Moving your art collection to a new home

Moving is delicate. Not only do you have to make sure you’ve packed everything safely, but you also need to make sure that everything you’ve packed is being transported with care and safety in mind. However, when moving your art collection, special care is needed. Unlike regular local moves, where sloppy moving won’t cost you a fortune, moving your art collection with haphazard disregard could cost you thousands of dollars (if not more). That’s why it’s so important to know what you are doing when moving your art collection.

Moving your art collection
Use high quality moving boxes for your artwork.

That’s exactly why we, one of the best movers Miami, decided to share with you a few tips and tricks of the trade to help you do just that. Relocate your art collection stress-free.

Hire a moving company

Hiring a moving company is probably the smartest thing you can do when moving your art collection. Do you want to know why? It’s quite simple. Having professional and reliable moving help can be of tremendous significance when moving such fragile belongings such as art. Trying to relocate such fragile pieces by yourself can be not just expensive but also nerve-wracking. That’s why we recommend that you hire moving services Boca Raton for all your moving needs. With our team of professional movers, you’ll be able to relocate all your belongings stress and damage-free in a blink of an eye.

Moving your art collection to a new home

As we’ve mentioned previously moving fragile pieces of art can be quite nerve-wracking. That’s why we recommend that you follow these simple steps to ensure no damage comes to your precious belongings, before, during, and after transport. However, we cannot stress this enough. If you are not sure how to approach moving your art collection for whatever reason (you don’t have the tools, nerves, or time) do not try to relocate it by yourself! You’d be doing yourself more harm than good. Hire a professional moving service like movers in Kendall FL, if you are not sure. Trust us. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Plan

A smart man once said that failing to plan is planning to fail. And nowhere does this ring true than when moving your art collection. If you don’t have the proper plan, tools, and equipment you are setting yourself up for failure. Thousands plus dollars of the amount of failure. So, don’t be reckless and impatient. Make sure you carve out enough time weeks prior to moving so that you can actually gather all the necessary tools and equipment for relocating your precious art collection. Things that you need to take into consideration are:

  • What artwork are you relocating? It all depends on what you plan on relocating. For example, it’s an entirely different procedure to relocate a sculpture than it is to relocate an oil painting. It’s a different story to relocate an oil painting that in its to relocate photographs, etc.

2. Moving your art collection: packing

A label
Don’t forget to label your moving boxes. You’ll save yourself quite a lot of pain and suffering in the end.

After planning the key in pulling off a successful move is in the packing. While a lot of other people often overlook this part of the moving process, we are going to show you why you shouldn’t do that. It’s quite simple. First, make sure to get high quality moving boxes for your artwork! If you fail to pack your items properly in adequate moving boxes and packing paper you are heavily risking the possibility of damage occurring during transport. That’s why we recommend that when you plan take into consideration not just what artwork you need to relocate but also exactly how you are going to relocate it. Here are some simple suggestions:

  • protective wrap;
  • packing paper;
  • foam;
  • newspaper;
  • blankets;
  • moving boxes;
  • crate;

are just some of the items you should plan on getting.

How to pack your artwork

Piles of Newspapers
Newspapers are a great way to protect your artwork from getting damaged.

As we’ve mentioned the most important part of your move is to make sure to pack your artwork properly. This means making sure that everything is tucked snug in your moving boxes. That there is no rattling or moving around in the moving boxes. You want your fragile pieces to be sturdy. That’s why you are going to make sure that the artwork is covered in blankets, that the moving boxes are filled with newspaper and foam and that the moving box is labeled fragile. Now while this last step might seem unnecessary, trust us – you can’t even fathom how many accidents occur during transport only because someone forgot to label the moving box fragile. So don’t be frivolous when packing your artwork. Take your time.

3. Relocation

When relocating your artwork make sure that they are sturdy. In other words, make sure that the moving boxes are not moving during transport, and that no other moving box is stacked on top of it. Because if there is some leeway, or room for the box or crate to move during transport there is no telling what damage can be caused to your precious artwork. Even if it is all packed up properly. So make sure you put the container in which you are moving your artwork tightly in between other moving boxes, so it doesn’t move. And always remember, handle it with care.

Moving your art collection – in conclusion

Be careful when moving your precious art collection. Don’t be waggish, don’t rush. These are very expensive belongings that you are relocating – not that we need to tell you that. Make sure you plan your move, pack your artwork properly, and relocate it with care.

Or, if you don’t want to be bothered with that, we recommend that you hire a professional and reliable moving company. Someone you can trust and someone who actually cares about your belongings. Someone like us. A certified moving company that has pulled off thousands of moves successfully and that has great reviews, and who is, on top of all that affordable.

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