Which room to pack first when moving?

Packing an entire household is a tiring task. It usually leaves people drained, both physically and mentally. Besides, before you start packing your things into moving boxes, you will have to go through your staff. You will have to check which items the Pompano Beach movers will take to your new home, and which you don’t need anymore. As a part of the preparation process, which comes before you even start packing, you will have to decide from where to start and which room to pack first. This is a very important decision, as it will influence the whole packing process. Also, it is highly recommendable to decide on the room-by-room packing schedule. It will help you to make your packing neat and efficient. If you have friends and family helping with the move, you will be able, following the packing schedule, to give them clear instructions about their tasks.

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Deciding which room to pack first and making the packing schedule is very important.

Deciding on a room-by-room packing schedule

In case you are not sure how to make the packing schedule or which room to pack first, you can contact a moving and storage Boca Ration company. They will help you with advice or, if you agree so, they will send their packing experts to help you with packing.

The recommendable room-by-room packing schedule should be based on these two principles:

  • which room is the least used?
  • which room is the most difficult to pack?

Both principles could be applied to your storage spaces, whether it is a garage, attic, basement, tool shed, walk-in closet, or any other unused room. Such rooms you are usually using to pile various items for later use. Many of these items are packed earlier and have to be checked first. This process is a time-consuming job.

Also, in most of these places, particularly in the garage and tool shed, people often keep hazardous items and materials. Such materials are forbidden for transport. Some of them you will be allowed to transport after you disassemble them. Still, some flammable items you will have to leave behind.

Why storage places should be first to pack

When living in the same place for years, every person is collecting a lot of surplus things. Most of these things, when you don’t use them for some time, are ending up packed for later use. With time passing, people often forget that they own some of them.

To prepare for moving, you will have first to go through your storages. By doing so, you will check what you have there. You will then make a list of the things you want to keep and a list of things you want to sell, give away or simply throw away. Later, you will do the same lists for the other rooms in your house. This way you will increase the room packing efficiency. Always keep in mind that your move costs are depending on the number of transport boxes and their weight.

The most demanding part of the preparation

The process of sorting and packing items from storage places is considered the most demanding part of move preparations. For that reason, it is better to do it at the very beginning, while you are still fresh and full of energy.

While choosing good storage for your things you will most probably find some items that you don’t want to move right away. Still, you want to keep them and bring them to your new home once you are settled there. For such, we highly recommend you to use short and long-term storage facilities in FL, that have affordable storing prices and good storing conditions.

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Packing items from storage is the most difficult and demanding part of the preparation.

Other reasons your storage place would be the first room to pack

One of the reasons why you should start with packing things from vacant rooms and storage places first is that you will not need these things during the preparation time. Also, the packed boxes will remain in these places. This way, the already packed boxes will not become obstacles. You will have clean paths while completing other packing and moving tasks.

Packing has to be logically organized. This means that the rooms and items that you need to use during the preparation period, which can take weeks, should not be the first rooms to pack. And therefore, your bedroom and bathroom should be the last rooms to pack.

In case you start with packing the wrong rooms first, you will end up losing a considerable amount of time, as you will need to do some unpacking, thus making a mess and most likely not being able to complete the packing job before the moving day.

What else to pack first when moving

It is a good idea to pre-pack as many items as possible before the moving day, to make sure your packing will be finished on time.

Besides rooms to be packed first, there will be some items from other rooms that you can pack alongside. Such things are:

  • out-of-season clothes and shoes that you will not need for few months
  • china and other dishes that are you are using only occasionally
  • artwork, mirrors, picture frames, wall hangings, and other decorative things that you do not need while packing, and that can be easily forgotten with the moving day approaches
  • extra linen, pillows, towels, blankets
  • books and magazines you want to keep

Some tasks like packing artwork, china, and other fragile and valuable things for moving call for special attention. Take care to do this task yourself, or assign a person helping you with packing who is especially careful when handling such things. Or simply find a reliable licensed moving company from FL that will handle your valuable possessions skillfully and with special care and attention.

a man and woman are sitting and eating delivery food
When packing for a move, try to keep your daily routine as much as possible

A proper packing schedule and deciding which room to pack first is important for your health

Making the proper decision of which room to pack first when preparing for the move is very important. It will make a huge difference between hectic packing and having an almost normal daily life.  Leave rooms you are using the most as kitchen and bathroom to pack them on last. This way, you will be able to have a proper night’s rest and sanitary conditions. Keep yourself fresh and enthusiastic throughout the packing period. In addition to packing rooms by the right schedule, hiring good and reliable local movers to assist you with packing would ensure a much easier and stress-free transition to your new home.

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