Choosing the right storage boxes: tips and tricks

Did you finally arrive at Boca Raton and you are about to store your belongings? Well, this could be a challenging objective because you will need to fit your things in your storage unit. Likewise, your storage unit has to be tidy. Choosing the right storage boxes is an essential task if you want to have a well-organized storage unit. This objective will not only help you to maintain order it will also help you to protect your valuable items. If you have a different type of belongings to store you will need to find the right boxes to pack and secure your items. There are other conditions that will influence your decision but with our article, you will be ready for everything. Have in mind that your goal is to overcome this objective in the best way possible and pack your things at your storage unit.

Figure out what type of boxes do you need

While choosing the right storage boxes you need to know what size of your storage unit dictates the amount of stuff you can pack. Therefore, it would be a good idea to estimate how many things do you want to store. Inspect your storage unit and see how much free space do you have at your disposal. You also need to consider external conditions. Be sure to check the humidity level before you’re about to get the specific type of boxes. If humidity cross over 55 % there’s a big chance that your items could be damaged by mold, moisture or rust. Therefore you need to pack your things into the boxes that are made of waterproof materials. The best way to avoid unpleasant situations caused by humidity is to look for storage Boca Raton that has climate control. This way your items will be extra protected.

Choosing the right storage boxes
If you are choosing storage boxes, be sure that you find the right type.

Cardboard boxes

When you think about packing, the first thing that will come on your mind are cardboard boxes. That is because they are cheap or even free and they will do the job. Cardboard boxes are easy to pack, easy to find and you can label them. Moreover, if you do not need them they can be recycled or set aside to be used again in the future. However, if you are storing some things in the long term they may not be the best solution. They are very susceptible to certain conditions like humidity. Since you are moving to Boca Raton Florida weather will be hot during the year and heat can also affect the condition of your cardboard boxes. We have to mention that cardboard boxes are attractive to bugs and other critters that can harm your stuff.

Cardboard box
People most commonly use cardboard boxes to pack and store their belongings

Choosing the right storage boxes or plastic bins

If you want to find the good packing solution plastic bins are the one. Those boxes are easy to stack and they have a design that protects your belongings from external conditions. The plastic bin will protect your belongings from humidity, mold, heat or something that wants to go into your container. Also, your things will not get wet if something spills on your boxes. Another big advantage of plastic bins it that they are self-sealable. You won’t need to waste your money on packing tape or other types of packing supplies. Sure they are more expensive than cardboard boxes but they last longer and they will provide you items with extra protection. Plastic bins are the choice of professionals like Boca Raton movers. That’s because they are reliable and practically undetectable.

Plastic box
Plastic boxes are one of the best solutions if you are storing your belongings

Specialty boxes

Consider using specialty boxes if you have valuable items or items that are fragile. You can also use specialty boxes for items that have a unique shape. You can use those boxes to store almost everything from fragile decorations to computer equipment and flat-screen TV, etc. If you are still having a problem with choosing the right storage boxes or you have problems with packing in a general search for professional packing services. But have in mind that the biggest benefit of specialty boxes is that they will simplify your packing process. Not to mention that they are really easy to use and they are made to protect specific items. Specialty boxes are made of many different types of materials like plastic cardboard, plastic, and even metal. These boxes may be more expensive them traditional boxes but sometimes they are irreplaceable and you will need to get them.

Size matters when choosing the right storage boxes

Many factors can influence your choice of storing boxes. The size of your storage will dictate how much things will you pack and store into your unit. Therefore it would be good to get packing boxes that have the perfect size. If you are packing small items that are heavy and that will add to much weight too large boxes get small boxes.  Their dimension is about 16 x 12.5 x 12.5. If you want to pack items like a different type of clothing or toys get medium boxes that are about 18 x 18 x 16. And there are large boxes that can be used storing big items like blankets, various home appliances, pots, pans, etc.

Choosing the right storage boxes is not an easy objective and mistakes can cost you money. If you choose boxes that are larger than necessary, you will waste space. The same goes for small boxes, if they are too small you won’t be able to pack all your items. Do the research and think smart about the things that you need.

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