Green moving tips

Moving, like anything else, leaves an environmental footprint. From the cardboard boxes that we use to gasoline that is burned during transport. And if you want to make your next relocation more eco-friendly, here are some green moving tips that will help you do so. Some of them require a little bit of extra effort. While others actually make your relocation easier and cheaper. 

Why is it important to follow the green moving tips?

Without our every action we seem to be impacting the environment more and more. From driving our cars to using electricity at home. And while most of those actions are necessary in order to live in a modern age, there are ways to minimize our impact. Recycling is one of those ways. But reusing and using responsibly are also great ways to help the environment. By not throwing away things that can be used again we actually do much more than if we recycle everything. 

green moving tips are important
Protecting the environment is very important even when moving

With green moving tips, you will see that it’s possible to relocate in an eco-friendly way. And there are many things that can be done. From using old moving boxes to donating old clothes to a good cause.  And all of that can make your relocation costs actually go down. 

Green moving doesn’t have to be more expensive

A lot of people think that going green is going to cost them more. And while that’s true in some cases, it isn’t necessarily true for moving. With green moving tips, you will not only be more friendly to the environment. But you can also save some money on moving expenses. So, the next time you are preparing for a move, have the environment in mind. And you can do a lot more than make our environment a little bit better. 

Packing for green moving

Packing is essential to every relocation. We have to protect our items during transport. And in order to do that we need to buy moving boxes. And use plenty of other packing materials to make sure that our items are safely packed. But, there are many ways in which we can make that eco-friendly. And here are a few green moving tips regarding packing that will make your packing green. 

Use original boxes

They are not only the best possible package for your items, but it’s also eco-friendly to use them. Reusability is one of the most important green moving tips. So, if you’ve kept some of the original boxes make sure to use them. They are especially good for moving sensitive electronics and home appliances. And they are even recommended when moving long-distance as they offer the best protection. That way, you won’t have to buy a new box and packing peanuts for it. You will save some money and have a well-protected item ready to be moved. 

Used boxes

Used boxes are another item on a green moving tips list. And there are many ways in which you can get your hands on them. First, you can ask your friends and neighbors. A lot of people tend to hold on to their moving boxes. As most of them can be used again. So ask to lend or buy them from them. 

use plastic bins
Plastic bins are a great way to be Eco-friendly when packing

If your friends don’t have them you can go to your local supermarket. It’s a great way to save a lot of money on moving boxes. Go when they’re not too busy and ask if they have any boxes that you can use. Just make sure not to take torn or damaged boxes. You will be creating more garbage if you do so. 

Use reusable plastic bins for a green moving

Instead of using weak cardboard boxes you rent actually rent reusable plastic bins. If you hire packing services, that’s probably what they are going to be using. The plastic bin is much stronger than cardboard boxes. And they are able to carry much more. And what’s more important, when talking about green moving tips, is that they can be used for years. They are not thrown away after one or two uses. And in some cases, it’s more affordable to rent them than to buy a whole set of boxes. 

Choose a green moving company

The choice of your moving company is very important. Some companies don’t pay much attention to the environment. But some do. So, make sure that you choose an eco-friendly moving company. And ask them what steps are they taking to make the move greener. Some companies will make sure to use car fuel economically. Some will make sure to recycle everything that is not being used. There are many gree moving tips that both you and your moving company can employ. So, make sure that the company does its part. 

Declutter your home before moving

Decluttering your home is recommended whether you want to follow green moving tips or not. It will lower your moving costs and make your new home clutter-free. And it can have a positive impact on the environment. So, if you really want to leave as small of a print on the environment as possible you should definitely do it. But make sure that you do it correctly.

recycling is one of the most important green moving tips
You should recycle everything that you can when moving

Recycle everything that you can

When decluttering your home make sure that you have bags ready. That way you can separate everything that can be recycled. And take it to the recycling collection center. All the cardboard, plastic, old electronics and so on. 

Donate everything you don’t need

Reusability is one of the key factors in green moving tips. And so, you should look for items that can be used again. If not by you, then by someone else. Your old clothes are a great example. See if you have anything that you no longer want but is in good condition. And take it to the nearest charity that accepts those kinds of items. You will be more eco-friendly and you will be doing a good deed in the process. 

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