How to Find Reliable Miami Gardens Moving Company


If you are trying to find a reliable Miami Gardens moving company, then you have a lot of things to take care of – Maybe even more than you think. Of the many things you’ll need to prepare, you’ll also need to take the time to know what kind of documents you’ll be dealing with and what each document is for.

A lot of us have an understandable distaste for handling paperwork but understanding what each one is for is important if you want to minimize the hassle involved in moving. So what kinds of paperwork will you need to deal with, first of we have…

  1. Mover estimate

One of the first steps of moving is having a Miami Gardens moving company visit and assess your home to see what they will be moving. After the assessment, you will get a copy of the mover estimate.

The mover estimate will outline what type of estimate it is and why they settled on that amount. This is a perfect time to ask any questions like if any of your things will require special handling, conditions for additional fees, and other things.

  1. Order for service

If you agree to the given estimate, you will then receive an order for service. This will serve as the contract with you and your chosen Miami Gardens moving company. This document comes with everything you need to know about your move; things like:

  • Moving date
  • Delivery date (this is a variable date for long distance moves)
  • The estimate
  • Contract terms
  • Insurance coverage

You’ll also get information on their cancellation policy and detailed information on what Miami Gardens movers can and cannot move as well as what kind of truck they will use. Take note of the extra fees that could apply to your move provided in this document.

Needless to say, you will want to review this contract carefully. If there is anything you disagree with, seek out your mover and negotiate with him regarding the matter.

  1. Bill of Lading

This document is handed to you on moving day and will provide an outline of the agreement of the move. The Miami Gardens moving company must present this document before moving any of your things. The document will provide info on the terms you are agreeing to, and all the other things included in the order of service.

All the terms must be the same as what you agreed on in the order of service. Take special notice of the fees to ensure they match the earlier quote. Do not sign anything until you are sure of everything. This document will also serve as your receipt. Keep it on your person during for the duration of the move.

  1. Inventory sheet

You will also be given an inventory sheet on moving day which will show everything the movers are responsible for moving. The sheet will be used as a guide and filled out while the movers pack everything away. Take an active role in this process and make sure everything tagged and properly.  Professional Miami Gardens movers will insist that you keep track of the tag numbers to make sure nothing goes missing.

This same inventory sheet will be used once you arrive at your new home. Make sure you take note of any damages or missing belongings and that the movers flag the items as missing or damaged. This is for insurance purposes. Once everything is ready, you will be asked to sign the inventory sheet.

  1. High-value inventory sheet

Similar to the inventory sheet but used specifically for valuable items. Follow the same process you did with the inventory sheet and make sure to inspect them upon arrival.

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