Top Miami neighborhoods for people with children

When you have children, you would always want what’s best for them. In order to achieve this, you should start by finding the perfect city where you can live with your family. One such city would be Miami. There are many reasons why Miami is one of the best cities in Florida. It has everything, from grade schools to many job opportunities. However, before you hire City Movers, you should find a suitable neighborhood. Even though Miami is generally a good city, not every part of Miami is suitable for children. For this reason, here are all the top Miami neighborhoods for people with children.  

Criteria for a Miami neighborhood 

As mentioned, not every part of Miami is suitable for children. For this reason, if you are planning to hire Little Haiti movers to move to this neighborhood, you should first see if it fits all the criteria. They are the following. 

  • Quality of schools – it is extremely important that the schools in your future neighborhood offer great and quality education. For example, if your goal is Little Haiti, make sure to check both private and public schools. 
  • Walkability – another important aspect would be walkability. If you’re living in a neighborhood with many sidewalks where your kids will feel safe to walk, it would be a huge advantage. 
  • Housing options – most families would love to live in a big house where everyone can have enough personal space. If your goal is the same, then, make sure to have a neighborhood with enough housing options. 
white buildings
There are criteria for Miami neighborhoods for people with children

Coral Way and Coral Gables  

The most popular choice with families would be Coral Gables and Coral Way. Even though the names are quite similar, these two are not the same place. First, both of these neighborhoods are among the safest in Miami. Many locals would say they are also one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. They sound extremely suitable for raising a family. However, the main problem would be living costs. Since these neighborhoods Are popular among families with children, you can expect competition. The average rental price is over $2700 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, if you plan to purchase a property, the average price would be around $800,000. As you can see, it is quite expensive to live in Coral Way and Coral Gables. Still, if this is your top neighborhood, make sure to hire Coral Way movers on time for your relocation. 

Liberty City and Key Biscayne 

If you think that the previous two neighborhoods are too expensive, then Liberty City might be for you. The average rental price is less than $1000 per month which is more affordable when compared to almost $3000. In addition to this, the median home value is around $154,428. Liberty City is known for great schools so you will not regret moving here with Liberty City movers. On the other hand, Key Biscayne is a luxurious and quiet neighborhood. The best thing about this neighborhood would be family-friendly outdoor spaces and paths where you can either walk, ride a bike, etc. It is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami which is a huge advantage. You should not feel extremely anxious when you let your kids outside. However, all these benefits come with a huge price tag. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods. 

white house with big windows
You can find affordable housing options in Liberty City if you want to rent or buy

Grapeland Heights and Coconut Grove 

Grapeland heights is another small neighborhood located east of Miami International Airport. Safety has never been a problem in the part of Miami. This is mostly due to its population. Even thou it is quite diverse, it is mostly populated by elderly people. You can expect a quiet and peaceful atmosphere because of the average age in this neighborhood. As for the numbers, the median home value is around $250,666 while the median rent is around $1,400. The only disadvantage would be the lack of entertainment options. You cannot expect any clubs or bars around when moving with Grapeland Heights movers. On the other hand, Coconut Grove is also a great place to raise a family. It has one of the best schools in Miami and a very high walkability index. Furthermore, this neighborhood is full of history and charm. 

West Flagler and Pinecrest 

West Flagler is also pretty popular among families with children. Almost all public and private schools received high ratings from several different sources. Safety is also never an issue. The median home value is around $265,861 which is higher than the national average. Then, the median rental price is a little over $1,140. Most people rent their homes here in West Flagler. If you have the same plans, then hiring West Flagler movers would be perfect for you. On the other hand, Pinecrest is located southwest of downtown Miami. It has been popular among families with children for a really long time now. This is mostly due to many events and activities that are family-friendly. You can visit playgrounds, farmers’ markets, and programs. Many families love this neighborhood because of the suburban and peaceful feeling. 

kids at the playground
There are many playgrounds in Pinecrest where your kids can safely play

Top Miami neighborhoods for people with children are Little Havana and Weston 

Little Havana is the perfect neighborhood for families who want to live in an apartment. The average rental price is a little bit over $1000 per month. On the other hand, you can also purchase a house if you would like to. The median home value is around $240,000. Little Havana is actually quite popular among tourists because they can experience the Cuban culture here the most. All the streets are full of restaurants and art galleries and you can visit various festivals over the year. Therefore, if you want to move here, make sure to hire Little Havana movers for your relocation. On the other hand, Weston is located in Broward County, 45 minutes from Miami. It is often ranked as the third safest neighborhood in Miami. It is popular with families that enjoy spending their time outdoors since it is close to Everglades National Park. 

Flagami and Kendall 

You can also move to Flagami with Flagami movers. What can you expect when moving to this neighborhood? First of all, the median home value is around $270,000 while the median rent is around $1300 per month. It is mostly a quiet neighborhood that can have a few traffic jams during the afternoon. The biggest advantage of this neighborhood would be its central location to all main highways. It only takes 2 minutes to reach the airport. In addition to this, people are mostly quiet and keep to themselves. However, the biggest disadvantage would be schools. They are not the worst but also, they are not among the best in Miami. Then, you can find Kendall on the southwest side of downtown Miami. This neighborhood has one of the best schools and a low crime rate.  

a dog in the street
If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood, Flagami is for you

Buena Vista and Palmetto Bay 

If you plan to hire Buena Vista movers for your relocation, then you should know more about this neighborhood the median home value is around $270,000 while the median rent is around $1300 per month. This neighborhood is special because it has a village feel. However, this does not mean it is boring to live here. There are many restaurants and boutiques that make this neighborhood beautiful. It is certainly a hidden gem among Miami neighborhoods. It is always smart to leave the best for the last. Palmetto Bay is ranked as the best neighborhood in Miami for families. The median home value is around $560,000 while the median rent is around $1500. This neighborhood excels in all categories. However, the best part would be public and private schools. They are the best in the entire state. 

How to prepare your kids for relocation? 

As you can see, there are many neighborhoods that you can choose from when moving with your family. However, the most important thing would be to prepare your kids for your relocation. If you are not living in Miami, it means that your kids will have to live in a new city. This can be quite stressful, especially for kids that need to change schools. for this reason, it is always better for kids to move during the summer. On the other hand, moving during the summer can be difficult because it is the peak of the moving season. You will have to hire a moving company at least two months in advance if you plan to move during the summer. Still, this will give your kids enough time to prepare themselves for starting new school soon. 

mother talking to her child about Miami neighborhoods for people with children
You should prepare mentally your kids for the relocation

Get to know your new neighborhood and the city 

In order to get your kids excited about relocation, you organize some fun activities. First of all, Miami is best known for its beautiful beaches. This can certainly be a good start. After your relocation, you can organize one day or the entire weekend to spend at the beach with your family. You can release all the stress and anxiety that piled up because of your relocation. Then, you can visit all the popular places around Miami including the following. 

  • Miami Children’s Museum  
  • Zoo Miami  
  • Jungle Island  
  • Crandon Park  
  • Monkey Jungle Wildlife Park  
  • The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science  
  • Little Havana neighborhood  
  • Everglades National Park 

These places are really popular with children of all ages. As you can see, most of these activities are outside which is yet another advantage. It is always better to be active with your kids while getting to know your new city. 

How to handle your relocation with kids? 

When you are preparing a relocation with children, the first thing you should do is to inform them. Kids might not be as excited as you are about the upcoming relocation. This will depend on their age. However, if your kids are going to school, it means they already have a lot of friends they like to spend time with. Moving means saying goodbye to their old friends. Additionally, no one really likes to be the new kid at school. It takes time to fit in and find new friends. For this reason, you should focus on your child more than usual to see how they are doing after relocation. In order to facilitate the entire process, it would be wise to visit their new school before the actual relocation. This will give them time to adjust and get to know their new environment sooner rather than later. 

How to choose between all the Miami neighborhoods for people with children? 

As you can see, there are many great neighborhoods where you can move with your kids. Now it is time to choose which neighborhood is the most suitable for you. The best way to do it would be to actually visit a couple of neighborhoods that you like. When you go for a visit, make sure to bring your kids along so they can choose as well. Then, you can also take time to go to a couple of real estate agencies. Since you will need to either rent or buy a house or apartment, this is a good way to prepare your budget. Of course, you don’t have to go to a real estate agency if you don’t want to. However, it is always better to have a real estate agent. After all, they should know the market in that area best. 

two kids walking around Miami neighborhoods for people with children
You should visit a couple of Miami neighborhoods with your kids before you make your decision

You cannot go wrong with Miami and its neighborhoods

Even though it might not appear at first, Miami is actually great for children. For this reason, there are many great Miami neighborhoods for people with children. You should probably have a relatively easy time choosing your future neighborhood.

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