How To Be Considerate To Your Neighbors On Moving Day

When we’re moving out of a neighborhood, we tend to get preoccupied with all the things we have to take care of to ensure our move goes smoothly that some of us neglect how moving can affect our neighbors. Another thing to take note of is the impression we give our new neighbors as we move into our new home. First and last impressions matter.

With that in mind, here are a few brief points to plan for before moving day comes:

● Time everything right

If your schedule permits it, try to book your moving period while most of your neighbors have gone off to work. The best times would be between 9 am – up till 4 pm. The Huntington Beach moving truck you hire will take up a lot of space and could possibly block the sidewalk. You’ll also have a lot of your furniture out and about while the Huntington Beach movers go about loading the truck.

● Let everyone know

Most people usually let their nearby neighbors know about their move in advance. What most people overlook are the neighbors who live a little further down the block. It’s understandable to think that our moving won’t have an effect on them but it is still a good idea to simply let them know of our move. A simple card dropped in their mailbox should suffice. Just let them know about your moving date what time your Huntington Beach moving truck will be there.

Why is this necessary? While it is unlikely, another family within your neighborhood could also be moving as well causing a bit of difficulty for both of you. Or, your neighbors could be planning a party and their guests may take up some parking space, this could lead to extra costs and additional stress.

● See if you need permission

A moving truck is large and the movement of the movers and all your things may become an obstruction. Find a place for the truck to park in advance and check to see if it will block anything around the neighborhood like a driveway, a garage, or an alley. People tend to be understanding of your need but if you inconvenience people in a hurry or block access entirely, then you have a problem.

Going back on the previous point, most people are okay with this but it is much better to let everybody know ahead of time.

● Conduct a final check

Once the Huntington Beach moving truck has left, make sure you check everything one last time. Look for any garbage or debris that have been left and dispose of it properly to keep the neighborhood clean.

● Say goodbye ahead of time

Most people simply give their closest neighbors a proper goodbye. It’s a good idea to take the time and actually say goodbye to all your neighbors before moving day. Why? Since you are moving away, some of your neighbors are likely to visit you one last time to wish you well. While this is a nice gesture, moving day is a busy day and it can actually lead to delays if you stop what you are doing and say proper goodbyes to your neighbors.

Take note that most things mentioned above also apply to your new neighbors. You’ll also need to secure parking space for the truck and let them know ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly to avoid any inconveniences.

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