Moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point in 2021 – how to do it right?

There are various reasons why someone is moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point. You need just about 16 minutes driving from Margarete, FL to Lighthouse Point, FL. Although the distance is short, moving preparations have to be done properly. Like with any other move. First, you have to prepare a good moving plan. Second, choosing the right local moving company FL is the key to a successful relocation. Of course, you will have to complete all necessary steps related to moving. You will have to check your belongings and pack them properly for the move. Also, be careful to complete timely. When preparing for a move, time is passing so quickly.

Peninsula surrounded by water, with lighthouse, trees, houses and buildings in the background, and scenes you can find after moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point.
There are various reasons why someone is moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point.

As the moving distance is short, should you DIY?

For a short-distance move, people opt the DIY move. It looks like a good way to cut the moving costs. The logic is that packing yourself and only renting the truck will be much cheaper. And since the distance is short, you and your family will anyway drive from Margate to Lighthouse Point in a family car. And you will have friends and family to help you pack and can follow you to Lighthouse Point to help you unload the rental truck. Still, although the distance is short, you will have to obtain moving insurance. And you are not so sure which roads are best for driving the rental truck. Considering hiring movers Margate FL could show as a much better, and cheaper option.

Steps to prepare your move from Margate to Lighthouse Point in 2021

Like with any other move, there are steps you have to do when moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point. First, make a moving plan, which includes the inventor and moving checklist. The moving checklist will help you stay organized during the relocation time. Living in Margarete for some time, you have most probably collected many items that you keep but do not use.

Moving Checklist for relocating from Margate to Lighthouse Point

Creating a checklist will help you to organize your time schedule. Also, it is good to keep it in a folder, together with moving documents, contracts, personal documents, and financial documents from your utility receipts to mortgage or loan agreements.

Take inventory of your possessions in the Margate home

This will show you which things you want to keep and which to sell or donate. It will also show you which items will not fit in your new home in Lighthouse Point. The thing is that the more things you move, the moving costs are higher. So, get rid of the things you do not need. Not only you will decrease the moving costs but will also earn some money.

Plan your moving budget carefully

When planning a moving budget, be sure to include all costs, like fuel, renting a moving truck, etc. Also, some of your items could be too heavy. Or taking them out from the home calls for special skills and know-how. Do your friends have the right skills to navigate such demanding items? If not, you will have to hire movers per hour, to help you declutter and load. Also, keep all the receipts and do not overspend purchasing moving supplies that are not necessary. When planning the budget, compare the overall costs of the DIY move vs. hiring movers Lighthouse Point FL.

Man’s hands counting money and the woman hands are checking the list and using the calculator which lie on the white marble slab of the table.
When planning a moving budget, be sure to include all costs.

Make proper packing when moving to Lighthouse Point

The most time-consuming part of moving preparation is packing. For successful packing, you need to get the right supplies. Also, you have to know how to pack properly. Otherwise, your belongings can get damaged or broken during transport from Margate to Lighthouse Point. And if moving insurance is not covering them due to improper packing, you will have additional costs. In case you were packing and hired the moving company for transport only, they will either refuse to load such improperly packed items. Or will not accept to incur costs of damage.

Tips on how to pack properly

  • Get the right packing supplies – purchase the moving boxes of the appropriate shapes and sizes
  • Packing sensitive or fragile items – some of your items you have to wrap and pack properly if you want to bring them in one piece to your new hose. Such are artworks, glassware, mirrors, photos, etc.
  • Labeling moving boxes – pay attention to label each moving box properly, writing on the box which things are inside. Also, put a label “fragile” or “this side up”, on moving boxes that need a special attention
  • Make packing priorities – start with packing the least used and needed items. That way, you will not come into a situation to unpack ready boxes searching for something you need. Also, pack alike things together. And do not forget to pack the moving bag with the essentials you need daily and keep it separately from the moving boxes. Such a bag can contain daily medications, snacks, shower essentials, pajamas, few pieces of clothes, etc.
  • Injuries – when packing, moving heavy items, and decluttering it is easy to sustain injuries. And that will not help you with the move. Regardless if you or some of your helpers got injured.

Or simply, if you are realizing how demanding the packing is, consider hiring professional packers. They will come with the right packing supplies. Also, they know how to organize packing to go faster and easier. And, they will wrap and protect your belongings much better. And finally, you will avoid much additional stress, seeing how skillfully they are handling your possessions for moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point.

Sandy beach, waves on the water and in the distance a lighthouse and a person walking over the pier.
Lighthouse Point is named for the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse.

Living costs in Lighthouse Point in 2021

When moving to Lighthouse Point, it is good to know what to expect regarding living costs. Lighthouse Point is ranked as the 33rd US city in terms of living costs. It is estimated as 117% vs. the national average, thus one of the more expensive cities in the US. What is making the living costs high is the median home price in Lighthouse Point, FL. The other costs, like groceries, transportation, utilities, etc. are not deferring from the US average costs.

Once you move to Lighthouse Point get to know your new home

After successfully moving from Margate to Lighthouse Point, you would like to know a bit more about your new town. Lighthouse Point is part of the Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach-Deerfield Beach metro area. It was named for the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, which is located in nearby Hillsboro Beach. It is known for its stunning beaches and abundant parks. On the Lighthouse Point town website, you can find information about town government, services, businesses, etc., to help you in your first days. And there are so many attractions in Lighthouse Point. And many places to visit and enjoy during your free hours.


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