Moving in 8 Weeks in West Palm Beach, FL

Moving is difficult, complicated, and hectic. That’s why the average person gives themselves 8 weeks or more to take care of it all. To maintain a good pace, you should keep a list of tasks that you need to finish within 8 weeks. Those 8 weeks will also be the last 8 weeks you spend in your home before you say goodbye to your family, friends, neighborhood, and your home.

With everything to consider and so much to do, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. To help you with your move, here are a few tips you should keep by your side.

● Hiring movers or moving by yourself?

Decide this very early on so you have more freedom and control on your booked date. Try to find at least 3 West Palm Beach moving companies to contact and get quotes from. The sooner you start looking, the more options you have available to you.

● Prepare a folder to keep important notes by your side

This folder should include all your to-do lists, your reminders, phone conversations, agreements with movers, and all the contact information of everything related to you leaving such as the utilities, real estate agents, etc.

Keep it with you all the time and update it as you progress. Don’t forget to include any expenses and receipts from the West Palm Beach moving company you booked.

● Get a floor plan of your new home

This also goes into your folder. With a floor plan of your new home, you can sort everything you have much more efficiently and help you decide which of your things to keep and which to throw away or donate.

● Make an inventory of all the household goods

Doing this will make sure you keep track of everything you are moving and what you are leaving behind. This list will also come in handy later on as most West Palm Beach moving companies will ask you to fill up a very similar list.

● Is additional insurance needed?

Ask your West Palm Beach moving company what is covered in their insurance. Afterward, contact your insurance and find out if your rental policy or homeowners insurance can apply to moving your belongings.

● Prepare to transfer or collect your children’s school records

● Double check to see if you need storage facilities

After confirming which of your things you are keeping, see if it will all fit in your new home. If it doesn’t check out what your options are for storage near your new home. Compare all the different prices and book the space in advance. Make sure to let the West Palm Beach movers know also so that you can discuss how this affects your deal with them.

● Finish any repairs or home improvements you agreed on

When you are selling your home, some repairs and improvements become necessary. If this can be completed before your move, then this makes it much easier for you. If you are renting though, be sure to include securing your damage deposit in your schedule. No matter what your situation, there will always be things you need to complete to get your old home ready before you leave.

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