5 ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move

Moving is one of those events that come around every once in a while. And for a good reason! No matter how organized you are, getting ready for a move is always going to be a big challenge. From hiring movers Coconut Creek FL to buying all the necessary packing supplies and handling everything in between, this can truly be a logistical nightmare. That being said, 0nce you decide to move to Oakland FL, you might start panicking. Don’t! Today, we bring you 5 different ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move, all of which will help you get organized for what’s to come!

1. Setting up a moving budget is one of the best ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move

The first thing we all know about moving is that it’s hectic, and the second thing we learn is that it’s expensive. All the items on your moving to-do list, from hiring movers Oakland Park FL to paying for additional services will cost a good amount of money. There’s no point in lying about that. That’s why you need to have a family meeting, sit down, and discuss the elephant in the room – the financial situation.

A piggy bank with coins around it.
Finances are always a big part of every relocation.

When making a moving budget, take a look at both the money you currently have at your disposal and all the money that is about to be spent. If you happen to be in dire need of specialized moving services, like piano moving FL, but you don’t have enough money at your disposal, know that it’s always better to get a loan than to risk damaging your precious belongings. You can always earn more money but the damage may sometimes be irreversible.

2. Get ready with the help of a moving checklist

People usually say that their moving checklist was their greatest ally in the moving process. And we can completely agree with that statement. This checklist will serve as an overview of everything you have to do in the upcoming period. It will make it impossible for you to forget to pick up the cleaning supplies for cleaning your home before moving or to find a new vet. In other words, once the stress of moving finally gets to you and you start forgetting things, your checklist will be there to remind you of them.

Making a checklist - one of the best ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move.
Trying to get ready for a move and remain organized? Just make a moving checklist!

And this is just an example! Feel free to make your moving checklist as detailed as it suits you. In fact, the more details, the better!

3. Sort through your stuff when getting ready for a move to Oakland FL

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move is by going through your items and packing only the things you really need! People have a tendency of being overly emotional and holding on to many items they no longer need. Hey, we are all guilty of that. But once your move comes along, you have to realize that the time for being emotional is over! Now’s the time to get down to work and get rid of all the belongings you no longer need or use.

A good rule of thumb is to throw away every item you have not used in over a year. The same goes for clothes that don’t fit anymore. There’s no point in holding on to something you can no longer use. Once you decide which items can be thrown away, feel free to give them to a charity, if they are still in good working condition of course. You also have the option of organizing a yard sale and selling them that way. The options are there – it all depends on what you want to choose!

4. Equip yourself with moving supplies and you’ll be ready

Once you start thinking about moving, what is the first thing that comes to mind? We can bet that it’s all of your belongings packed up in moving boxes. Unless you pay for packing services FL, you will be the one that will have to put all of your items inside those moving boxes. That means you will also have to ensure you buy all the packing materials necessary for your move. 

A dollar bill.
Who knew you could get packing materials for as little as a dollar?

There are a lot of places where you can actually get high-quality and sturdy moving boxes for free. Those places include your local convenience stores, libraries, and drugstores. There are also a lot of cheap packing materials in dollar stores, so you will just have to put in some effort in finding them all. Either way, you will manage to prepare for your move to Oakland FL – at least for the packing part.

5. Prepare for your Oakland FL move by minimizing the stress

Stress is the number one enemy of the modern-age man. And it seems like the stress is at an all-time high during relocation when you are tasked with dozens of chores. But it’s a proven fact that stress isn’t a good thing for your body and health – it’s quite detrimental.

So, if you are looking for ways to prepare for your Oakland FL move mentally, just try to participate in as many relaxing activities as possible. Take regular walks, spend time with your friends, and read that book you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t take a step back from your hobbies just because you seem to be too busy. It won’t mean anything if you manage to accomplish all of your moving tasks in time if you lose the one thing that matters most – your sanity. So remember to take it slow and enjoy the process!

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