7 questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida

How to choose a good moving company? It is among the first questions when we are planning a relocation. There are, of course, other issues. Because such a task is usually accompanied by great stress. Of course, the answer to this question is not so easy. But with guidelines, moving can pass without much trouble. Usually, we first ask a friend who has used a moving company’s services. Also, we seek other people’s experiences on blogs. But no relocation is done in the same way or resembles the previous one. So, the experiences of people can be misleading or incomplete. If this is your first relocation then you’ll probably have a lot of questions. With City Movers, you’ll know what questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida.

Questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida

You should know the right questions to ask your movers. If you know what kind of information you need, then the whole process of relocating can be much easier. And time-saving too. Since you have decided to ask the right company for help, you need to know all of the conditions, prices, and services that you can use. It would be good for you to avoid all of the fraudulent business practices. Hence, before signing the contract you must be well informed. Usually, you can get all the answers by communicating with many customer services, asking the estimator, or reading the customer reviews. This is all very important since you will engage in an interstate move. So, get all of the information about interstate moving companies Florida in order for your relocation to go easily. Below are listed seven questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida.

First question: moving services

It is crucial to ask movers if they can offer these accommodations:

  • Packing services
  • Loading and unloading of your items
  • Storage services
  • Vehicle transporting
  • Cleaning services

Never assume that movers offer a certain service. Always ask and plan ahead.

Labeled brown cardboard boxes
Check if the packing services are available

Second question: calculating prices

You need to how you will be charged. It depends on few factors. For example, you need to know the shipment weight and shipping distance. Those are the main factors for price. Also, the costs depend on the season and hourly labor rates. Aks your movers how they will calculate prices. Since you are moving interstate, you will need every cent well spent. Your final bill should be higher than estimated. Think about your budget. Besides choosing the right moving company, there are many expenses to cover. There are many budget packing hacks to help you save money.

Grey Ipad and a pencil
Ask your movers to help you calculate the prices

Third question: handling loss and damage claims

Many belongings can get damaged during the process of relocation. Especially if you want to transport fragile items. Many things can get broken. Or even missing during the transport. So, you should contact your movers and go through the claim process. If something happens to your items, you can get reimbursed.

Fourth question: shipment tracking

If you are moving your furniture and bulky items, be prepared to wait for them. Sometimes those items can be delivered later than you expected. Ask your movers to offer you shipment tracking. That way, you can have real-time updates on your belongings. Also, you will know where are they at a certain moment. You can simply get a piece of information from the moving company. Sometimes, you can track your belonging using GPS on the company website. It is not necessary, but shipment tracking can ease your mind during the relocation.

Fifth question: canceling the relocation

As we all know, many unexpected events can occur during your move. For example, you didn’t a job offer or you simply decided that you don’t need that change in your life. In those cases, maybe, you will need to cancel your relocation. If that is the case, you need to know what are your options. Ask your company about deposits and what fees for cancellation are. Read carefully about policies before signing the contract. Don’t worry, the best moving companies in Miami will give you all the data ahead.

Sixth question: hidden fees

You need to be aware of all of your fees for the relocation. Increasing the price on a moving day can’t be tolerated. Actually, many hidden fees can occur in your contract. Usually, those can be misrepresented or undisclosed in your bill. That’s why it is good to always check customer reviews. But don’t be mislead. Sometimes customer reviews can’t be fact-checked. Or, those are simply written by customers who had a bad day. Always ask for clear information about all of your fees. This one is the crucial question to ask your interstate movers in Florida.

Calculator and notepad
Calculate all of your relocation fees

Seventh question: guaranteeing delivery dates

Your moving company will give an estimated date of your stuff arrival. But, be careful, if they don’t guarantee it, your belongings could arrive late. It is important that movers guarantee the delivery date in writing. So, the shipment to your new home will be on a specific day. Remember, if you don’t have a written warranty, then it is a guarantee. Of course, many things can happen during transport. Trucks and vehicles can run late because of certain circumstances. If that happens, your mover should inform you and reimburse the part of your payment. It is good for you to always be prepared. And ready for unexpected situations that can occur.

Smart questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida

Choosing a reliable and reputable moving company can be as challenging as the actual move. However, the proper questions to ask your interstate movers in Florida will make your relocation a better experience. Asking the right questions is a great way to avoid problems on moving days.  Besides choosing the right moving company, the more detailed the questions are, the more confident you will feel about your relocation.

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