How much to tip your movers – easy guide

Moving is a stressful time for people’s lives. And you should thank whoever is helping you deal with it. But how to behave when the question on how much to tip your movers arises? It is not as simple as tipping your waiter and it is not the same job. But it has some basic principles that are the same when receiving some sort of service.

What to take into consideration when deciding how much to tip your movers

Your tip is another way of saying how satisfied you are with someone’s service. So do not hand out your money based on just anything. Moving is pretty expensive on its own. But on the other hand, you do not want to seem cheap to someone who has done a great job for you when moving to Boca Raton. So there are some things to keep in mind here.

As we said, you are tipping your movers for the good service they provided. Good service means several things. How much to tip your movers depends on various aspects. Like were they late or on time. Being on time is important when moving. Especially for you. Probably you have a plan that needs sticking to and that is what you expect from movers to respect.

A woman wondering How much to tip your movers
How much to tip your movers depends on a lot of factors.

Transporting fragile items

If you have some fragile items that need special care, you must say it. And how they deal with any of the items especially fragile ones are crucial when it comes to tipping later. If they are any damaged goods you are less likely to be satisfied and to tip. If they treat your items with special care and do not prolong it just to get the money, they do deserve something extra. Being nice in the process also counts a lot. For office movers Boca Raton that is not an issue. For you, this is a stressful time and for them, it is an everyday job.

It is not that hard to be professional and nice to you and make it a bit easier. Of course, you will deal with it better when you are in a positive environment. There are a lot more factors, but these are the ones that matter when rating the quality of service. Others are just as much important but if the movers were late, you are less likely to notice something good they have done.

Taking care of your movers

There is a lot more you can do for your movers aside from giving them money. They are doing some heavy lifting and they need refreshment. Putting a little extra effort to make them feel welcome is a great thing to do. Some refreshing fruits and drinks will do the trick just nicely.

Food can be a bit touchy subject but ask them what they prefer. This is an all-day job and they need to eat right just like the rest of us. Prepare some paper cups, lemonade, cookies and fruit for them to have at hand if they want or need it. It is important for them to be nice to you. But it is a two-way street. Make some extra cookies the night before and surprise your family as well as your movers.

Tips for everyone

You should tip every mover separate, just to be clear. A tip for a close local moving can’t be the same as a tip for international moving that can take days. Aside from them doing a good job, how much to tip your movers depends on the difficulty as well.

Ask yourself how would you feel if it was your job? It is much easier to grasp how much labor that is and that can help you decide. Aside from tips and food, if you are satisfied, you should write a review for reliable movers FL. A great review will have them keep doing great and have more satisfied customers.

A man carrying boxes
It is not easy to carry all those heavy boxes

You may feel strange to tip your movers before the job is done. Some people do it then to get them to put in the extra effort. If you are not comfortable with this you can just mention the tips early on. And then tip, like most of us, when the job is done. That way you won’t be tricked to tip if it wasn’t worth the extra money.

Tipping style affects the decision on how much to tip your movers

Some companies include tips in their checks. But for most that are not the case. A tip should be something between 15-20% of the bill. And remember, tip individually. That means you cherish individual effort of every man. There is somewhat a standard on how much to tip your movers:

  1. A huge move, 12 hours or more- $40
  2. 8 hour move-$20
  3. 4 hour move-$10

This is per person, as we said, tip individually. It would be a shame if there was that one person who would take it all to themselves. Do not deny the hard-working people their tip this way. The complexity witch you should also consider can prolong the move, therefore the more money.

a clock
Tip depending on how big the move was and how long it took to move

But the complexity can also depend on how many fragile items you have. Special care for some of them may not prolong the move for much. And you can move fast to your new place. But what it takes is more effort from the movers, and that is what also deserves a tip. So if you are not sure and the hamster in your brain stopped running from all the fuss, stick to this. If you notice some special care and extra effort tip more according to the depth of your wallet.

SO how much to tip your movers depends on both you and them. For them, it is how they do their job. Your part depends on noticing and rewarding good work. Remember, the tip is not the only thing you can reward them with. Surprise them with cookies and drinks. As well as a well-written review to boost the demand for their services. All of course if you are satisfied with the work they have

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