Moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach

If you live in Kendall and have decided to move 50 miles northeast, welcome to Pompano Beach! Deciding on relocation is not an easy undertaking. Of course, before venturing forth, you have to do two important things. Firstly, find a good moving company that you can rely on. And secondly, introduce yourself to all that this city has to offer!
We are here so as to make moving from Kendall to Pompano beach easier for you, and solidify your decision!

Movers will help you move from Kendall to Pompano Beach

Going in chronological order, your first move should be finding reliable movers in Kendall, FL. Only thinking about the process of moving can be quite intimidating. Do not worry, you are not the only one! If this is your first time making such an endeavor, let us help you out. There are certain items you should go through when deciding on the best moving company to help you move from Kendall to Pompano Beach. Do your research on whether the company has:

  • good reviews from other customers, or people you know
  • the credentials for your move from Kendall to Pompano Beach
  • insurance and license 
  • contractual stipulations for additional costs and fees
A boy sitting in a cardboard box to representing moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach
Good movers make your relocation a no-brainer

Find a storage unit

Choosing to move from Kendall to Pompano Beach is only the first step. A lot of packing is what follows this decision. And we can all agree that packing is not something to particularly look forward to. To help you plan out your packing process, and give you more time to think, rent a storage unit! You can declutter your home in case you are planning on selling it. Moreover, you can start packing much earlier, make a list and a schedule. In addition, you will have enough time to think out the layout of your future home. And during all this time you will know that all your belongings will be completely safe. Make sure to pick the best type of storage unit, and take this weight off your mind.

The waters of Pompano Beach

Speaking of Pompano beach, it is the lovely weather and the warm waters that come to your mind first. Moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach comes with a lot of perks. If you are a fan of the outdoors, and the seaside, you made the right choice. The city has a beautiful coral reef if you are into scuba diving or snorkeling. Furthermore, Shipwreck Park offers divers a true adventure. You can explore the wrecks and sunken artworks like Okinawa or Lady Luck. Additionally, the beaches offer plenty of playgrounds for children, grill and picnic areas. In case this sounds enticing, hurry up finding the right Pompano Beach movers!

Move from Kendall to Pompano Beach for a fishing and boating paradise

Pompano Beach is known for its fishing and boating. There is a reason why Pompano Beach is named as it is. (Pompano is a tropical type of fish that is very common in the warm waters of this city). The city actually has a municipal fishing pier that is about 1000 feet long. There are fishing charters everywhere, and it’s fairly easy to book a fishing trip, and rent a boat. What’s more, you don’t even need a fishing license for it. Moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach would bring you closer to the fishing events as well. A fishing rodeo happening annually in May attracts a lot of fishing enthusiasts. Also, there is a great boat parade that takes place in December, as well.

A silhouette of a man fishing at sunset
Fishing enthusiasts will love Pompano Beach

Great place for foodies

Being so big on fishing, it is no wonder that Pompano Beach also has great seafood. There are plenty of restaurants that offer fresh and tasty meals for seafood lovers. Pompano has something for everybody’s taste – different cuisines from South American to Thai. In fact, there is even a Pompano Beach Seafood Festival happening annually as well. This event awards its visitors with amazing food, music, and entertainment. Take a walk along the beachfront of The Fishing Village, and you won’t be disappointed. If you move from Kendall to Pompano Beach, You can be sure your stomach will be full.

Pompano Beach’s other attractions

Apart from everything else already mentioned, Pompano Beach has a lot more places that you can explore:

Move from Kendall to Pompano Beach for its Butterfly World

One of the most unusual attractions is certainly the Butterfly World. This park definitely looks like something out of a fairytale and it’s the biggest in the world of its kind. With more than 20 000 butterflies and birds, it will keep both the children and the adults entertained and fascinated.

Butterfly on a pink flower
Move from Kendall to Pompano Beach and visit the wonderful Butterfly World

Explore Pompano from the water

It is a quite different experience looking at a city from a Beach Water Taxi. You can get a ride from different places in the city on Fridays and Saturdays. You will be able to see the historic buildings, the beautiful seaside homes, restaurants, and shops from another angle. It might be a good idea to do this prior to moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach, to help you decide.

Pompano’s shopping centers

Places like Pompano Citi Center or Festival Marketplace will give you many reasons to open your wallet for. While the former is more traditional, and the latter more “European-style”, neither disappoints. Many department stores with clothes, shoes and home decorum will the shopaholics satisfied. However, you can also find salons, spas, and restaurants if you ever need a break from shopping.

Any move is a serious decision to make. Therefore, it’s so important that you know you have made the right one. In case you were unsure about moving from Kendall to Pompano Beach this should have been helpful. the so-called “Heart of the Gold Coast” makes a great pitch with its magnitude of attractions. Once you are set with great movers, you are good to go. The boating, the fishing, the shopping, the food, etc. all sounds inviting. Dare to embark on this remarkable adventure and experience the city for what it is.


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