Interstate moving after divorce

Interstate moving after divorce may not be as simple as ordinary moving. After you separate, you may wish to move to another state. The reasons can be various. Maybe you have family in another state. And you wish to join them, to get their emotional support. Or you will feel freer in different surroundings. You could also move due to a better job offer. Your ex-suppose usually can’t influence your personal decision. Unless you make a mutual agreement of the joint child custody arrangement. In case of disagreement, it will be up to the court to approve your move. And courts are always deciding in the child’s best interest. Once you have “the green light”, you can hire a moving company. And start your moving preparations.

The judge, husband and wife sit around a desk in the law office and talk about interstate moving after divorce.
Interstate moving after divorce may not be as simple as ordinary moving.

Impacts of the divorce

For sure, divorce will cause a lot of drastic changes in your life. You will have to cope with emotional ups and downs. And moving away from the known scenery and mutual friends can help. The wound will heal faster. This is one of the reasons why people opt for interstate moving. According to statistics, a lot of divorced people move from their previous community within two years of a divorce.

Is your divorce recognized in all states?

Once your divorce is legally granted, it should be recognized nationwide. So, you should not expect any problem with this issue when moving across the borders. Also, as a legal person, you are granted freedom to date or remarry in any state. However, in certain cases, your divorce decree creates continuing obligations between you and your ex-spouse. For example, if you are providing or receiving the alimony, your spouse is allowed to know your new whereabouts. So make sure when moving from Florida to California, to leave your new address to your spouse.

Interstate moving after divorce together with the child

In a case of sole custody, you can simply pack and move. However, in the case of joining custody, you must obtain permission from the other parent. If the other parent disagrees, you must obtain the court’s permission. The court will bring the decision considering the child’s best interests. If a parent is moving for a better job, and better income, that is favorable for the child. Also, the court will grant permission if the parent is moving to another state due to his, or the child’s medical condition. However, a court judgment may limit:

  • how many miles your new location can be
  • your visiting arrangements may be changed on appeal
  • the original custody may be changed to sole custody, to create more stable living conditions for a child
A small judge gavel placed on table near folder.
In the case of joining custody, you must obtain permission from the other parent or a court to move a child across the border.

Make sure you’re well prepared for interstate moving

In order to prepare yourself for interstate moving, consider your budget. Be sure you are having enough funds to finance the long-distance move. Also, to rent or buy a home before the move. And this especially if you are moving with children. Make sure you will have the job on the other side of the moving route. Or at least enough saving until you find one. Also, make sure to enroll kids are in a good school in the new home vicinity. How to be sure about your funds are enough for interstate moving? Well, consider these few things:

  • What living costs you can expect in your new place
  • How much you can afford with your earnings
  • Avoid buying unnecessary things
  • Build a solid budget before moving from Miami to Los Angeles

They will give you an answer to the above question. And of course, talks to your children. Prepare them for the coming change. Also, be very patient when discussing the issue with teenagers. They are sensitive and they need a calm and reasonable approach.

Don’t forget to change your documents and address

When moving, locally or interstate, make sure you have settled all your utility bills. Also, get in contact with providers in your new place. Make sure that all utilities are set in your new home. Also, check if your address is changed, and your accounts transferred. So, you must inform:

  • Your insurance company
  • Post office (to forward your mail)
  • IRS
  • DMW (get a driver’s license for your new state)
  • Register to vote in your new state
  • Ex-children school, to transfer kids records to a new school
  • Bank (they will also change the address on your credit card)
  • Doctor (to transfer your medical records to a new address)
  • Purchase a pet license (it is obligatory to register pets in a new state or town)
  • Magazine subscriptions (to redirect to a new address)

You also have to inform the Court about changing your address, in case it granted you permission to move across the border. So, they can contact you in case of any change. You will also have to inform your ex-spouse.

A single parent enjoys with the child on the lake shore.
Interstate moving after divorce will help you to heal faster.

The documents you must bring along when moving to another state

When you are changing your residence, be sure to bring along the following documents:

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Financial Records
  • Employment Records
  • Pension Plan Information
  • Debt Records
  • Investment Account Statements
  • Social Security Statements
  • Wills

Also, make sure to deposit them with a bank or lawyer’s office. Or at least to keep them in some safe place in your new home.

Is the interstate moving helpful to heal after divorce?

The answer is yes. Interstate moving after divorce will help you to heal faster. You will not be daily reminded about your married life. Also, you will meet many new people. And get a new job also, that will occupy your thought. You will have to deal with many new obligations. Kids will have to adapt to a new school. And they will need your help in the beginning. Also, you will occupy yourself with arranging your new home. And you will, for sure, go out with your kids, to walk or visiting parks and other interesting places. Simply said, you will have so many new activities, so you will not constantly think about lost love and divorce. So, moving to a different state will show as a good decision. It was not easy, but it will be worthwhile.

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