5 reasons to move to Weston this winter

Relocating and leaving everything you know behind is difficult. That’s why it is important to pick a place that is worth all the trouble. Is Weston that place for you? A lot of decisions need to be made during a move, and this might seem like the toughest one. We can help you with one and recommend you one of the best movers in Florida to help you with your move. There are a lot of benefits and reasons to move to Weston, and this guide will cover the most important and relevant ones.

General information about Weston

Weston is a city that was established in 1996, and it has a population of 70,000 residents. This city gives the traditional American suburbs feeling, with beautiful tree-lined streets. Many families live in the neighborhood, making it a perfect place for parents and kids to socialize. According to some sources, Weston is considered one of the best places to live in the USA. So wait no more, and contact one of the local movers Florida to help you relocate here once you find out all the benefits of living in this city.

Public schools with excellent ratings could be one of the reasons to move to Weston

If you have kids, the school system should be a major reason for you to relocate here using the services of one of the movers Weston FL. Both public and private schools are considered some of the best in Miami. One interesting fact about the schools here is the interesting and active schedules, mixing many various activities. Parents are also included in their kid’s education.

Children's school which can be one of the reasons to move to Weston
Schools in Weston have high ratings

Dinning and shopping

Even tho it is a calm and relaxed city, there are still plenty of things to do. Weston is an autonomous city, with many entertainment options like a  mall, shops, restaurants, and hotels. The mall is where the residents enjoy most of their free time, shopping and dining. The restaurants offer dining experiences from the American and many other international cuisines. Apart from the entertainment facilities, Weston also has banks, hospitals, etc. So if you want to live in a small city that has everything you might need, don’t hesitate to call packing services today.

Sports and outdoor activities

Weston offers various parks and spaces for sports and outdoor activities. When saying various, we mean fourteen different parks. Some of them offer incredible amenities with Wi-Fi included. It is also the stage for golf tournaments, concerts, and festivals.

Florida Everglades National Park can be one of the reasons to move to Weston if you are a nature lover

Weston is on the far west of Broward country, bordering the Everglades. This national park is the largest subtropical park in the USA. It has more than one million acres of wild nature where you can find species like:

  • Wild water birds ( this is one more reason to move to Weston if you love bird watching)
  • Manatees
  • Crocodiles
  • Many other exotic animals

If you want to find out more information about the park, make sure to check the official website.

Crocodile laying on the ground
You can see many exotic animals in this national park

Large job growth

In 2012, Weston was ranked 19th in the “Biggest Earners” category in America. The average income of a family in this city is around $119,000. It was also ranked as the city with the largest job growth in Florida in 2006.

5 reasons to move to Weston this winter – conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons to move to Weston. But even if there were not so many positive things, after some time, you start liking the new place you moved to. We wish you good luck when making your final decision!

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