Best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals

Looking for a place to move to as a young professional is not an easy task. If you lack experience in this matter, you will need all the help you can get. Even when you choose a great city like Boca Raton you still need to find a neighborhood that is right for you. If you do not know what the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals are, you might miss out on some great opportunities. This article will show you some of the most interesting places where young professionals usually settle. This way you can move to your dream home in Boca Raton with the City Movers in no time. Read more to learn about the most interesting neighborhoods.

Boca Verde is one of the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals

The first place you should check out while you search for the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals is Boca Verde. People here have an average income of about 90,000 dollars. This is much better than other parts of the city with an income that averages about 70,000 dollars. Another great thing about Boca Verde is home prices.  You can get a one or two-bedroom condo for about 90,000 dollars.

These are not the only things that make Boca Verde great for young professionals. When you move to this neighborhood you will be very close to many great restaurants, clubs, pools, and shopping locations. This means you will never be bored in this neighborhood. If all these intrigues you, then you should consider relocating to Boca Raton. This might sound like a hard task but there is no reason to worry, stay organized and you will easily relocate.

A beautiful condo in Boca Raton
You will get a beautiful home at an affordable price in Boca Raton

Pearl City is one of the most affordable neighborhoods for young professionals

Because of its affordability, Pearl City distinguishes itself from other neighborhoods in Boca Raton. Houses are significantly less expensive than most other types of property, but they are not as beautiful or well-furnished as similar properties elsewhere in the city. Having said that, Pearl City is an excellent choice for budget-conscious young professionals who want to save some money. A median listing price for the homes in Pearl City is around $750.000, which puts them on the list of the fastest-selling homes in Boca Raton.

Another great thing about this place is that the economy is improving after a long battle with COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, as well as after the crime epidemic which started in the 2000s. If you feel that Pearl City is a good choice for your future career, then contact the nearest long distance movers Boca Raton suggests, and start your relocation today.

Addison Estate- an affluent and private Boca Raton neighborhood

Addison Estate is a secluded community with only 15 homes. It is very popular among young professionals who want to have some privacy after a tiring day. There are plenty of green courts, swimming pools, home gyms, and other amenities just a step away. A short drive will take you right into the heart of Boca Raton where you will find plenty of shopping activities and entertainment. Most of the homes in Addison Estate are built in Spanish style and have a unique Mediterranean flavor.

The majority of the houses in this neighborhood were constructed during a period of growth. The properties are best described as “palatial” with homes ranging from 4.000 to 9.000 square feet and making one feel as if they are in their own palace. Many people decide to relocate here because homes are spacious and there is enough room for your furniture. Hire some of the best piano movers Boca Raton recommends and transport your piano and bulky furniture to a new place quickly and easily.

A beige bungalow in Addison Estate, one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Boca Raton
You can enjoy a wonderful time in an affluent neighborhood in Addison Estate. Spacious bungalow with a wonderful garden will spark your interest

Balboa Point- a unique architecture with affordable offices

Balboa Point is another great neighborhood in Boca Raton. This is especially true if you want to find a large home in this city. These are much more common in this neighborhood. The price of a home that is about 1800 to 2000 square feet is something around 350,000 dollars. This is why most people that want to buy a large house in Boca Raton start their search here. Moreover, Balboa Point is a perfect place to get a nice office at affordable prices. If you want to start your career here, hire some of the office movers Boca Raton suggests, and check plenty of offices that will suit your needs.

Other things you will find easily here are homes with barrel roofs and plantation shutters, so if this is what you are looking for Balboa Point is the place you will like. Balboa Point is very close to Congress Avenue. This means you will have an easy time while you commute to another part of Palm Beach County. All of this makes Balboa Point one of the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals.

A woman with binoculars looking around
Balboa Point is one of the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals

Coronado offers young professionals good housing options

Coronado is another great neighborhood with many affordable real estate opportunities. The neighborhood is made up of mostly condos and townhouses. Most of them are three-bedroom homes with two bathrooms, and the price of such homes is about 320,000 dollars. These are the most common types of homes but there are some two-bedroom homes as well.

Whether you move here alone or with a family, you will be able to find the perfect home. You will have a chance to enjoy private garden views, crown molding, plantation shutters, as well as other outdoor activities. The condos are a part of Boca del Mar. This is a well-planned residential community. It has a golf course, church, and schools. This makes life in Coronado very convenient. If you would like to relocate to this neighborhood hire long distance movers Boca Raton. This way you will have an easy relocation to your dream home.

A view of a beautiful, big home by the sea
You will find wonderful real estate in Coronado. Spacious houses by the beach are what many people dream of having

Fairfield Gardens- a place that is more than just a garden

Fairfield Gardens is another great neighborhood to think about. This is because it is very close to the beach. Who would not like to move to Florida and enjoy amazing beaches? Most people are moving to Boca Raton for its beaches. This is why the place is very popular with young professionals. Moreover, there are plenty of options for outdoor activities, such as beach volleyball, swimming, and rowing. This neighborhood is also very close to the Florida Atlantic University and the Town Center. It means you will be in the middle of the action. You will be able to visit many great restaurants and shopping options that are very close to you.

Another thing that attracts young professionals is a good housing option. There are two-bedroom homes, three-bedroom homes, and even four-bedroom homes. Each house has a garden, a parking space, a balcony, and a number of communal facilities. The place is good for families and people who are planning to start one. As a young professional, you will find many useful options in Fairfield Gardens. The nearby Boca Raton movers offer affordable packages for relocating to this place.

Green grass during sunset
Fairfield Gardens is not just a garden. It is a row of wonderful beaches where you can find affordable housing while at the same time enjoying beautiful nature

Clint Moore RD/ Jorg RD- a beautiful suburban area

Clint Moore Rd/Jorg Rd is another great option for young professionals. Just like in many other Boca Raton neighborhoods, there are many great housing options here. This is a mostly suburban neighborhood. It is a great spot for young professionals that do not want to be in the middle of all happenings but are still at the Boca Ratoon. Even though it is a suburban area, there are high buildings here with large apartments. Some buildings are state-of-the-art with luxurious offices, gardens, and parking lots.

Another great thing is if you want to relax after a long day at work, there are many gyms, spa centers, restaurants, and other amenities within walking distance of any building. This simple fact also makes Clint Moore one of the best parts of Boca Raton for families. There are many walkable areas like parks and gardens. As a result, Clint Moore is great for people with families and young professionals who want to have some time on their own.

Timberwalk is one of the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals

No one will miss Timberwalk when they look for the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals. This is because the prices of real estate are about 200 dollars per square foot. Most buildings were built in the 1980s, but these are remodeled. Most homes also have a great view of the lake. Since the scenery is so breathtaking, it attracts plenty of people each year. Moreover, there is a jogging and a bicycle path.

That is not all since Timberwalk is very close to the Town Hall and many local businesses. Other things also make it a unique place in Boca Raton. Not only will you find an affordable place to live, but also enjoy plenty of recreational activities. If you plan to relocate here, you need to make sure you get organized and write down a checklist. Moreover, local movers Boca Raton suggests are always ready to move you to Timberwalk. This simple trick will ensure your relocation goes smoothly and stress-free.

A runner jogging at the beach in Timberwalk, one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Boca Raton
Timberwalk is a unique place. Along with affordable housing options and amazing views, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities

Why do people decide to move to Boca Raton?

One of the most beautiful cities in Palm Beach County, Florida, is Boca Raton. Boca, as many call it, truly has it all. There are 47 beautiful parks with plenty of options for recreation and outdoor activities. Young professionals will not be disappointed by Boca’s cultural heritage. There is a Museum of Art, open-air concerts, and annual festivals.

If you need some therapy after a long day at work, Boca Raton has various shopping malls, dining plazas, and countless boutique shops waiting for you. As a result, it is not surprising that so many people relocate to Boca Raton each year. The number of people seeking a job in this place is rising. Therefore, you can see many young professionals moving to Boca Raton to pursue a successful career, and many of them start a family in the city as well and decide not to go back to their hometowns.

There is something for everyone in Boca Raton!

Boca Raton is a big city with a lot of great housing options. This is why it is hard to decide where to move to. You do not want to find a home only to regret it later since you missed out on an opportunity that was perfect for you. This is why you need to take your time and do some research on the subject.

Write down the options in front of you and compare them. This will help you find the best Boca Raton neighborhoods for young professionals. If you want to have more entertainment, you can choose Timberwalk, and if you prefer a more quiet place, then Addison Estate is a good option. Moreover, Balboa Point has affordable housing, while Addison Estate will provide a whole palace for you. It all depends on your interests and the things you like. Whichever place you decide to go to, one thing is sure. You will start your lifetime adventure.


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