Pros and cons of hiring piano movers

For those of us who had the luck of attending music classes, we all remember the love and affection we felt for our instrument. While it is normal for people to feel affection for all kinds of inanimate objects, the mystery and complex mechanism behind our instrument would make it seem borderline magical. Furthermore, for most of us, this instrument is the piano. And, because the piano is rather difficult to haul around, most of us had one at home… but what happens when you have to switch homes? When you have to relocate? Well, then you will be hiring piano movers.

What does hiring piano movers do for you?

Ok, the question does seem deceptively simple. Well, piano movers FL will move my piano in and from Florida, right? And the answer is correct, but it is not detailed enough. Because, while the fact that piano movers will obviously move your piano is rather apparent, it does not describe what benefits will they offer over the DIY option, and how exactly will they do it.

What does hiring piano movers do for you
They are there for you and your instrument.

As you know, pianos are rather heavy. It is for this reason that hiring piano movers means that you will be hiring people with logistical capabilities to relocate something that heavy yet fragile. Meaning possible cranes and other specialized equipment. When pianos are concerned, you can expect the utmost attention to be taken, and both value and functionality of the instrument preserved.

What are my options with a piano I do not want?

Even if you are getting rid of your piano, you still need to move it, right? That means you still need the movers or the knowledge to do it yourself. However, as these two particular points will be addressed, lets first see what are your plans. What are your options?

  • Sell. Pianos are universally seen as quite valuable. This is only fair. They are both beautiful and very, very complex. This means that a functioning piano can go for a pretty good price. Consider hiring piano movers to move your piano to its new user while you take the money for a better instrument or a rainy day.
  • Donate. If you are not in need of an immediate financial benefit, you can also donate the piano. There are many charities that will take them, but also consider music schools and (in rare cases) museums.
  • Throw away. Finally, you can always call the movers to take it to the garbage dump. As harsh as it seems, nobody needs an unfixable instrument. If it is broken beyond hopes of repair, or beyond the price in which it would be reasonable to do so – don’t feel bad about throwing it away.

Pros for the pros

So, what are some of the pros for the pro(fessional)s? Well, first off, obviously, there is this cute little pun. But more seriously, there are three main advantages of hiring professional movers. These are logistical demands, experience, and guarantees of safety. So, let’s go over them.

They have the logistics

If you are in need of piano long-distance movers Boca Raton, you are actually in a search of a very specific kind of service most movers simply cannot provide. The logistical demands from even short and relatively easy move you are demanding when hiring piano movers are significant.

They have the logistics
Professional movers can, quite literary, go the distance.

This is why you need professionals who can handle this kind of challenge. DIY will often mean doing it with inappropriate tools and resources.

Professionals are experienced

When hiring movers Miami, or any movers for any purpose, you are (hopefully) hiring licenced professionals. This is what guarantees their expertise. If they are professionals, this means that they are experienced. And, with relocation such as this, experience not only matters – it is crucial. Now, every piano move is a little bit different, but what it all boils down to is that you need a lot of good people in a trained crew, and they need to work as a team to spend the least amount of energy possible in getting this heavy, valuable possessions of yours to their truck. For this task, nothing less than professionals will do. 

 Guarantees of safety

Be it that you are piano moving from Florida to California or that you are hiring piano movers for a local move, it is a dangerous business carrying the piano around. When you have movers, you are not only keeping yourself safe but will also be sure that they are doing all the safety precautions for themselves as well.


It is not all roses, however. Even with all of the upsides, you will still face some bad consequences of hiring piano movers. So, let’s see what those are.

The cost of hiring piano movers will be sharp

First and foremost, piano movers do not come cheap. This is only natural. With all the things we mentioned, it is rather obvious that this is not a cheap enterprise. However, we will immediately argue that there is another outlook on this particular matter.

The cost will be sharp
Are you prepared for the increased costs?

And that is that hiring piano movers is more expensive – but only if everything goes right. Because, with them, it will go right. But if you try to save yourself some money by doing it DIY style, you might just damage the piano or worse – hurt yourself. In this particular, a bad situation will find that the price of the move just went up.

Paperwork might be significant

Depending on where you’re relocating, there is also the chance of heavy paperwork. This is mainly for international moves but could be for such relocation where the move crosses certain states. Be sure to check the lawes before committing to a move.

So, will you be hiring piano movers?

All in all, are the pros worth it? Or have the cons won over? Will you be hiring piano movers. Only you can make such a decision, but we are glad if we helped at least a little!

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