What to leave behind when moving from Miami to Los Angeles

Switching from coast to coast is really a long-distance move. Moreover, you are going far away from your family, friends, and life you knew. All that is causing a strong emotional reaction. Being in such a state, people tend to bring as much as possible from the old home. Many of the possessions contain dear memories. But some possessions you will have to leave behind when moving from Miami to Los Angeles. Start with cost calculation. Long-distance moving is expensive. And things which you cannot move immediately, you can always store. So, what to move along and what to leave when moving from Miami to Los Angeles? Here we give a few tips to help you decide.

A woman is sorting things in the kitchen to decide what to leave behind when moving from Miami to Los Angeles.
Declutter and decide what to leave behind when moving from Miami to Los Angeles.

How do you decide which things to leave behind when moving to Los Angeles?

First of all, make a detailed moving plan. If you are moving for the first time, or not sure how to do it, don’t worry. City Movers have skilled and professional employees. They will help you in this matter. The moving plan will help you to better organize the moving budget. Also, you will be able to make a proper packing checklist. Further on, they will help you to prepare the surplus things for storage.

Besides, the good idea is to get a blueprint of your new home in Los Angeles. It will show you clearly which of your present furniture will fit into your new home. Therefore, all the rest is surplus. The surplus furniture you can:

  • Sell – especially the furniture pieces. Storing them may not be very practical. This way you will be able to increase your moving fund.
  • Donate – some furniture you can donate to friends, or family if they need them. Or simply find some charity organization. Such organizations will even come to transport donated items, so you will not have to pay transport costs.
  • Store them – for the things you want to keep but cannot move immediately, the best is to find a good storage

The same you can do with the rest of the surplus things you decide to temporarily leave behind. You can store them until you decide to sell, donate or move them to Los Angeles.

Why should you declutter and leave some possessions in storage when moving from Miami to Los Angeles?

When moving long-distance, you will have to leave some things behind. The moving costs for long-distance relocation are calculated based on weight (number of possessions) and distance. So, bringing all your possessions will just add up to your moving costs. This means, when you move fewer possessions, your moving costs will be lesser.

Besides, your house in Los Angeles could be smaller than the one in Miami. In this case, you will pay for transportation of all the things that will end up in storage. And instead of doing so, you can find reliable storage in Miami. Finding the right long-term storage will spare you from stress. And finding climate-controlled storage you can be sure your things will be safe. You may still be sorry for living your things behind. But be practical. You will move them to Los Angeles later.

A red moving truck on the road with green hills and mountains covered with snow, driving from Miami to Los Angeles.
The long-distance moving costs depend on your inventory and the distance traveled.

What else can you leave when moving from Miami to Los Angeles?

As we already emphasized, long-distance moving is quite costly. Transporting fewer possessions will cost you less. Also, with fewer possessions, you can rent a smaller moving truck, thus cut the moving costs even further. With the help from your moving company, you can properly store your left items. 

Here is an overview of things you can leave behind:

Clothes you are not using anymore

Checking your clothes, you will find pieces you are not wearing for a long time. But they are still in good condition. You can store, donate or sell them.

Some of your books

Leaving books behind may be hard.  Books are taking a lot of space. And they are usually heavy. So, if you still want to keep them, packed them properly and store them. Later, you will be able to move them to Los Angeles. And enjoy reading them on the other coast.


Over time, we all collect many documents, bills, old manuals, and receipts. Checking them, you will get surprised how many of them are outdated. Keep only the important ones. Even those you can store for later moving.


Regardless of you have indoor or outdoor plants, they are taking up a lot of space in the moving truck. Some of them you can move in your own car. The others you can give to friends or neighbors. Some you can present immediately. Those that you like very much, they can temporarily safeguard for you.

Packing your possessions for storage in a right way

Recheck the possessions you decided to leave behind. Some of the things you can safely store. The others you have to throw away. When preparing your possessions for short or long-term storage, it is important to pack them properly. Choosing the right storage boxes is very important. Well-stored items will last longer, and you will be able to collect them later. And most important, they will be well preserved.

Cars on the road and Los Angeles building in front of them.
Arriving in Los Angeles after preparations for long-distance moving.

Other surplus things you will not need when moving from Miami to Los Angeles

When checking your possessions, you will find many things you will not miss in Los Angeles. And you will easily buy new ones. So you can leave them behind without any remorse. Such things are:

  • Bathroom Items
  • Food
  • Things from a garage as tools, outdoor equipment
  • No moving company will accept things like paint cans, fertilizer, and insecticide.
  • Large and small appliances
  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Home decor
  • Unnecessary knick-knacks, keepsakes, and souvenirs

When decluttering, you might find some more things not worthwhile moving to Los Angeles, or storing.

Finding a reliable moving company when moving from Miami to Los Angeles

Choosing the right long-distance moving company is equally as important as finding good and safe storage for the possessions left behind. In principle, the long-distance moving costs depend on your inventory and the distance traveled. When looking for a good moving company pay attention to:

  • Is the moving company licensed and insured
  • Are they experienced
  • Check if they are reliable
  • What are their rates, and
  • Do they offer a variety of moving services, like storage facilities

How to overcome resistance to decluttering and have successful relocation?

As we could see, deciding what to leave behind when moving from Miami to Los Angeles is not always easy. Sometimes you will have to leave things you really like. They could be too big or too heavy for transport. Or you must leave plants you loved. Thus, in some cases, you will try to justify moving some items which will be just a surplus in your new home. But, don’t worry. You are parting from your possessions temporarily. Still, before deciding what to store, ask the storage providers about items you can’t put in a storage unit. Such items are usually dangerous for the rest of your possessions. And you are storing them with the idea to preserve them. And to come and collect them later.

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