Where to donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida

When you are about to change your location and move to a new house, there is one thing that you will find very useful. And that is decluttering. Decluttering will save you from wasting hours packing and unpacking once you are relocated. It will also save you a lot of money while relocation. But before thinking of throwing something away, think about places where you can donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida. So, when you are ready for the move and when you have hired City Movers, think about doing some good work by donating and helping others.

Reasons why you should donate instead of throwing away

One of the main reasons why you should consider donating your unnecessary items and clothes is to help others. This is really important stuff to think about when you are relocating during the winter. A lot of people do not have warm clothes or blankets. And we are sure that you have some jackets that you have not been wearing for a long time. So, you will be actually doing geat thing while helping yourself too. You will lose the unnecessary jacket from your closet by helping someone stay warm during the winter. If you are moving to Texas from Florida, you will actually not need big and warm jackets. Considering the fact that Texas is a place where you will not have such cold winters.

black jacket hanging
Declutter your closet ad donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida

One of the most popular places is Goodwill

If you are thinking of moving from Florida to New York, one of the best places to send donations is Goodwill. With over 3000 stores, this is the largest organization that can take your donations. You will not make mistake if you donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida to Goodwill. 

Local places like libraries are also one of the places where you can donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida

If you have a lot of books and encyclopedias that you are not willing to take along with you, you can always donate them to the local libraries. The best thing you can do with your children’s books when moving from Florida to Seattle is t give them away for some other generations.

Your kid’s stuff can be donated too!

Like every parent, you are piling the toys and the clothes for your kids. Whether it is because you might have another baby again sometimes or that you just cannot throw it away.  But there is a time when you have to give them away. So if you have boxes with these items and you have no one close to give them to, think about places like Baby2Baby. This organization is a non-profit one and they are collecting the items and distributing them to shelters, hospital for children, etc. You can send them everything, from baby ckothes to the cribs and closets for kids’ stuff.

think of baby shoes when you look to donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida
There are kids all around the world who need clothes and toys.

Ladies, this is just for you!

We all know that women have more clothes in the wardrobe. And over 30 percent of them they do not wear at all. So, if you belong in this group of ladies, think about donating your clothes to Dress for Success. This is also a non-profit organization that is helping women thrive in their workplace by providing them with some professional clothes and development tools. So if you are moving to Chicago from Florida, make sure that you donate some of the clothes and shoes you no longer need to someone who does.

Food Banks are places to think of when you want to donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida

Moving interstate is stressful and has so many things to think of. One of them is the food you have in your home. And if you are not sure what to do with leftovers we recommend donating them to a local food bank. So if you have canned goods, rice, cereal, etc. do not hesitate and donate them to the food bank near you. You will feed the person in need and you will get rid of the items you no longer need when leaving Florida.

Be careful, there are some items that will not be accepted

When you search for organizations to donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida, make sure that you contact the organization. There are some centers that might not accept your items. Some items that are broken, have stains, hazardous materials, unframed mirrors, etc. will not be accepted. Do not even try to donate electronic devices that are broken and do not work anymore. To will be considered as an insult and no one will accept it. So before you pick some donation organization, make sure that you understand the politics of the centers and that you can follow the rules the organization center has.

Make sure that you donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida before the moving day. You can have a vivid picture of the items that are left and that need to be packed. You will also know how many items and boxes you will have for a moving truck.

woman in red shirt holding clothes
Once you declutter your home you will have a vivid picture of items you can donate

So when you are relocating and you want to donate the things you no longer need when leaving Florida, search for the organizations that will accept those things. Make sure you give only clothes that are in good shape. Think about donating food you have in your fridge or basement. There are a lot of people who will need a meal or a warm blanket or shoes just to go through this cold time of the year. Leaving Florida will be a blast when you think of how many people you have helped while relocating. Good luck!

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