How to pest proof your storage unit in Florida?

Storage services are incredibly useful. People use them all the time. No matter the reason, everyone looks for storage services at some point. It’s often the only solution to clutter people can think of. But it’s important for storage units to be well protected. It’s a service people pay for. They expect their belongings to be safe there. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Apart from keeping the units clean, safe, and monitored 24/7, there are still quite a few challenges storage service providers face. None of which is more horrific than a pest infestation. This common issue can be detrimental to your belongings. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance for you to know how to pest proof your storage unit in Florida.

bad example of pest proof your storage unit
It’s crucial for you to pest proof your storage unit to protect your belongings.

It won’t be hard to pest proof your storage unit if you choose the right provider

Having a safe and pest-free space is important for people who use storage units. It’s only when you start planning a move that you begin noticing how much stuff you have. You may not want to relocate everything. Many pieces of furniture are simply too large or too bulky. Furthermore, some people look forward to downsizing. But it’s difficult to find buyers right away. Therefore, they need a safe and clean place for their belongings. Because moving and storage often go hand in hand, it’s very important for moving companies to include storage services in their offer. Smart movers North Miami FL follow this guideline. 

So look for full-service moving companies. They will keep their storage units clean and pest free. But there are also steps you yourself can take to make sure your belongings are safe from pests while you’re using a storage unit.

Check your storage units regularly and hire professional exterminators

The best way to exterminate pests is through perseverance. You need to be determined and persistent. Furthermore, you should do regular check-ups. If you notice a pest, you need to react right away. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for the situation to go out of hand. The smartest thing you can do is hire pest control in Florida. Furthermore, it would be best if you could contact your exterminators as often as twice a year. Even if you don’t have a pest problem, it’s smart to be cautious. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Professional exterminators can recognize the warning signs. Therefore, you’ll be able to react on time. In order to do the best you can, do the following:

  • clean your storage units every week
  • make sure the stuff you store is not perishable
  • regulate the storage temperature
  • pay special attention to the floors – the droppings are a dead giveaway 

In addition, you can also use some sprays and repellants. Things often get moved around in a storage unit. No matter how thoroughly you clean, there are going to be some missteps. Therefore, you should get the insect spray and use it regularly. That way, you’ll cover the areas you might have missed while cleaning. There is no such thing as being too careful.

people who pest proof your storage unit
Check regularly and try to pest proof your storage unit with the help of professionals.

Learn about pest control in advance

Research is your solution to most problems. Each situation is different. If you decide to store something unusual, you need to learn how to do it properly. The number one rule is to never store food. There is a reason the separate food storage units exist. Food and other perishables require special attention. Furthermore, you should never eat inside your storage unit. Food crumbles. In addition, there is the problem of the smell. Odors attract pests. Make sure your storage space is sterile. Don’t forget to clean your belongings before you drop them off. Crumbs of food can easily fit inside old furniture. Furthermore, you’d do well to talk to your service provider and make sure they’re doing everything in their power to keep the storage unit clean. Make sure you get familiar with all the rules that concern you.

Pest proof your storage unit if your unit is not climate-controlled

If your storage unit is located in a city that has a hot climate, it’s more important to think of pest control. Luckily, most movers Fort Lauderdale have climate-controlled storage. However, that’s not always enough. You still need to make sure you take all the necessary precautions. Even storing everyday items like furniture can be troublesome. It’s usually the bulky pieces of furniture that benefit from this type of service. However, they can easily be damaged by pests. Make sure you cover the mattresses. Use plastic wrappers. Furthermore, you should cover all the furniture you store. Any surface that can be damaged needs to be completely covered. Another good idea is to stack everything above the ground. Make sure there are at least a couple of inches between the floor and the furniture. You don’t want to risk it when it comes to your belongings. 

an employee at a stroage unit
Make sure you pay attention to details. Pests can show up where you least expect them. Be vigilant!

Be persistent and vigilant

Now that you know how important it is to pest proof your storage unit, make sure you do it thoroughly. Efficient moving companies like City Movers offer reliable storage services. However, problems can occur sometimes. Pests are persistent and tiresome. It can take a lot of time and patience to get rid of them. Therefore, it’s crucial that you check on time. Pay attention to every little sign of pest activity. You don’t want the problem to escalate. Remember to consult the professionals at least once in a while. You might not even know that you have a pest problem.

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