How to Minimize Stress While Moving


Going through moving is difficult, time-consuming, and you need to keep track of a lot of things. As several Irvine moving companies can tell you, difficult and time-consuming tasks that come with many things that you need to keep track of tend to be incredibly stressful. Moving also means adjusting to a big change so its common for a lot of people to get overwhelmed and go through a lot of stress. To make things easier on yourself, here are some tips to follow to keep things smooth and minimize stress wherever possible.

Sleep properly

People who have a lot of stress also have a tendency to lack sleep. The more sleep a person lacks, the worse they make their stress. Getting good sleep is vital to keeping yourself healthy and stress-free. To make sure you are getting good quality sleep make sure you…

1. Keep track of your progress with checklists

People who keep thinking of everything they need to do or still haven’t finished usually do not sleep properly. This is why keeping lists that track your progress and shows you what you need to do for the next day gives you a sense of peace. Review and update your list every night to check out anything you’ve completed and to tweak it as necessary. Keeping track of your progress will give you a stronger sense of control which should help you sleep better.

2. Keep the bedroom neat and clean

Make sure the packing material and any boxes are not in your bedroom. You shouldn’t have to be reminded about your move or the Irvine moving company you hired while you are trying to sleep. Just focus on relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Assign only one day’s worth of tasks per day

It increases productivity and prevents you from getting overwhelmed if you only do one day’s worth of tasks every day rather work continuously while contemplating everything that you still need to do. Treat moving like a job and stop working on it after a certain time. Once you “clock out” of moving, give yourself some leisure time to unwind.

4. Get help if you need it

It’s easier to get by with a little help from your friends. They can help with packing but their biggest contribution is simply being there for you. Being able to talk to a friend about how you feel about moving can serve as fantastic stress relief.

If you can’t sleep well because you are overworked and always thinking about everything you still need to do, then it might be a good idea to hire professional packers. If you already booked a date with a professional Irvine moving company, give them a call and ask if they also offer packing services. It may cost more but a good night’s sleep is definitely worth it.

5. See a doctor

If your sleeplessness goes on for several days, you may need to see a doctor and ask for help coping with your stress. While it may seem like your move will never end, you still need to keep your health a top priority.

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