and friends for packing. There are numerous guides on how to do proper decluttering. Also, how to pack things properly and do the right box labeling. The rental truck has only to make a short drive from Deerfield Beach to Highland Beach. Your friends will do loading and unloading.

But, this is the exact moment where the problems start. If cardboard boxes are weak, or not packed properly, your belongings can spill out. Or even break apart. Have you got the moving insurance for your belongings? Then, are your friends skilled to navigate the bulky items and load them? Are they insured in case of sustaining an injury during relocation? In the end, hiring the movers Deerfield Beach may be a much cheaper option.

How to prepare things when leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach – step by step

There are certain steps you must follow when preparing for relocation from Deerfield Beach to Highland Beach. You have to start with preparing a good moving plan. As a part of the moving plan, make the inventory checklist. Having them will help you to organize your time better. When relocating, the time simply flyers. And the moving day is approaching fast.

Moving checklist for relocating from Deerfield Beach to Highland Beach

A well-prepared and detailed checklist will help you to make the right time schedule. It will include by which order to pack rooms. And which items to pack first. In the case of DIY removal, it will help to assign tasks to your helpers. Make sure it is always at hand. Likewise, always keep other Important documents easily accessible. Such are your contract for Highland Beach house, personal documents, etc.

Take inventory of your possessions in the Deerfield Beach home

Check all things you possess and see what you want to leave behind. The thing is simple. You may have enough place in your new house. However, some things you were not using for ages. Some are too old. And moreover, more weight to transport means more expensive relocation. That’s why you will take only some things along. Upon making a decision, it is time to call movers Highland Beach FL. They will transport your possessions to your new Highland Beach home. 

White sand beach, ocean, sky, and palms at the left side.
Highland Beach is beautiful.

Take into consideration living costs between Deerfield Beach and Highland Beach

A quick comparison of the living costs shows that Highland Beach is 49.5% more expensive than Deerfield Beach, FL. The main factor influencing this difference is a Median Home Cost. It is 194% higher in Highland Beach. While the house in Deerfield Beach you can buy for  $183,900, in Highland Beach it costs about $542,300. Luckily, the other expenses as groceries, transportation, healthcare, etc., are similar. But, having in mind the house cost difference, being careful with spending is wise. And you can start with the moving budget.

It is good to take time to plan your moving budget carefully

When you are calculating a moving budget, include all costs. First, ask your moving company to provide you with a well-structured and transparent cost estimation. Also, remember to ask if it is binding. If doing a DIY relocation, include costs of highway toll, fuel, the cost of the renting truck. For some heavy things, you will have to hire labor per hour. Also include the moving insurance costs. Be very honest with yourself when making a DIY calculation. Your main goal is to avoid hidden moving costs. Once you make a proper DIY moving cost calculation, you will be surprised to see it is not differing from a cost estimation of a reliable moving company.

Two houses and a path walk between them, leading down to the beach with palms, parasols and the ocean in the distance.
Now you are in your new, nice home.

Pack your belonging properly when moving

After daunting decluttering, you may get the impression that packing will be easy. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Packing is one of the most demanding parts of any relocation. Every good packing starts with purchasing the right packing supplies. Keep in mind that, when transporting your things to Highland Beach, they have to be safe. The moving insurance is not covering loss or damage caused by inadequate packing. So, we are giving here a few tips on proper packing:

  • Purchase good and reliable moving supplies
  • When packing fragile or sensitive items, do it carefully and properly
  • Make sure to label your moving boxes properly, especially those containing fragile items
  • When packing, follow your checklist and do it orderly
  • Take extra cautions to avoid anyone from being injured

You are finally in your new house in Highland Beach

Leaving Deerfield Beach for Highland Beach was not so easy as you expected. Not only have you been through a period of strenuous physical exertion. The move also required tremendous mental effort. Many times you had to apply stress control management, in order to preserve your health. Now you are in your new, nice home. Allow yourself the extra rest. You deserve it. Go for a walk, go shopping or visit restaurants. This way you will get to know your new city even better. And at the same time, get rid of the accumulated stress, which, despite all your efforts, you could not completely stop. The town of Highland Beach is beautiful. Explore and enjoy it.

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