Moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise, FL: What to expect?

Moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise, FL, brings new experiences and opportunities. Boynton Beach, known for its tranquil beaches, contrasts with Sunrise’s bustling city life. In Sunrise, you’ll find the famous Sawgrass Mills Mall and the BB&T Center, home to exciting events and concerts. Rest assured that Florida movers can ease this transition by offering reliable and efficient services. They understand the nuances of relocating within Florida and ensure your move is smooth. While Boynton Beach offers a laid-back lifestyle, Sunrise promises a more dynamic living experience. This change includes more job opportunities, especially in retail and entertainment. Embracing this move means experiencing the diversity of Florida’s cities, each with its unique charm and possibilities.

Getting to know Sunrise, FL

Getting to know Sunrise, FL, starts with understanding its location and atmosphere. After relocating with local movers Boynton Beach, you will notice Sunrise’s more urban vibe compared to Boynton Beach’s laid-back coastal feel. Located about 40 miles southwest of Boynton Beach, Sunrise is a bustling city near Fort Lauderdale. It’s known for its energetic atmosphere and diverse communities. Sunrise has a population of around 95,000, offering a more urban experience than Boynton Beach, which has about 78,000 residents. This difference in size contributes to Sunrise’s vibrant city life, with more shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. The journey between these two places is a drive of approximately an hour, showcasing Florida’s diverse landscapes. This move takes you from the serene coastline of Boynton Beach to the dynamic heart of Sunrise, offering a blend of suburban comfort and city excitement.

Housing and cost of living: What to expect?

Understanding the housing market and cost of living is key when moving with local movers Sunrise FL. In Sunrise, the average price for a single-family home is around $350,000. This is slightly higher compared to Boynton Beach, where the average is about $330,000. Living expenses in Sunrise also tend to be a bit more than in Boynton Beach. This is partly due to Sunrise’s proximity to larger urban areas like Fort Lauderdale. However, Sunrise offers more job opportunities, especially in retail and business services, which can offset the slightly higher cost of living. Both cities offer diverse housing options, from single-family homes to apartments. This move means adjusting to a slightly higher cost of living but also enjoying the benefits of a vibrant city environment.

A person holding a dollar bill
In Sunrise, the cost of living is slightly higher compared to Boynton Beach

Employment opportunities in Sunrise

When moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise, understanding the job market is crucial. For that reason, local movers Florida often recommend exploring employment opportunities in Sunrise due to its dynamic economy. Compared to Boynton Beach, Sunrise has a more diverse range of job sectors. Major industries include retail, healthcare, and technology. Sunrise’s average salary tends to be higher than in Boynton Beach. For example, the average salary in Sunrise is about $50,000 annually, while in Boynton Beach, it’s closer to $45,000. This increase is partly due to Sunrise’s proximity to larger business hubs in South Florida.

Two people shaking hands
rest assured that Sunrise offers plenty of employment opportunities

Unemployment rates in Sunrise are generally lower than in Boynton Beach. The city’s growing economy and business environment contribute to more stable job opportunities, making Sunrise an attractive location for professionals seeking growth and stability in their careers. The move from Boynton Beach to Sunrise can be a step towards better employment prospects and financial security.

Educational and healthcare facilities

When considering a move from Boynton Beach to Sunrise, it’s important to compare educational and healthcare facilities. Sunrise has a reputation for its quality educational system, offering a range of public and private schools. These schools often have higher ratings. For example, Sunrise schools like Westpine Middle School are known for their strong academic programs.

In terms of healthcare, Sunrise excels with several top-rated medical facilities. These include the Florida Medical Center and Broward Health Sunrise. Compared to Boynton Beach, Sunrise offers more specialized healthcare services. This is due to its proximity to larger metropolitan areas. For families and individuals, this means access to better educational and healthcare resources in Sunrise. This can be a significant factor when deciding on the move. The availability of quality schools and healthcare in Sunrise enhances the overall living experience, making it a wise choice for those prioritizing these aspects.

Leisure and recreation: Life beyond work

Leisure and recreation are key aspects of life in Sunrise, offering a range of activities to enjoy beyond work. Sunrise presents several options for leisure, each catering to different interests:

  • Sawgrass Mills Mall: One of the largest outlet malls in the US, perfect for shopping enthusiasts.
  • BB&T Center: Hosts concerts and sporting events, offering top-notch entertainment.
  • Markham Park: Ideal for outdoor activities like biking, fishing, and camping.
  • Sunrise Civic Center: Provides a variety of community events, art classes, and a theatre.

Compared to Boynton Beach, Sunrise offers a more urban recreational experience. Boynton Beach is known for its peaceful beaches and nature parks, such as the Green Cay Nature Center. In contrast, the city of Sunrise leans more towards larger-scale attractions and urban entertainment. This difference is significant for those who prefer a more vibrant and active leisure lifestyle. Moving to Sunrise means embracing a diverse range of activities, from exciting events at large venues to tranquil moments in nature parks. This variety ensures that everyone can find something to enjoy in their free time.

A group of women having picnic
there are many activities to enjoy after moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise

Moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise can be a good choice for many

Moving from Boynton Beach to Sunrise can be a wise decision for many. Each city offers its unique charm and lifestyle. While Boynton Beach provides a more relaxed, beach-oriented living, Sunrise offers a vibrant, urban environment. The decision to move depends on your personal preferences for lifestyle, employment, education, and leisure activities. If you seek a more dynamic city life with diverse job opportunities and urban recreational options, Sunrise could be the perfect fit. With its higher-rated schools and specialized healthcare facilities, it also promises a comfortable life for families and individuals alike. Embracing the change can lead to new opportunities and experiences in the thriving community of Sunrise.

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